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                                                                           10.28.2017  Beatniks out to make it rich*

 Hey Now! Two rabbits runnin' in the ditch. 5 a.m. and we are both up. We wrestled with the 2 coffee makers and I finally figured out how to get the Keurig to spit out coffee. We are going to try out the new and improved Medley Buffet. The only problem is that they don't open till 8:30 a.m. I suppose we are the only ones up early in Vegas. Or the only sober ones anyway. We decide to gambol. Imagine that.

                                                         IMG_3639.JPG (1065123 bytes)

                                Sweet Ti scores on a Super Times Pay .25  5 line right away.

               IMG_3640.JPG (1527955 bytes)     IMG_3641.JPG (1178732 bytes)      IMG_3642.JPG (1767270 bytes)

 I really wanted Ti to see some of the Elvira bonuses. She finally got one.The Double D Bonus. Just one. Jeesh! But it's time to eat now. We cruise thru the Emerald, the Shiny Green Card line and are promptly seated. We are Morgan's customers. He's an attentive waiter.  

                                                        Let's look around at the changes-

     IMG_3643.JPG (1610228 bytes)  IMG_3644.JPG (1309468 bytes)  IMG_3645.JPG (1600455 bytes)  IMG_3646.JPG (1682670 bytes)

     IMG_3647.JPG (1684736 bytes)  IMG_3648.JPG (1382748 bytes)  IMG_3649.JPG (1689861 bytes)  IMG_3650.JPG (1723955 bytes)

     IMG_3651.JPG (1648063 bytes)  IMG_3652.JPG (1144402 bytes)  IMG_3653.JPG (1606016 bytes)  IMG_3654.JPG (1271132 bytes)

                                       IMG_3655.JPG (1564047 bytes)          IMG_3656.JPG (1515484 bytes)  


 4 sporks for the new layout. They got rid of the island salad bars and dessert. Good move. There's also more serving space on the end walls. We kind of liked the new seating, but the booths are a bit cramped. Granted, it was breakfast. If all of the serving stations are open, it's quite a selection. 3 sporks on the food. So the retail price for 2 breakfast buffets- 23.90. Emerald discount- 12.00. Total room charge- 12.97. That's about right. We never tried another meal there this trip. Too many other tempting offerings elsewhere. 

                       IMG_3658.JPG (1377965 bytes)                                        IMG_3660.JPG (1257451 bytes)

 Sweet Ti loves Texas Tea. This is a new "skill based" version. Actually, I was the one who picked this game. Insert hundy.  I was playing Max Bet- 3. and only hit the bonus once. I chose the pinball game. The frilling machine was so big that taking a video was ridiculous. The best way to do it would be to stand behind the chair. Gave up a fitty. 

                                                            IMG_3663.JPG (1290353 bytes)

                                                                Interesting tee shirt.

                     I find my lover playing Money Roll. I insert the remaining fitty from Texas Tea Pinball. Roll it Jim!


                                                                I will take it!

                                                 I wanted to show Sweet Ti Lightenin' Link.


                                                     Horsey Game of some kind.

                                                      IMG_3666.JPG (1462786 bytes)

                                                       .10 version. That worked out. 

 Sweet Ti takes off for a Spa soak. She really enjoyed her massage from Joe and is going to get another one before we leave. 

                                                       Blazin' 7s Progressive-

                                                    IMG_3667.JPG (891334 bytes)

       The Higher Limit room is all open with the new games now. I try Cleopatra at .25 denom. 5. a spin. It ate a hundy like now! 

                                               Money Rain .50 denom. Cue up #1 Jimmy....



                                                     IMG_3669.JPG (1285904 bytes)           

                                                               Try #2 Jim- 




                                IMG_3671.JPG (1913408 bytes)  IMG_3672.JPG (1309275 bytes)      

                                               And for the Grand Finale, #3 James-


                               IMG_3674.JPG (1538335 bytes)   IMG_3675.JPG (1230679 bytes)       

                                          Hurray for Incredible Technologies. 900. profit.

                                                     IMG_3678.JPG (1184426 bytes)

                                                      Wally shortys with Daniel.

  IMG_3676.JPG (1247319 bytes)   IMG_3677.JPG (1316757 bytes)   IMG_3679.JPG (1451512 bytes)   IMG_3680.JPG (1315730 bytes)

 I'm playing VP on my machine, and Four Card Keno on Sweet Ti's machine. Never even scared up a screenshot on Keno. Sweet Ti joins me and is quite relaxed. She has made her appointment with Joe for Tuesday. Perfect. We played some Higher Limit slots and nothing happened. Ziggy called, and we invited him and Bo over for dinner tomorrow at the Prime Rib Loft. Over at Invited Guests, I ask May for a comp for 4 people for tomorrow night at 5 p.m. She takes care of it, but mistakenly makes it for tonight. "Just go up there when they open, and change the reservation to tomorrow night. If I call back, they will get it wrong". Will do May, and thanks. As a matter of fact, I think we will dine there tonight too. But right now, it's time to go upstairs and recreate. We need some us time. Interlude.... 

  Hey Now! We get all spiffed up for dinner and on the way down we run into a couple. He's the jet lag dude from the other night. From Hampton. We talk Hampton Va. trivia. Charlie and Terri. He is retired from the shipyard. We are about the same age. We hope to see them again. To the Prime Rib Loft, we explain May's error and get things set for tomorrow night. And we dine tonight too. We are Mindy and Javier's customers. We order Lobster and Crab Dip for a starter, followed by salads.

                IMG_3681.JPG (1287084 bytes)    IMG_3683.JPG (1391574 bytes)     IMG_3682.JPG (1322660 bytes)

                    Sweet Ti orders Scampi with Linguine and I get the Cajun Cut Prime Rib. Mine is rubbed in Cajun spices and pan seared.

                                  IMG_3687.JPG (1303019 bytes)       IMG_3688.JPG (1273280 bytes)

 Everything was superb as usual, and Javier provided excellent side service. He recommended the Apple Pie ala. Sure we will. 

                                                       IMG_3689.JPG (1333816 bytes)

                                                        The caramel sauce did the trick. 


 I couldn't finish my steak. Looks like breakfast to me. The steaks come with salad and potato and the prices are very reasonable. We charged it to the room. Sweet Ti is toast, so I escort her back to the room and stash my steak. Kiss on the cheek for luck. I hit the Money Rain .50 and tossed a hundy. Ditto at the Wally shorty. Plus it was just too smokey there. The Crawdad shorty cooperated.

                                 IMG_3690.JPG (1373914 bytes)     IMG_3691.JPG (1474796 bytes)

While I was playing today's local, Mark kept asking me how to play certain hands. Mark coaches one of the kids baseball teams in the tourney. He wasn't familiar with VP so I gave him a class in VP 101. We had a great tome playing, talking, and watching the World Series.  Good Luck in the tourney tomorrow Mark! Nice guy. I ended the evening alone with that frillin' Crack Whore again. She won this round.

                                    TOTALS: RB- 14010 pts.    Sweet Ti- 2413 pts.    Let's call today a Push.



                         10.29.2017 I'm a Vampire babe. Hangin' on your windowpane. 


                         10.27.2017 Stop the things you tell. Watch out- I ain't lyin'


                                        Halloween in Vegas Pt. 4



                                                                                  * Season of the Witch, Donovan