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                                                10.27.2017 Stop the things you tell. Watch out- I ain't lyin'*

 Hey Now! Well, we both got up today at 7 a.m. Sweet Ti tries out the Keurig but has no luck. She calls room service for another one. Nope. Then a regular coffee maker. That works. Meanwhile Rayray from work calls me to let me know everything has gone to shit. Glad I don't have to deal with the fallout. Lori comes in with another Keurig, but it doesn't work either. Then a maintenance man tries his luck. It has something to do with using a styrofoam cup. No weight for the sensor to pick up. I tell them to a regular coffee maker AND the Keurig. I score some RMC buck refills. Sweet Ti has an appointment with Joe for a massage later. She is going for a pre massage whirlpool soak. I walk down with her and then kiosk and hit the Higher Limit.

          IMG_3609.JPG (1230769 bytes)          IMG_3610.JPG (1220527 bytes)         IMG_3611.JPG (1668421 bytes)

                                             That's a rush at 5.00 a hand. I netted a small profit.

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                                                                 Crack Whore Quad

                                                    I go out to the pool to check out things.

 IMG_3613.JPG (1783984 bytes)  IMG_3614.JPG (2190627 bytes)  IMG_3615.JPG (2049066 bytes)  IMG_3616.JPG (1404968 bytes)

                                 IMG_3616.JPG (1404968 bytes)             IMG_3618.JPG (2031826 bytes)

 They really have a nice facility here. And within a few hours the entire pool area will be innundated by rug rats for the next 3 days. Little League Baseball Tourney. At least it's not the World Rasseling Championships or the Cheer Championships. Been there, put up with that.

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                                                                Blaze me Darlin'!

 Next it's the Wally shorty with Daniel. I ask about Daniel's son who is a Fire Jumper in Austin. His unit isn't fighting the NorCal fires. Not yet anyway. Daniel is changing shifts in order to move up from Barback to Bartender. He will be working at various bars. Good luck my friend. I call up some 1. BP and insert coin.

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                                           Here is one of this trip's rare Buffalo Gold hits.

                                                        IMG_3622.JPG (1930510 bytes)


               Sweet Ti is all nice and kneaded. We meet at the Copper Whisk for an Octoberfest lunch. Darrin assists.

                                     IMG_3623.JPG (1529992 bytes)    IMG_3624.JPG (1825890 bytes)


 A massive amount of food. We could have split a single order. Charged it to the room. Sweet Ti goes upstairs and I hit the Mardi Gras to see what I can accomplish. 

  IMG_3625.JPG (1406381 bytes)   IMG_3626.JPG (1404073 bytes)    IMG_3627.JPG (1466178 bytes)   IMG_3628.JPG (1479222 bytes)

 Next I hit the Gator Buck Progressive. 1. 9/6 DB. 6,273. Blew my last hundy. I went aloft to hang out with Sweet Ti and to get more bullets. She is nursing her legs. Too many hours in flight takes it's toll on my baby. I rubbed her feet. I am well trained. Back to the action, I invest a hundy in the Blazin' 7s Prog. Munch. The Wally Gator shorty is being very rudely used by someone other than me. I'll try the Crawdad shorty. That bar is just about empty. During the week, the Crawdad is actually closed most of the time. While I'm playing I hear a familiar voice calling out...."BRUCIE!!!!!" so I say....."RENNNEEE!!!!!!" It's our dear friend and today's local, Renee. Our as I would say- Renneee. She put in her time working at Cuppa Java Vegas and after 7 years moved up to Slot Attenuator. A single Mother who put her kids thru college. Renneee is a sweetheart. I promise to bring Sweet Ti by to see her and she heads off to make someone rich.

                                                                       Insert coin.

                                                         IMG_3629.JPG (1322535 bytes)

                                                          I switch over to Boner Deluxe.

                                                         IMG_3630.JPG (1240077 bytes)

                                                I stash that ticket and insert fresh hundy. BP.

                                                          IMG_3631.JPG (1368452 bytes)

                                                            Pointies! I parley to 1. DDB

                                                          IMG_3632.JPG (1393097 bytes)

                I stash that ticket also. I turned 2 hundy into 11 hundy. Time to go Make It Rain on my Sweet Ti.




                                                                  Crack Whore Time.

                                                         IMG_3634.JPG (1722666 bytes)

                                                       Shoulda walked right then. Didn't.

                                                         IMG_3636.JPG (1544634 bytes)

                                                       W4 Jackpots netted one lousy pic. 

 The rest of the evening was just as brutal. I wandered around playing Buffalo Stampede, Lightening Link, and even hit the Crawdad shorty again. Nuttin' Honey. But it was interesting watching the crowds congregate for The Temptations at the Showroom. It's a good thing I had a profitable run earlier. Brutal. I walk across the joint to the food court. I'm thinking I'll surprise Sweet Ti with some Baskin Robbins. But whoa!! There's nothing but rug rats in baseball uniforms as far as the eye can see. Bag that. So I stop by RMC instead and score some killer toffee. On a side note, we had tickets to see the Trey Anastasio Band at the Brooklyn Bowl tonight. But that didn't happen. Sweet Ti needed to rest up. We are seeing Widespread Panic on Sunday. Much more important. We crash fairly early. 

                                   TOTALS:  RB-11542 pts.  Sweet Ti- pts.     200. profit


                               10.28.2017  Beatniks out to make it rich


                       10.26.2017 I saw a werewolf drinking a Pia Colada at Trader Vic's


                                         Halloween in Vegas Pt.4




                                                                     *I Put a Spell on You, Screamin' Jay Hawkins