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                                                       10.29.2017 I'm a Vampire babe. Hangin' on your windowpane.*

    Hey Now! I need my High Octane. 5 a.m. and Sweet Ti gets a text. Maybe it's our Feather? She is expecting her first child. Nope, it's just her sister Juli. But now we're up. I do my Keurig magic and we watch some PBS and I enjoy Dinner for Breakfast. 

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 I wanted to take some sunrise shots from the parking garage. I've never actually been to the top of the parking garage, but it should have at least a partial view of the sunrise over the strip. Let's go see.

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 Well, between dodging the vehicles of the employees getting off work and trying to get some shots without getting too many high tension wires in them, it was interesting. Not breathtaking or anything, that's for sure. Just another one of those Vegas things. Y'all understand. Back at the room I see our Do Not Disrupt sign is missing. Again. That's one way of not getting another letter slipped under the door. Let's Gambol. Wally shorty with Jessee. He is sporting a beard this time. Apparently the Orleans has changed it's grooming rules. Jessee finally looks over 21. Sweet Ti orders a Fruity fruit punch, I have brought my own Beck's and order up a Monster, or whatever passes for caffine.

                                                        We engage in a Quad off.

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                                                 My 'shroom is green, Sweet Ti's is red.   

 Hank Bonefish whittles these out on a Patron cork. He sells them at various Esoteric Feativals. But as members of Team Bonefish they were comped. We ran out of quads after that and eventually made our way upstairs. Sweet Ti orders a room service lunch. Quick service.

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 The room service food is prepared by the chefs at the Copper Whisk. That's a chicken wrap and carrot cake. The cake kicked butt.

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               I went down alone and tried some random shots and ended up at the Higher Limit Money Rain.

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While I was playing I ran into Stephen. Our limo driver. I thank him once again for his BR assistance. He demurs. You saved our trip dude! We will see Stephen Wed. morning. It's just about gametime. Our Redskins are hosting the Plowboys. I want to make sure the TV closest to the Wally shortys is tuned in. Turns out it's Fox's game of the week. Down the bar is a fan with a Skins sweatshirt on. Go Skins. 

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                                                             The Skins suck.

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 I kept hearing someone hooting for Dallas during the game. Turns out these 2 guys were sitting beside each other. Talk about Detente.  It's time to get ready for the evening. I find Sweet Ti taking a nap. I shower, and Ziggy calls. " Why haven't you called me?" I am always getting our plans wrong. "Let me tell you something- we are leaving. Where should we park?" Try the self park garage, Ziggy I'll meet you there. "Exactly." Well, after a bit I walk down to Poker Room srea next to the garage and wait. Zig calls and informs me they are at the Valet entrance. I meet them and take them up to see our suite. We sit and chat for a bit, then it's time for dinner. We are seated and Mindy and Javier once again take care of us. We order the Lobster and Crab Dip along with Tempura Veggies to begin. Zig selects the vino.

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                                                        We all order the Prime Rib. 

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                                We enjoy a lovely repast together. These are the times that make the trip. 

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 May's nice discretionary comp covered the bill. We go back upstairs to relax for a bit. Then it's time for us to leave for our show. We walk them down and say our farewells. They invite us over Tuesday for an early dinner. We board Santee and she whisks us to the New York New York parking garage within a few minutes. We park on the 2nd. floor at the Park end. I'm kinda surprised there aren't more cars here. It is a Sunday night though. We walk down the stairs and past the T Mobile Arena. 

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 It's nice to see that Vegas is pulling out all of the stops for the Golden Knights. It looks like they throw a block party on game nights. We stroll the Park trying to figure out how to actually enter the Park Theater. It doesn't help that MGM is currently in the middle of a complete renovation turning the Monte Carlo into Park MGM. 

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                                                 We find an entrance, but it's GA and we have seats.

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 So we walk around the outside for a bit. The Park is a lovely people watching spot. The only drawback I can see is the fact that a Park Ave. runs thru it. But they did a great job. We go inside the Monte Carlo to use the facilities and do a bit of gamboling. There's blanked off walls everywhere making navigation a bit of a problem. Especially with a few thousand Widespread Panic Phans tuned up and dressed up.

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 We played some Simpsons. The crowds kept getting bigger, and it looked like they finally opened the doors. We joined the crowd and finally found the seated section front gates. They were inside the casino. Security was tight. Really tight. Take everything out of your pockets. Walk thru the metal detector. THEN get patted down. TSA comes to you. We are in Sec. 405 Row L. Like 4 rows from the ceiling. But they have a series of escalators which makes the climb easy. Plus there's a nice view of the Park out of the windows. Beautiful place. There's bars all over the place, plus water coolers stocked with 5 gallon jugs. Freebie. Unexpected nice touch. We find our seats.


 We are surrounded by a really great crowd. The guy to my right introduced himself. He is none other that today's local, Matt. Matt is from SouCal and has lived here 6 years. He is a dealer at the Wynn. It's his first Panic show in 20 years. He is steadily hitting on a Vape pen. As a matter of fact, just about everybody here seems to be doing the same thing. And the vapor rises. Yes it does. We have seen Panic probably 10 times, and this is by far the mellowest crowd ever. We also meet the couple in front of us and Matt behind us. The theme of this evening's show is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Specifically, the 1980 movie- "Where the Buffalo Roam" . This is the "official" Halloween show. Neil Young sang on the soundtrack. The band is in various Hunter S. Thompson costumes except for Jon. He was "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski and had Wrong Movie written on the back. And Sonny was "Chef".


    The setlist is legendary. Plenty of Neil Young covers. And the video screens and lighting made it into a true Sin City production.



         The boys played till 1:15 a.m. On the way out, the crowd would spontaneously hoot, cheer, and clap. Even outside.

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 Almost the entire crowd- including us- danced their way thru the show. Like they say, never miss a Sunday show. Back at Santee, we couldn't find a parking kiosk to pay, so we paid on the way out. A very disgruntled garage worker assisted us. Get a gruntal dude. 5 minutes later we were parking at Orleans. We are ready to crash. It's been a lovely day in the City of Lights. 

                                           Totals: RB- 5870 pts.    Sweet Ti- 1327 pts.    Down a few hundy.


                     10.30.2017   Salt shaker spills just throw it over your shoulder, babe


                                   10.28.2017  Beatniks out to make it rich


                                            Halloween in Vegas Pt.4 



                                                                      * Vampire Blues, Neil Young