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                                                                        The Never Ending Retirement Party

                             10.23.2022  Reach the stars, and fly a fantasy, yeah*

     Hey Now! Welcome back my friends! Let's party. This will be the official gaming retirement party in honor of our Sweet Ti's release from the working life. My earlier MD 20/20 trip was just my solo warm up for this trip. This one's the real thing. And speaking of work, I'm changing to a new company as the old contract expired. Hence, I'm getting paid out for 162 vacation hours. Starting back at 0. No more till July, so we pulled the trigger.

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                                                                  Callie is ready to go!

               We are so there! The first thing after we exit those scary self park elevators we run into today's local, Maggie.

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Maggie is Rascal Wrangling. I follow her thru the casino and over to the Front Desk. Maggie is a typical Jersey driver, honking her way along. The twist is her cussing in Polish at the people under her breath. Then she completes her delivery to a complete tool who just drove it away with nary a word of thanks. Jerk! Maggie lets us know that our suite isn't ready yet. We kinda figured as it's a Sunday around noon. She will let us know with a call from Monrovia. Let's gambol! Today's offer is 3x comps. Works for us. We will both be playing on my card anyway. Sweet Ti wants us to start out on the Devil Baby. We usually order pizza before we play, but Ti sez she's feeling it. The streak is on the line. Every time so far we've gotten a bonus within the first hundy inserted. Will the Streak Survive Jim???????



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        IMG_0227.JPG (1860574 bytes)             IMG_0228.JPG (1281300 bytes)                     IMG_0229.JPG (1516850 bytes)    



                                                            They call him Bond, Jimmy Bond.


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         IMG_0233.JPG (1607792 bytes)              IMG_0234.JPG (1655369 bytes)                 IMG_0235.JPG (1575714 bytes)

                                                      And these guys are STILL following us

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               Monrovia called to tell us it was move in time. We snagged the keys from the Magster and levitate to check it out.

                                    IMG_0238.JPG (1208802 bytes)         IMG_0239.JPG (1206818 bytes)

 We moved in. The WFT Commandiers are playing Green Bay today on a screen somewhere in this joint. Sweet Ti is going to hang out here. Kiss for luck, I set off in search of said game. I strike out near the food court- the few TVs they have sprinkled around are pretty much tuned to the Phillies game. If they win today they are going to the World Series. There's lots of TVs around the pit, but none are on the game that I want. Finally I bite the bullet and head over to the sportsbook . I'm sure I can find it there. he place is mobbed. I do find one of the bartops is open, albeit, with no barstool. 6/5 BP. But they do have keno. I flag down Damen the barkeep and ask if they comp drinks for players. " Nope, but you can use card comps". What do you have in the way of an NA? "Heiny 0.0". Please!

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                                                                    "6.50 in comps"

                IMG_0240.JPG (1377498 bytes)      IMG_0241.JPG (925163 bytes)      IMG_0242.JPG (1440976 bytes)

                             Damen                                      Hail                                    Caveman

  Way to Take Command there WFT! Oh, and good job Phillies too. I never did find a barstool and stood there for an hour. We have reservations at Capriccio's at 6 pm, but we make an executive decision to just order to go. The suite has a nice table that we eat at. I am greeted by Joseph and Genaro and there's hugs all around. Genaro checks my comp- Stephanie has graced us with a 200. discressionary. Noice. We will feast tonight! Plus the next several days no doubt. We pig out and Sweet Ti hangs out upstairs while I go play.

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                                                   Shower me with Lucky Wealth please J.J.Kitty!



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 This game rocks! plus, it's got kitties!  I'm playing next to today's local, Mo. Mo shows me the in and outs. He's in the loop.

                                                          IMG_0252.JPG (1566269 bytes)

                                         IMG_0253.JPG (1389511 bytes)        IMG_0254.JPG (1421122 bytes)

                                          Yet another Buffalo iteration that cost me a quick hundy. Or 2....

                                         IMG_0256.JPG (1204656 bytes)        IMG_0257.JPG (1418271 bytes)

                                                                  Still waiting for that heat

                                                   Spin us a tale from the forest furies Mr. James-


                                         IMG_0258.JPG (1568654 bytes)       IMG_0260.JPG (1453948 bytes)

                                                                         the panda won.

                                            IMG_0262.JPG (1294072 bytes) IMG_0263.JPG (1074189 bytes)

                                                     Tough first day. Will the wolf survive?????

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                                      10.24.2022 Dream a dream, and what you see will be*

        Hey Now! YAWN! 6 a.m. on a Monday morning and we're in a casino. Go figure. Kiss for luck and off to see he lizard.

                                                    Just another Manic Monday Megalink please Jim-




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                                                              Hit us again please Jay!


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                                                           IMG_0273.JPG (1732845 bytes)   

                                                                    Liquid Boards

                                                            IMG_0274.JPG (1414568 bytes)

                                                               Elevator to Nowhere....

               IMG_0275.JPG (1539268 bytes)           IMG_0276.JPG (1065895 bytes)             IMG_0277.JPG (1153509 bytes)

                                  IMG_0278.JPG (1175104 bytes)                      IMG_0280.JPG (1120418 bytes)

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                                                            Mandatory early morning DSTP pic

 Time for coffee Elizabeth. The rains don't appear to be going anywhere. But that's ok- neither are we. Well that's not really true- we are probably going next door. Not that we have to actually go outside to do that. But do decide to check out the new pool water area.

     IMG_0282.JPG (1032736 bytes)  IMG_0283.JPG (948755 bytes)  IMG_0284.JPG (1298157 bytes)  IMG_0285.JPG (1180999 bytes)

     IMG_0286.JPG (1870137 bytes)  IMG_0287.JPG (1842877 bytes)  IMG_0288.JPG (1729447 bytes)  IMG_0289.JPG (1650152 bytes)

     IMG_0290.JPG (1791341 bytes)  IMG_0291.JPG (1254255 bytes)  IMG_0292.JPG (1296802 bytes)  IMG_0293.JPG (1207121 bytes)

     IMG_0294.JPG (1251247 bytes)  IMG_0295.JPG (1123326 bytes)  IMG_0296.JPG (1271889 bytes)  IMG_0297.JPG (1341312 bytes)

     IMG_0299.JPG (1687686 bytes)  IMG_0300.JPG (1467629 bytes)  IMG_0301.JPG (1397277 bytes)  IMG_0302.JPG (1094806 bytes)

 They really did an awesome job on the pool rehab. The new pool is saltwater, so the chlorine smell is minimal. No hot tub though. Even the one in the Spa is not open. The roof over the pool retracts which is nice. Plus after 2 p.m. the pool is adult only. Nice touch. The bar is supposed to be open on the weekends although that seems a bit unlikely this time of year. This was always a nice space and they did a great job in updating it. It still would have been nice to put the hot tub back in. just saying.....

                                                             Take us to the swines please James!


                                                           IMG_0306.JPG (1578757 bytes)

                                                                    fun with nickels 

                                IMG_0312.JPG (704879 bytes)            IMG_0307.JPG (1022744 bytes)

 We hit Breadsticks for lunch. I had a food comp I needed to use up. There weren't many peoples about. This place is still cranking out great food at reasonable prices. We even spotted the elusive Beach Squirrel. 

                                                           IMG_0313.JPG (777997 bytes)

   He's sitting on the fence between the blue recycling bin and the telephone pedestal. This is the 2nd time we've seen him. Go Sparky!  

                          IMG_0310.JPG (1712944 bytes)                          IMG_0311.JPG (1167426 bytes)

                                                                 A fine repast

                      Time for a walkabout. We leisurely stroll down the way and over the bridge to the Hard Rock. 

                                                                Here's Jimmy!!! 



                                                        IMG_0315.JPG (1701603 bytes) 

                                                            Money Honey J. J. ????


                                     IMG_0318.JPG (1386775 bytes)         IMG_0321.JPG (1245415 bytes)        

                                         IMG_0328.JPG (1508160 bytes)  IMG_0329.JPG (1451919 bytes)

                                                          Old school Bossie please James?



                                                           IMG_0335.JPG (1299681 bytes)

 Yet another profitable sojourn. This is turning into a habit. If we're having a bad session at Resorts just pop over next door to the Slot ATM. We hit the boards for the walk back. It's cleared up and it's a beautiful fall afternoon. We look for kitties, but see none.

                                     IMG_0338.JPG (1791549 bytes)       IMG_0339.JPG (1793136 bytes)

                                                    FlysST                                  FlysRB

                                                                 IMG_0340.JPG (1575933 bytes)    

 They have redone the slot club. You now earn tiers 4x faster. But apparently you earn cashback (slot) dollars 6x slower. As usual, they are tightening up the screws on comps. It already takes way too much play just to earn comp dollars, that certainly didn't change. I earn comp dollars 10x faster at least next door at HR with their lowest level card as I do here with a 4th level card. 

                                                        Prestidigitation please Mr. James



                                                          IMG_0342.JPG (1567230 bytes)         

                                                                Idolizationize us Jim  


                                                        IMG_0347.JPG (1702148 bytes)

                                                               Hobbitize us Jay



                                                         IMG_0351.JPG (1331546 bytes)

  My Sweet Ti is Toaster Strudel for the evening so I escort her up and then come back down for an evening session. Where's Miss Kitty??

  IMG_0352.JPG (1274761 bytes)   IMG_0353.JPG (1096364 bytes)    IMG_0355.JPG (1460852 bytes)    IMG_0356.JPG (1759309 bytes)  

 I really dig this machine. It seems to treat us fairly well. So far at least. I'm sure that it will reclaim at least everything won so far. Heat 'Em Up sure did! I'm riding this puppy as far as I can. 

                         Let's check in on the action with our roving reporter and incidentally, today's local, Jim



                                        IMG_0358.JPG (1703844 bytes)           IMG_0359.JPG (1289631 bytes)

 I played with the lucky kitties for quite a while. I even stashed away a nice ticket for tomorrow. Then I thought I'd indulge in some W4. The Boost version was right up ahead. I dialed up an assortment of games and play for a modest 3.30 bet. I hit the bonus for 280 free games and as they were playing I hit this-

                                                         IMG_0361.JPG (1463434 bytes)

                                                             another 160 free spins

 I started taking a video but got tried of holding the phone up. There's only an .80 bet on that particular game so there were a bunch of Barney Fife type spins.

                                                                    Barney-Fife.jpg (70440 bytes)


                               Finally the Super Free Games feature kicked in and I caught the final spins. Hit it J.J.-




                                                                IMG_0363.JPG (1725265 bytes)

                                                                      could have been worse....

                                                                          Golden Dragon

                                                                IMG_0364.JPG (2090712 bytes)

                 These big assed brand new machines are just sitting there gleaming in the distance. Giant LED screen around it glows. 

                                                                      Action Jimmy!!!!



                                                                       IMG_0367.JPG (1723695 bytes)


                                                              IMG_0368.JPG (1143969 bytes)

                                                                        1203 dimes

         Great session! Made up for yesterday and then some! 116 tear points earned, and plenty of bullets for tomorrow. Cheers!

                                                10.25.2022 And what you see will be*

     Hey Now! 6 a.m. Kiss to S.T. and a Hey Now to my P.S.S.'s. Last night I kept an eye on his lady that was trying to take out my favorite QH Dollar Progressive.  She didn't. Time to make use of those extra bullets I put away and try to take this down.

                                                               IMG_0369.JPG (1393427 bytes)

                                                                       Insert coin

               I blew through my first hundy rather quickly. My second hundy netted a few small wins. Then this happened. 

                   IMG_0376.JPG (893132 bytes)            IMG_0371.JPG (1312658 bytes)           IMG_0374.JPG (1449039 bytes)

                                                                   Let's listen in. Please Jim??????



                                                                                                                         And I waited. 

 It's a good thing I knew how to turn that bloody music off. I sat there for over 20 minutes waiting for an attendant to show up. Funny thing about these machines, all the Jackpots are handpays. Even without the paperwork involved. Today's local, Mina, finally shows up and apologizes. "We are having networking issues. There's an interruption in the machines communicating with the mainframe server. Oh, and it was also shift change". I'm thinking it's the latter there Mina. I tipped him well anyway. Good old Mina. 

                                                              IMG_0377.JPG (1113844 bytes)

                                                                       Plus I got served!

                                          IMG_0381.JPG (1386887 bytes) IMG_0383.JPG (1563250 bytes)

                                                                           VP time

                                                            IMG_0384.JPG (1166902 bytes)

                                                I sure hope they aren't downgrading pay scales.....

                                                            IMG_0385.JPG (1439521 bytes)

                                                               not these spinners please!!

 Coffee Elizabeth time. Plus, I get to Make It Rain all over my lovely Sweet Ti. She is most appreciative of my efforts. Needless to say, one thing leads to another. We'll just leave it at that. All in good time we make our way downstairs. LWC is calling.....

     IMG_0386.JPG (1744298 bytes)  IMG_0387.JPG (1609011 bytes)  IMG_0388.JPG (1534835 bytes)  IMG_0389.JPG (1450681 bytes)

                                                           Cue da Felines please Mr. Jim.......




                                                            IMG_0391.JPG (1659747 bytes)

                                                                 Living up to it's name

 We hit up the VIP club for lunch. This is really a nice perk here. Especially if you happen to be a drinker. Sweet Ti orders a martini. The bartender here has had this gig forever and knows his stuff. The wait staff is great. Since they consolidated the 2 clubs the spread has gotten better too. Best part is that my card gets us free admission here. 

                                                           IMG_0392.JPG (1100900 bytes)

                         I introduced our Sweet Ti to the Cash Machine. We were lucky to escape with our buy in. Gulp! 

     IMG_0393.JPG (1573768 bytes)  IMG_0395.JPG (1569644 bytes)  IMG_0396.JPG (1508884 bytes)  IMG_0397.JPG (1352829 bytes)


            Today is a gift day. I accidentally took the slot cash at the kiosk but got that straightened out. I wanted that gift. 


                                                             IMG_0398.JPG (1094707 bytes) 

                                                           This beautiful 52 piece pink tool kit!

 We had a nice long Rich Little Piggies session which resulted on a zero sum net gain or loss. Or screenshot for that matter. Then it's time to spin for our dinner. We order up a pizza and then do the only thing possible at this moment. Right Jimmy?????





                                                              IMG_0400.JPG (1380086 bytes)   

                                                                  He comes thru once again

                                                              IMG_0402.JPG (1017978 bytes) 

                                                                   Pizza and Thunderbird

                                      IMG_0403.JPG (1746619 bytes)     IMG_0404.JPG (1066567 bytes)

                                                                      Today's stats

 Well, this was a profitable day. We made up for yesterday's losses and came out slightly ahead for the trip. Tomorrow we are catching the 2:30 ferry back home. That gives us a couple of hours of emergency backup gamboling opportunity. Noice. 

                                                          IMG_0418.JPG (1408780 bytes)

                              10.26.2022   Rhymes that keep their secrets*

Hey Now! 6 a.m. I'm in no real rush. We got the majority of the packing done yesterday evening. Time for one last Crack Whore VP try.

                                         IMG_0405.JPG (1632251 bytes)            IMG_0406.JPG (1648636 bytes)  

        IMG_0407.JPG (1277541 bytes)           IMG_0408.JPG (1614374 bytes)           IMG_0409.JPG (1696554 bytes)

                                Triple Quad 7's! Now that's the way to pull off the last quad(s) of the trip.

                IMG_0413.JPG (1072831 bytes)    IMG_0414.JPG (1326866 bytes)    IMG_0415.JPG (1348457 bytes)

                    Dragon Spell not only caught my eye, it also caught damn near 200. before I came to my senses. 

                                      IMG_0417.JPG (1795851 bytes)      IMG_0419.JPG (1587273 bytes)

                                                         IMG_0420.JPG (1296398 bytes)

 This old gem is in the smoking section between the Rondy Elevators and the Front Desk so we usually avoid this area. But the joint is empty on this weekday morning. No smoke in sight. Still trying to take down the Mr. Big progressive. Plus this is the same platform as the old Hangover machine. The last place I remember having that machine around here was the Revel. How soon there's a new kid in town around once again. Let's see, where were we. I ended giving up our previous winnings, so the trip is more or less a push. Very nice. Push is a win! 

                                                          IMG_0398.JPG (1094707 bytes)  

                                                                  With Pink tools!!!!

 Thanks my friends for making it thru to the end. I really do appreciate all of the adulation I get for hosting this website. I'm sure we will be back with another tale before you know it! Cheers!

                                                            IMG_0061.JPG (1170612 bytes)



                                                                                * Never Ending Story, Limahl