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                                                                   MD 20/20

                         08.21.2022 What's the word?- Thunderbird!*

  Hey Now! Once again, welcome back my friends. This trip was just sort of a last minute deal. I had a couple of "Loyalty comps" I kinda wanted to take advantage of. Sweet Ti's last day of work forever and ever was the 19th. Our Feather and Pip came into town that evening and Ti's sister next door gave her a retirement party yesterday. So I just sort of casually slipped out of town early this Sunday morning. 

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 The AC Air Show is this Wednesday. Rehearsals start on Tuesday. I always wanted to see this show. I've been to many over the years. One of the perks to growing up on the Virginia peninsula is the number of military bases in the area. I've got a Rendezvous Tower suite reserved till Thursday. That's a long strange trip. We shall see. I ease on into the self park and don't bother to bring my bags in on account of it's Sunday before noon. Maggie is good, but not that good. Most suite-dwellers opt in for late check out. 

  I was right. Maggie deftly made my offering disappear and informed me she had a cherry room picked out for me, but it wasn't ready. She would call me when it was ready. That will work. I let my Sweet Ti know I made it safe. She suggests Piggies. 

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           IMG_0068.JPG (1494271 bytes)              IMG_0069.JPG (1501138 bytes)               IMG_0070.JPG (1760475 bytes)

                                                                       Nice call Darlin'

        While I'm makin' these here porcines squeal, I am joined on my left by today's local, Jeanette. She's from Tom's River.

                         Jeanette says she was born there, she has always lived there, and she isn't going anywhere.

                                                               IMG_0071.JPG (493244 bytes)

                                                                        Except to AC....

         I check my phone and see that the Call Filter has blocked a call from Malaysia. There's a voice mail. It's Maggie. Room time!!

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      IMG_0087.JPG (1206938 bytes)  IMG_0078.JPG (1107173 bytes)  IMG_0079.JPG (1372589 bytes)  IMG_0081.JPG (1661846 bytes)

                                  IMG_0088.JPG (1339700 bytes)                    IMG_0092.JPG (1447260 bytes)

                                                              IMG_0080.JPG (1687061 bytes)

                                                                         killer view too!

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                                                                     A little FSP action 

                                               IMG_0094.JPG (977357 bytes)    IMG_0095.JPG (1239733 bytes)   

                                                                              parley time.....

                                               IMG_0096.JPG (1223192 bytes)    IMG_0097.JPG (1277888 bytes)

                                                                             Club time.......

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  Parrothead Plus or whatever the card actually is gives me access for 2 to the club for free everyday but Saturday. The food is pretty damn serviceable, and the drinks are very heavy pour. I happen to know this from observation. Especially observing bar patrons exiting. 

                                                             IMG_0105.JPG (1181134 bytes)

                                                  A little Cashback W4 Boost action please Jim???



                                       IMG_0108.JPG (1952181 bytes)     IMG_0106.JPG (1746820 bytes)

                                                          IMG_0109.JPG (1376478 bytes)    

                                                      Bao Zhu Zhao Fu James San???????       


                                        IMG_0113.JPG (1263017 bytes)          IMG_0114.JPG (1037647 bytes)

                                                                           ah so!!!!!!!!!

               Time for a Famiglia pie. My chef buddy is tossing dough this evening so I slip him a couple of TJs after I place my order. Always helps. Now I need to attend another piece of business. To continue the streak on Devil Baby. Take us there please J.J.>>>>>>>



                                                                                                                 The streak is safe!

 And I am pooped. I scarf some pizza and have a nice chit chat with my Sweet Ti. So I ended up earning 14 pts and pushing for today. 

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                                            08.22.2022   How's it sold- Good and cold!* 

 Hey Now!  4:20/24/7/365. 72 and rainy-perfect day to gambol. Today I have the choice of 5x tier points, 4x cashback, or 3x comps. I chose 3x comps. Reason being that tier points expire the last of September, cash back expires after 60 days. Comps last 6 months. 

                                                           IMG_0135.JPG (993917 bytes)

                                                                  Today's offering

                                                  Strike up those banjos please my dear James????



                                                             IMG_0137.JPG (1337014 bytes)       

 Reels o' Dublin brings back such memories. We have been playing these since our original trips to Vegas, AC and Dover back in the early aughts. Those were the days my friends. Especially hanging out at Terribles at Ziggy's Bar or with Bo dealing double deck BJ. SIGH

     IMG_0138.JPG (1276496 bytes)  IMG_0139.JPG (1661718 bytes)  IMG_0140.JPG (1383799 bytes)  IMG_0141.JPG (1025080 bytes)

                                 IMG_0142.JPG (1428852 bytes)                            IMG_0143.JPG (1103857 bytes)    

         This bank of machines has been holding up a wall here at Resorts forever. I never bothered with them before. Fire it up Jim!!


                                                                IMG_0146.JPG (1222284 bytes)

                                                                     It's a dollar bet y'all!!!

 Walkabout time. I'm planning to hit the HR buffet for lunch, but it's too early right now. So I head north on the boards towards Ocean. As I'm passing by one of the Boardwalk Cats colonies, I spot a volunteer going about his duties. He introduces himself as today's local, 

                                                                           Frank Hoopes.

                                                                IMG_0150.JPG (1591462 bytes)       

                                                                           Frank and Mo

 Frank has been a volunteer here for over 10 years and takes care of 4 of the colonies here. At one time he took care of 27 cats. There are only 7 cats left now in his colonies. There haven't been any kittens born here in many years thanks to T-N-R policies. Jim??????


                           IMG_0149.JPG (1926359 bytes)                             IMG_0151.JPG (1405777 bytes)

                                                                        Go Frank!!

                  IMG_0148.JPG (1610188 bytes)       IMG_0152.JPG (2504229 bytes)       IMG_0153.JPG (1644430 bytes)

                                                             IMG_0154.JPG (1407305 bytes)

                                                               Funhouse bathroom corridor. 

Ocean. I spot a bank of Cashnado and insert coin. I am soon handed back my ass, thanks for nothing. Wow! Onward to the farm.

                                                                UFO sightings please J.J.???????


                                                                  IMG_0156.JPG (1396093 bytes)   

 I hit a break even point point here and decide to head over to HR before the line gets too long. As I'm walking thru to the buffet, I spot a bank of Invaders Attack here at Hard Rock. Plus it's still a few minutes before noon. Just enough time to insert coin....

   IMG_0158.JPG (1512967 bytes)    IMG_0159.JPG (1728843 bytes)   IMG_0160.JPG (1710689 bytes)      IMG_0161.JPG (1855554 bytes)

                          IMG_0162.JPG (1387495 bytes)                            IMG_0163.JPG (1724264 bytes)

                                                      Area 51 footage revealed by Mr. James J. James!!!!



                                                              IMG_0166.JPG (1568718 bytes)

                                                  And that's what we call...........................

                                                              IMG_0167.JPG (1326498 bytes)

                     I print out my dining coupon and get in the short line. Even had enough for 2 Red Bulls. Time to pig out.

       IMG_0168.JPG (412459 bytes)  IMG_0169.JPG (1457506 bytes)  IMG_0170.JPG (1680641 bytes)  IMG_0172.JPG (1054675 bytes)

            IMG_0173.JPG (1412911 bytes)                IMG_0174.JPG (1380730 bytes)                 IMG_0175.JPG (1388539 bytes) 

                             IMG_0176.JPG (1511470 bytes)                       IMG_0177.JPG (1106762 bytes)


                        So I came back to Resorts with 2 Red Bulls, an extra hundy,  and a full belly. Urp! 

                                                               IMG_0178.JPG (1190992 bytes)

                                                     Plus, Thunderbird's cousin for my Sweet Ti

    IMG_0180.JPG (851339 bytes)  IMG_0181.JPG (1209730 bytes)  IMG_0182.JPG (1045197 bytes)  IMG_0185.JPG (1121312 bytes)

                                                  Old school malfunction shot please Jimmy>>>>>>>



                                                                   takin' notes.

                                                          IMG_0186.JPG (1327846 bytes)

                                                         forever stuck on the 36th floor

                        And then the drubbing began in earnest. I'm throwing hundys in and cashing out dust. Scary. 

                                  IMG_0187.JPG (1290879 bytes)            IMG_0188.JPG (1247183 bytes)          

                                                        I use my 100. loyalty bonus on the slant VP.

                     IMG_0189.JPG (1085415 bytes)      IMG_0190.JPG (1671822 bytes)     IMG_0191.JPG (1707610 bytes)

                   That helped a bit. I went up to the room and happened to spot the USAF Thunderbirds doing some practice runs.

                                                            IMG_0193 (2).jpg (1347718 bytes)

 That was really neat because they were making the turn and coming right over the top of the tower at LOW altitude!!!! I went back down and proceeded to do really, really bad. I even came back up and got more bullets and STILL did really, really, bad. I am having some serious doubts about staying here till Thursday. I don't think I can afford to!! I did earn 32 points, but paid dearly for it.....


                                        08.23.2022 What's the price?- thirty twice!!*

 Hey Now! 4:20. I take my time getting started with the day. I've made up my mind to split today. I'm hoping to come back around Halloween with Sweet Ti if possible. The company I'm working for lost the contract at the base and I'm waiting on an offer from the new company. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. So I pack and take most of my shit down to Teal. Pizza for breakfast of course.

                                                          Hit the mirror ball DJ J.J.!!!!!!



                                                            IMG_0195.JPG (1522548 bytes)

                                                                        City of Sex

                                                            IMG_0196.JPG (1557429 bytes)

                                                      Back the Blue for us, today's local- Jim!!!!!




                                                            IMG_0199.JPG (1630263 bytes)    

                                                                  Good job Jim!!!

                                                       Bilbo's adventures please Mr. James....     



                                                            IMG_0210.JPG (1658543 bytes)


                                                             IMG_0203.JPG (1574633 bytes)

                           And finally, I saved my last free slot play for the obligatory last VP session of the trip.

                                                            IMG_0204.JPG (1099321 bytes)

                                                      Hit the button one last time please Jim!



                                                            IMG_0207.JPG (1850225 bytes)

                                                                      Delta finish!

  And that's a wrap. I earned 8 points today and it cost me another 2 hundy. Ouch! But at least I had the wherewithal to cut and run rather than chasing the money. I caught the mid afternoon ferry and was home in Sweet Ti's arms by early evening. 

                                                             IMG_0212.JPG (1433108 bytes)

                                                                       Important stop

          Once again, thanks for playing along my friends. We will be back before you know it with yet another adventure. Cheers!!!!!

                                                            IMG_0211.JPG (1417264 bytes)






                                                                                  * Thunderbird, Mickey Newbury