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                                        AC NYE 2015 3OAK ADVENTURE

12.31.2015   Here comes the Jackpot question in advance....

 Hey Now! Welcome back my friends! Let's DO AC. First we have to leave our Feline Fortress in the very capable hands of Christina. We recently added #5 kitty to our family. Miss tuxedo kit showed up in our yard hungry and friendly. We started feeding her, and I took her in for shots and a check-up. Name? That day was warm outside, and there was a Katy Did on our screen door. Introducing Katy Did.

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 We got up at some ridiculous hour and made killer time to the ferry. Then quickly boogied up from Exit 0 to AC. Got in around 11:00 a.m. First stop was to see what was left of the VP. The uprights are still 8/5 BP in the always smoky area between registration and the Rendezvous Tower. Check. And the slants are still between the pit and Security. But wait a minute- something has changed. Machines as each end on the back to back rows have been downgraded. BEWARE! That leaves the 4 in the middle of each back to back row as 8/5 BP .25/.50/$1 only! So we picked a couple of likely suspects and inserted hundys. Well I did, and Sweet Ti loaded up a fifty and today's free play, $35. She struck first.

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 One thing we both notice in this first session was the amount of 3 of a kinds we were both getting, but never converting into 4 of a kinds. Strange. Ended up happening so often that it became the theme of this trip. By now it was time for a try at an early check-in, so I made up a $20 sandwich and strolled over to see our friends at the front desk. Amparo called me up and I gave her the sandwich. As she was looking up the reservation our host Martha had made she frowned. Martha had us coming in yesterday, which meant our reservations for the next 3 nights had been cancelled. Only thing available was the Ocean Tower. I don't think so. She finally got everything straightened out and handed me the key cards to room 4306 in the R.T. Looking downbeach. Perfect! The Trop has fireworks tonight. Time for some food in our bellies, so we hit up Famglia's for a couple of NY style slices.After our repast, Sweet Ti heads for the room while I unload Teal, the Scion xB. Typical Resorts room, at least they have finished upgrading the TV's. Stretch keeps watch over our things...

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Successfully ensconced, it's time to GAMBOL! We notice they have a butt load of new machines, including 3- $1 Top Dollars against the wall near the front desk. Single line, $3 a spin. Insert coin...

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        I had a couple of bonuses with so-so offers, and played on. Got another bonus, a $15 offer that I refused, and then this....

       img_0968.jpg (1164680 bytes)                   img_0969.jpg (1435907 bytes)                   img_0972.jpg (1199317 bytes)            

 Sweet! I cashed out an even $1100 and stopped by the cage to stuff my money clip. Never have that $1k symbols light up before.

                                                       Next up: Buffaloooooo!!!!!!



  Back to the slants, Sweet Ti plays her regular BP, and I go with some STP 9/6 DP. Got this, but not with the multiplier.

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 From here we tried a few slots, including the newish Elvis machine. No screenshots, so not much happened. Time to get ready for our big NYE dinner. The Resorts invite includes a 3 course dinner at Capriccio's or Gallagher's, a party, and brunch tomorrow. We choose Gallagher's. We purtty up, and Martha calls to tell us she will meet us there later. The restaurant is mobbed, but we manage to score a nice table under the palms in front of the joint. Vinnie is our server. A glass of wine each comes with dinner, so Sweet Ti gets a double, and I go with the Voss still water. Here's the menu-

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img_0992.jpg (1171163 bytes)    img_0993.jpg (1331039 bytes)    img_0996.jpg (1307695 bytes)    img_0994.jpg (1345949 bytes)


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 As we were having our cheesecake and coffee, Martha came by with her friend Ana. We had a nice chat and they took off for the party. We aren't attending- lightweights. We tipped Vinnie huge and stopped by to get our brunch tickets and time. 10 a.m. I escorted my Sweet Ti back to the room and she was toast for the evening. I changed into my gaming clothes and headphones and kissed her for luck. Tonight's battle will take place in the so called Margaritaville Casino uprights. Assuming they are still there. They are. I sit at the far end - same one I hit my Triple Boner $1 4 OAK Aces on during the Royal Hunting Beside the Ocean trip. As a matter of fact, the regular AP player who was included in that tale is here right now. So we punch buttons and jabber away for a bit. He gives me the latest scoop. Those slants we were playing earlier give out points at a much lower rate than these uprights. Great knowledge to have. It's already so frillin' hard to earn points here playing VP. Even food comps come slower on VP. The 3OAKs flow freely of course, but I do manage to scare up a couple o' quads...

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                                                               and then.....

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Cashed that puppy out and proceeded to Hollyrock Hills and dropped a couple hundy on Top Dollar. Then 5x/10x pay. Nuttin' but this-

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 I've had about all of 2015 I can handle. I elevate to our pad and find Sweet Ti crashed. It's 10 p.m. New Years Eve. We have Martinelli's Sparkling Cider on ice, I've downloaded an app on my Ippy for the music to the fireworks down at the Trop too. I decide to crash. I wake up to piss just before midnight and watch the show out the window. Not much. Fare Thee Well year. Cherrie bye.

01.01.2016And so we're told this is the Golden Age                                                                                         

    Hey Now! I forgot to say rabbit. I got Sweet Ti to say it later on when she awoke though. Looks like winter arrived along the an extra digit in the vestige of time. Gotta put on socks under my LL Bean mocs. MVille is too close to the boardwalk. I insert coin at the usual suspect and watch the 3 OAKs fly. A couple sits down on the other end. Leftovers from last nights festivities. Dude #1 is playing while his pardner- dude #2 cheers him on. #1 hits a 4OAK right away- Aces w/kicker on DDB. He cashes out, hands ticket to #2. #2 hands him a hundy. #1 plays a few hands and hits 4OAK 2's. He cashes out, hands ticket to #2. They're done. Now that's the way to do it! Meanwhile, I can't hit shit. I blow straight thru 3 hundy right quick like. I stick my head out, but it's cold and too cloudy for any beach pics. So I truck on over to M'Ville Caffeine Hut and see Jackie. She is doing well, just back from Vegas to see her Mom. She serves me up a couple cuppas to take upstairs. I grace her with a hand full of $2 bills for her collection. Next stop is to see the Polish sisters, Renata and Maggie at the front desk. And there they are! They had a nice holiday. I'm sure there was lots of killer polish food involved. We really enjoyed our Genuine Christmas Meal at the Tocynski household in Henderson. Time to wakey my Sleepy Ti. Rabbit. While we are getting ready for our New Years Day buffett, we jam out to the new bluetooth speaker we got for Christmas from our son Mark. Great job dude!

 We make our way over to the food, and stop to take a few shots of the holiday decorations they have out. Let's peruse. 

                  img_1003.jpg (1232399 bytes)    img_1004.jpg (1526753 bytes)    img_1012.jpg (1807862 bytes)    

                                img_1033.jpg (1252071 bytes)            img_1036.jpg (1418638 bytes)

 Upstairs we make our way to the soiree. They have done it up really nice. Jorge seats us, and we notice Ulysses is tending bar. They both work at Capriccio's, but make sure to let us know that their restaurant isn't doing the catering. We are seated with an interesting group.

 img_1013.jpg (1287447 bytes)    img_1014.jpg (1424304 bytes)    img_1016.jpg (1079976 bytes)    img_1018.jpg (1434165 bytes)

 img_1019.jpg (1331993 bytes)    img_1020.jpg (1159779 bytes)    img_1021.jpg (1075213 bytes)    img_1024.jpg (1128635 bytes)

                                img_1026.jpg (1632597 bytes)                    img_1028.jpg (1486736 bytes)

 Sweet Ti wasted no time in making friends with Tim and Cindy, sitting next to us. They are from PA. Next to my right is a Polish couple. The food was pretty good, not outstanding. The prime rib was a standout though. Along with the desserts. It was nice. We were talking to Ulysses on the way out, and Martha walked in. So we talked to her for quite a while. She has a new beau. We are very happy for her. Downstairs, we hit the Ellen machine, as Sweet Ti hasn't yet played it. She offered to operate the Ippy while I played. Today's $50 free play is our state. Jim?



Never did get the Wheel o' Riches OR the 12 Days o' Prizes. Maybe in Vegas??? Onwards to M'Ville for yet another 3OAK VP session. Not a screenshot in sight. Dropped several hundys and walked about looking for a Hexbreaker, but settled for All That Glitters. Fun, but once more nothing worth picturing about. Time to hit up the safe for more hundys, and on the way I dropped off Sweet Ti at Marshall Rousso's to do some shopping. I came back to find her in line with her goodies, and joined her. Used comps to pay- of course. Back to the room yet again to stash the shopping, it's time for dinner. Sweet Ti wants to try M'Ville Restaurant. Neither of us have tried it yet. There's hardly anyone inside at 6 p.m. on a Friday. We are promptly seated, and ask about the specials. Turns out they are only available at the bar. Screw that. So Sweet Ti orders a fish sammich and I get a cheeseburger. But not in Paradise. That one comes with American cheese. Really? The fish was overcooked, and the burger was processed. Overpriced. Nice atmosphere though. Used comps.

  img_1037.jpg (1347833 bytes)    img_1038.jpg (1377809 bytes)    img_1039.jpg (1446949 bytes)    img_1040.jpg (1383499 bytes)

                                                    img_1041.jpg (1417409 bytes)                              img_1042.jpg (1384696 bytes)

                                   Back to our M'Ville uprights, Sweet Ti bails us out right on time with this. Jim?



                                                                img_1045.jpg (1314102 bytes)

  After that it was back to our usual 3 Oakers. Down, but not out, we decide on a bit of an Ice Cream Social. Armed with a Hägen Dass treat and her book, Sweet Ti settles back in our sanctuary for the evening. I parcel out the last of today's BR and kiss my love farewell to face the oncoming conquest. The venerable M'Ville uprights. I have in my possession the rest of Sweet Ti's earlier stake and 2 hundys for my battle. I find the 4 machines empty once again. Quite amazing actually. Not too many VP players around AC anymore. Plus these machines aren't listed on vpfree2. I insert coin and decide to go for broke on some $1 DDB. I'm jamming out to some Keller Williams and the Traveling McCourys. Not much happening until I hit this....

                                                                img_1047.jpg (1251432 bytes)

 I jump up and start hooting and realize I'm not alone. Tim and Cindy from this morning are standing behind me. They congratulate me and we talk a bit and exchange interweb information. Nice people. I go back to my business, but seem to have lost my Mojo. I play back most of my winnings and decide to call it a draw. There's yet another day left to wage this conquest. 

01.02.2016  If I had a gun for every Ace I've drawn....

Hey Now! Rough night. I was up every couple of hours. Maybe that really wasn't a Cheeseburger in Paradise. And that was after the party across the hall finally quieted down. I slept in. Finally got up and snuck down to Duckin Donuts for S.T. and served her after she awoke. I had my fruit and granola. Sweet Ti hangs out in the room while I have a morning session at M'Ville. It takes me a hundy for this. Jim???


                                                                                                img_1049.jpg (1412832 bytes)

Sweet Ti wanders down with a Kaliber and joins me. We pretty much hold our own for a couple of hours, augmenting our BR with today's $65 free play. One thing I have to say about Resorts, they do offer quite a bit of free play. My love scored the only hit.

                                                             img_1050.jpg (1205994 bytes)

Lunchtime finds us at the noodle bar conveniently located next door. Eastwind. We are seated and I order the Lobster Hot and Sour soup. S.T. goes for the special. Veggie dumplings, Vietnamese Rare Beef Soup and Red Bean Ice Cream.

                                img_1052.jpg (1238705 bytes)         img_1053.jpg (1630001 bytes)

OK for a comp. While we were waiting for our food, an Asian lady sat down at the next table. Within seconds, she was served a huge bowl of what looked like ox tail soup and a bowl of noodles. We couldn't even find that on the menu. We head for the Hills. Hollyrock Hills that is. Swimmin' pools- movie stars. And Double Top Dollar. Insert coin, lose ass. Sweet Ti wants to read, and I need more duckies. Up we go. Back at M'Ville once again I find a couple of local AP's applying their craft. I try once again to find my Mojo........Jim?


             img_1056.jpg (1238340 bytes)                                                    img_1054.jpg (1287192 bytes)

I always like to end up my last session of the trip with a 4OAK. Even a trip entitled 3OAK. So I cashed out after that. I ran into a slot attendant we know named Bill, and asked about Mignon. He said she was working at Hollyrock Hills. I spot her there and we hug. She is still working only a few days a week. Her daughter turned 21 last week. She is just about to finish college. Always great to see Mignon. I ascend to the room, and we decide on a pizza for dinner. We pack a few things and I stop and order our pie and make a run out to organize Teal for the morning. A kiosk stop reveals that I have earned 51 points this trip. That's enough to keep me at Epic level till December. I pick up our dinner and toss the pizza chef a $2. We munch out to the PBS Brit detective shows. I take an accounting of our BR. We are down a few hundy, and decide to save our remaining stake for our upcoming Vegas trip. We finish packing and crash early, as we are catching the 9:30 a.m. ferry in the morning. Up, up, and away early! We use comps for the dreaded resort fee and make good time. Poof!

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