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        12.24.2013…Westward Bound

Hey Now! Here we go… Christmas Eve morning found us heading back to work for a few hours just to gloat- and soon enough we bid farewell to our Feline Foursome and headed to Richmond. Park & Go, shuttle, and TSA in short order, and got to the gate much too early. Stretch kept watch for gate critters while I attempted to give out candy canes, much to the consternation of disapproving parents..


We catch a quickie flight to ATL, and are met by an attendant on account of Sweet Ti’s bum knee. He looks up our connecting gate- the next one over! Figures as we have 3 hours to kill. I push Sweet Ti over to the food court and we order Broadway Burgers and park between a bar and a Piano Man.


We are serenaded by Christmas Carols whilst we partake. The waiter stops by and S.T. gets a Corona and I pose for Santa’s helper shots for some fellow travelers. Hug  #1. We talk Skins debacle with the waiter, and order a supposed cannoli. Yuck.. Back to the gate, it’s still over an hour to boarding, and they already announce the flight is overbooked by 12 people. Something’s up. They finally up the ante to $400 cash, a room, and meals to get takers. The next flight leaves Christmas morning at 10 a .m. We finally prepare to pre-board, and another wheelchair occupant inquires about the seat assignments. The Gate Critter tells her there has been an equipment change and the new seat assignments will be handed out as we board. Say what???? Never an announcement. Sweet Ti ends up in an “economy comfort” seat up front….guaranteed extra 2” of legroom! I remain in steerage back in the bowels. I manage to get some sleep, while S.T. can’t relax. But at some point all journeys end, and we descend into Vegoose!  We taxi in and are met upon departure by a lad by the name of Mike Jones. We race thru all the backwater elevators on our way to baggage claim. Mikey regales us with busking adventures ala Strip. At the carrousel we are informed that you must show ID to claim. Good idea, but it leads to a backlog. We toke Mikey, and hit the shuttle.  Onto the Alamo kiosk- gotta love it… we are given Slim Pickens  on a standard vehicle. We settle on a Dodge Avenger that S.T. promptly names Blanca on account of- she’s white. Typical American made tin can.

                                                                                                            http://pdxretro.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/slim-pickens-bomb-main.jpg  Slim Pickens



Out into the early Christmas morn, we head north on LVB and over to Orleans . We self park and find Sarah awaiting at check-in. We request a 9th floor room facing the strip near the alleviators. Not only does she hook us up with that, turns out we are the first occupants in the newly re-modeled Room 940! Noice!!! Tokes to Sarah!


I head back down to grab Biggun the Bag from Blanca and am joined on the way back by a couple of well lubed gals returning from some Irish Pub. I hand out more candy canes and receive Hugs #2 and #3 in return. We finally get to bed around 2 a .m.- after a 26 hr. day. But alas, it’s Christmas and we’re in Vega$!!!


12.25 2013… We wish you a Polish Christmas!

I wake up to Sweet Ti's phone going off and it's still dark outside. I find my glasses and look at the clock- 4:30. It's our granddaughter Kayla calling from Iowa. I silence her phone and try to go back to sleep, but realize we're in Vegas- time to GAMBOL!!! I throw on some clothes, pad the old BR, and head for the Wally Gator to my favorite machine- shorty. There are 2 machines on one side that are lower than the others . I'm 5'8". Perfect.

                                                                                    1225130612.jpg (647163 bytes) 

 I notice that Wally is in his Christmas best. I make my first donation to Mr. Boyd.  I find the Super Monopoly Money- Cool Nights as it is winter in the desert- but Mr. Monopoly is asleep. One more stop at Spin Poker Dream Card. I found a single 8/5 listing on vpfree2. A bit skeptical, I choose to play a single hand. Barney Fife. I elevate to the 9th floor and find Sweet Ti still snoozing. The 9th is Da Bomb- if you use the alleviators on the right, yer the first stop up and the last stop down. Time for the first road trip- Gold Coast for 4x points. First stop is the STP 9/6 JoB. Zip. On to DBDW- they have full pay for .50 here. Nada. Time for the old fallback- The Family Guy- Stewie's Bonus




 Nice to pocket a small win for a change, and I head out to check on the morning.

                                                        .1225130822.jpg (608115 bytes)    1225130834.jpg (694435 bytes)  

It's 60º already! I fire up Blanca and stop by Jitter Vegas to say hello to Reneee and grab Sweet Ti her Breakfast in Bed (BnB) for Christmas Morn. I've got a real surprise for her. Last summer while I was doing a solo in AC, I stopped by Zephyr's Gallery  at the Trop and picked up a lapel pin for her by her favorite artist,  Robin Lee Becker and tucked it away to surprise her. I gently awaken her to the day..

                                                    1225130946.jpg (622241 bytes)            1225130947.jpg (469758 bytes)

She is pleased. We exchange cards, and enjoy our repast. After we unpack and shower, I call the safecracker, as my skills are somewhat limited in this field. He comes and does his Ocean's 11 routine and I deposit our BR. Ziggy calls and leaves me a message. We are invited over to Ziggy and Bo's abode for a genuine Polish Christmas Dinner. We play phone tag for awhile and finally make arrangements to arrive in Henderson at 4 p.m. Time to GAMBOL!

                                                        1225130855.jpg (885051 bytes)    1225130855a.jpg (633161 bytes)  

First stop is the Wally Gator Bar where we find Hank Bonefish and hug our hellos. He points over to Gollum (Mike) who is sitting at the same spot he was when we left him 6 months ago. We have brought gifts for all our friends, and call Hank Bonefish over give him his. It's a handmade birdhouse- or in his case Wood Nymph House made by our dear friend Dickie Hines. It's turned wood. Hank Bonefish sez he has just the spot for it in his Hobbit Village. I ask him about bringing Wheelie, our joint custody cooler I left with him, to work tomorrow, and he sez he will see what he can do. We settle in for a BP session. As usual, my own personal 4 OAK Diva scores the first one of the trip....

1225131411.jpg (602686 bytes)    1225131412.jpg (572676 bytes)   But I soon follow with  this...        1225131434.jpg (512096 bytes)  

 I pop over to Costal Liquor for some spirits, Moscato (oops, actually Merlot!)  for S.T., and Beck's N.A. for yours truly. We head upstairs to get ready for our Christmas Expedition. Blanca seems to know the way with Sue's (our GPS) help, and it goes without saying that we are a bit early. Ziggy and Dusty come outside to greet us. We follow them inside and Bo is waiting, looking stunning. Dusty is in full voice as we hug and Season's Greetings abound. The tree is by the mantle, and Bo whisks us into the kitchen and seats us. We are first served wine- with Kaliber  for me. We toast Wigilia- the Polish Christmas meal, and we give our friends their gifts, a lovely bowl made by Dickie from Gum that grew about a mile from our house in VA., and about 25 trout flies that I tied. Bo is a bit upset that they haven't gotten us anything, but we reassure her that having us over and sharing an all homemade traditional Polish feast means more to us than any gift. The Tolszinskis have lived lived here for 28 years, but continue many Polish cultural ties. Time to feast! We start with-

    1225131600.jpg (544702 bytes) Barszca and uszaka, or borscht and mushroom dumplings. Just incredible. 1225131605.jpg (560008 bytes)   

                                                                                                1225131619.jpg (499693 bytes) 

 next up, pierogis and cwikla, mushroom and sauerkraut, with beet relish. Yum! Next there were 3 fish dishes, 2 kinds of Ryba Smazona, or lightly fried fish, and Ryba po grecku, or Greek fish, The Greek fish had nothing to do with Greece, but was a fried fish covered in a tomato-vegetable sauce served cold. The sauce was amazing.  

                                                                                                   1225131635.jpg (571725 bytes)  

Continuing on, the next course was a cured and smoked collection on meats and fish, including 2 types of polish smoked ham and bacon, and a dry cured elk sausage. The smoked fish was salmon and sturgeon. This was accompanied by by chrzan, or horseradish with sour cream, and a plate of assorted garnishes, including hard boiled egg, hearts of palm with jalapeno, chopped onions, and capers. And more cwikla. Talk about yer Polish Hedonism.... Nostrovia! Or even- AUSTRALIA!!!!!!

                                                        1225131636.jpg (643077 bytes)      1225131636a.jpg (623902 bytes)  

We were joined by their son Sebastian and his faithful companion Cosmo the Nervisio - one of the most loving doggies you have ever met. He kinda had a lionesque 'do going on too... We enjoyed Herbata, or Polish tea while Sebastian had his dinner. We welcomed the time to digest this gargantuan feast. Sebastian's wife was working, and he himself had a new job working for MLife at the Railroad Pass Casino.  Ziggy and Bo's other son, Thomas, moved to Florida last year. They all dined at the Bonefish Grill while at Sebastian Inlet. More on that later. Soon it was time for dessert, and Bo had make a 3 layer cake with cacao and rum that was exquisite. It had taken us about 2 hours to devour this meal. And they were apologizing that there were only 8 courses rather than the traditional 12. Man- these Poles sure can feast! We sat around the table for another hour or so, and it was getting late so we decide to go. What a special night, with very special friends. Indeed a Merry Christmas. 

  10 sporks out of a possible 5

                                    1225131953.jpg (424509 bytes)                                    1225131953a.jpg (368346 bytes)  

 Blanca shows us the way home, and S.T. is beat, so I put her to bed and go down for what turns out to be a marathon DBDW session at the machines near the Keno. A local chiquita  is playing next to me, and asks me about my homemade strategy card. I couldn't find one online, so I McGuivre'd my own. This deuces game calls for some strange holds, and even though I spent many hours practicing on VPW, there are several moves that I'm unsure of. We talk strategy for a bit, and she leaves. I too am finally tapped out, head on up.

12.26.2013  Bonefishing on the Strip                                            

I awaken on Boxing Day way before the sun. Still on EC time, I usually get up for work at 4:30 a.m., so this is like sleeping in. I go to brush my teeth, and notice the sink is backed up with some rather nasty looking Grey Water. Yuckadoo... Up, up, and away I go to Wally World for room supplies. The closest Wal-Mart is over on E. Tropicana, and at 5 a.m. it's mostly empty. I quickly fill my basket, and am behind a nice lady who is just finishing checking out as I unload. We say Hey Now! and she stops as she is leaving and hands me the gift card she used to pay for her things. She tells me there is $3 left on it, and she would probably forget to use it again. I thank her and wish her a Happy 2014. Random acts of kindness live on in Sin City! On my way upstairs with a load, Hank Bonefish calls to say he will meet me downstairs in half an hour with said Wheelie. Perfect timing. Entering the room, Sweet Ti is already up, and has called maintenance about the sink issues. He promptly shows up, and sez we share our plumbing with the room next door, and he will do his work over there. Noice! No ripping up anything in our room! He comes back a bit later and cleans up our sink. Meanwhile, I descend to Caffeine Vegas and Reneee hooks me up. She tells me about her Christmas, her 15 year old daughter mounted a poem she wrote for her in a frame. Very nice. I take S.T. her BnB, or in this case on the couch, and go down to meet Hank Bonefish. His girlfriend Sandy is there with him, and he introduces her to me and we talk for a few. I take Wheelie out to Blanca and load her up.                  1226131019.jpg (451865 bytes)            1226131020.jpg (313954 bytes)        1226131020a.jpg (339815 bytes)        1226131022.jpg (672228 bytes)  

Can you spot the new High Roller  in that last photo??? Click on any pic to engorge... We pop down to the Crawdad Bar- Hank Bonefish's duty station today, and play a bit. They have shorty machines there too, so we avail themselves. There's a promo going on, and Sweet Ti and I each receive $5 cashola and a holiday candle.. Back at the Crawdaddy, Hank Bonefish regales us with horsey tales from Ol' Vegas, while we produce 4OAKS...

                                   1226131107.jpg (606984 bytes)                                               1226131119.jpg (649232 bytes)  

  Time to boogie on across town to formally known as Terrible's.....Silver Sevens. Looks about the same, except for the 30 ft. Cowboy being corralled downtown somewhere. 

1226131316.jpg (674228 bytes)    1226131316a.jpg (733278 bytes)    1226131316b.jpg (737123 bytes)  

we ran into this dude with a cane. Sporty!!!

1226131317.jpg (286554 bytes)  

Zigmeister is working the Sports Bar, and whenever he's there- he's busy! So I got busy..... 1226131354.jpg (592989 bytes)

We need to get back to the Big Easy, so we bid Zig farewell and take our place in the merging terrific. 45 minutes later we are finally on the West side of Tropicana. Looks like the NYE crowds are getting a VERY early start. This evening we are stripping.....Allow me to "splain Lucy". See there's this here new fangled interweb thingy and they have, Mercy!, they have thisy place called "My Face" or "Face Space" or something or another, and there's this here game called MyVegas. Well I started playing. AND playing for Sweet Ti. Before long, between the 2 of us, we've got 2 nights at Aria, $100 meal comp at Brand, and a bunch of pastries from Jean Phillippee. We pack some beverages and casual clothes. Now my one objective of this trip is to avoid driving on the strip, and I am bound and determined to do just that. I've done my research, and found a way to get to the Aria AND avoid the strip. I take Trop to Polaris, and hang a right on Harmon, and Shazzamm! Enter the North Valet at Aria. Takes 5 minutes tops. I toss the guy a fiver, and tell him to keep it close. We take in the sights and I go up to the front desk and check-in. When I reserved, I was told that I would be charged the Resort Fee- $28. per night. But the desk critter sez NOPPER! Sweet.. 19th floor- Sweet Ti's lucky number- here we come!                                                                                                                                                           




1226131622.jpg (876356 bytes)    1226131622a.jpg (933378 bytes)    1226131623.jpg (843969 bytes)    1226131624.jpg (683526 bytes)    1226131624a.jpg (571408 bytes)

                1226131625b.jpg (859377 bytes)    1226131650.jpg (753787 bytes)    1226131654.jpg (494725 bytes)    1226131656.jpg (196733 bytes)

 1226131728b.jpg (298392 bytes)     1226131728a.jpg (475903 bytes)    1226131730.jpg (378564 bytes)    1226131730a.jpg (477144 bytes)

 1226131732.jpg (513511 bytes)    1226131733.jpg (412240 bytes)    1226131733a.jpg (390049 bytes)    1226131733b.jpg (246372 bytes)

1226131734.jpg (195783 bytes)    1226131758.jpg (432801 bytes)    1226131758a.jpg (408408 bytes)    1226131830.jpg (259523 bytes)

After a bit of consternation, we finally figure out how to control the lights, curtains, and various electronic devices, it's Happy Hour! I have brought some vino for my Sweet Ti, and of course some fine German non-ale for moi. I go off in search of some ice, and quickly end up in another hallway. You see they branch off. No ice/vending in sight, I ask a steward who is about to enter a stockroom where I am in relation to the ice, and he replies that it is in fact 2 doors down from our room, in the opposite direction I started from. While we chat, I notice some slippers on the shelf and inquire, as we had none in the room. He was accommodating. I was barefoot no more. I retreat and return to the room newly iced and shod. I have brought my trusty (so I thought) Chinese/Swiss Army Knife, and whip out the corkscrew to open said wine. I insert said screw into cork, but upon extraction the screw breaks off with the cork still firmly in place. Hmmmm..... So I try to use another fine quality Chinese tool out of said knife to extract the cork. All I end up doing is gauging the hell out of my finger, and soon the bottle is red and all sticky. S.T. searched the minibar/fridge for a corkscrew. I call housekeeping to ask for one, and am told it should be in the door, but it's not in it's handy little hanger. S.T. finally locates it between a couple of $30 baby bottles of wine on the shelf. Very carefully, I insert yet another corkscrew, and we have extraction! I pour S.T. a glass...We take advantage of the shower and soaking tub- interesting arrangement. One must walk thru the shower to get to the tub. Could be interesting in certain situations. But for us it was just lovely. Just lovely indeed! We dress casual for dinner at Brand, and make the trek over to the Monte Carlo MLife desk to redeem our MyVegas thingys. And quite a trek it is. We just make it in time for our reservations. But the restaurant is just across the casino floor from MLife. We are soon seated right out on the edge of the action. Makes for some great strip tourista  watching. Erin will be our server tonight. Sweet Ti has Moscato and I opt for the local H²O product- good ol' Vegas tap. We split the wedge salad, and have the Ultimate Steak for 2, along with garlic mashed and creamed spinach. Everything is first rate! I used the facilities during dinner. There were men's and women's attendants awaiting patrons arrival. I was followed in by luckily the man. It was kinda like a 7-11 in there. Everything a gentleman could need and probably didn't even realize for sale. I zipped up and fished out a $2 from my BR, and noticed he had one taped to the back of the tip jar. Funny that. I always order about 100 $2 bills from my credit union before every trip. 

1226131929.jpg (356091 bytes)    1226131948.jpg (325312 bytes)    1226131951.jpg (393014 bytes)    1226131952.jpg (461968 bytes)1226131955.jpg (169372 bytes)    1226131955a.jpg (267740 bytes)    1226132015.jpg (263448 bytes)    1226132015a.jpg (256218 bytes) 1226132043.jpg (239916 bytes)    1226132043a.jpg (221525 bytes)    1226132043b.jpg (249525 bytes)    1226132044.jpg (367130 bytes)1226132105.jpg (220556 bytes)          After we dine, we casually walk back to Aria, enjoying the decorations along the way. 1226132108a.jpg (696790 bytes)     1226132108.jpg (681690 bytes)    1226132109.jpg (575530 bytes)    1226132111a.jpg (654724 bytes)    

1226132114.jpg (517268 bytes)   1226132121.jpg (525523 bytes)  1226132122.jpg (538134 bytes)     1226132123.jpg (566098 bytes)    1226132138.jpg (445779 bytes)

Back to Aria, we stop once more at the MLife desk, and turn in the last of our MyVegas thingys. Goodies to take back to our REAL room. We hit the Frenchie sweet shop.

1226132200.jpg (669217 bytes)           1226132232.jpg (909763 bytes)    1226132233.jpg (464281 bytes)    1226132233a.jpg (664623 bytes)     

Sweet Ti hits this while we await our crepes. We also get a Nutella Brioche and a Dulce de Leche to go. We chow down our crepes. The joint is mobbed. We de-valet Blanco and scoot. Back at the Big Easy, S.T. is tried, so I leave her upstairs to her TV and head for my shorty table. Luis and I chat while I play,I pull a Barney Fife. On to DBDW, and score!1227130035.jpg (756067 bytes)   oh hell yeah! Now that I'm up a bit, it's time for a MS session. 8/5 BP, .25 but it's $5 a hand. The second machine from the left......

1227130058.jpg (762826 bytes)  well, nothing to write home about, but I did play for about an hour, long enough to get over 4k points today. I'm trying to average about 5k points this trip in order to stay Sapphire level. I alleviate to 19 and S.T. is crashed. I insert ear plugs to help me snooze. Boxing Day is now history.....

12.27.2013  Casa di Royale

  I slept in this morning. Till 7:30. Unheard of! Time to GAMBOL! I suit up Poddy, my trusty IPod, pad the BR, grab a couple of Beck's NA in Packy, my trusty backpack, and descend on the Vegas morn. I contemplate "Hit the Button!!!!!" but there's nobody hitting the button. Kinda loses something in translation with nobody else playing. Big Fuzzy Dice...

                                    1227130812.jpg (797183 bytes)                                                        1227130812a.jpg (853806 bytes)

        Oh what da Hell, I'm in Vegas, jamming out to some Meat Loaf, that can mean only one thing...... Family Guy!!!!!


       Around behind Family Guy, we have my other favorite way to have some mindless fun....... Hangover







                 1227130830.jpg (644537 bytes)            1227130836.jpg (721060 bytes)            1227130839.jpg (631882 bytes)

                                        I ended up hitting Doug's bonus 3 times. Noice!!!  I'm feelin' it.... How about a bit of DBDW???????

                                                        1227130901.jpg (666873 bytes)      BAM! Nuttin' like turnin' $100 into $300. Nice start to the day.

Time to fete my Sweet Ti, so I make my way to Adrenalin Vegas.

                                                    1227130942.jpg (594470 bytes)

 Then I accentuate the positive upstairs. I remove my IPod and my hook-over the-ear-speakers, and an ear plug falls out...I've had it in all morning! I find the other one next to my pillow. Damn things are comfy... I kiss her awake, and we enjoy our nourishment, along with the leftover MyVegas goodies.

                                                        1227131008.jpg (681854 bytes)   

 Afterwards I scrounge thru the coupons and find $10 for each of us in free play. We deflate down to the casino, and have the play put on our cards. Time for some more Hangover.... Sweet Ti hits this nice bonus...




    We take the money and run.....to the Dark Side- or in this case around to the other set of machines behind those, Family Guy!


   Moving on, we stop by the Crawfish Bar  shortys, Hank Bonefish went home for the day. I decide to step up my game and play some $1 BP......

        1227131300.jpg (587170 bytes)                    1227131343.jpg (622987 bytes)   We ascend along with the newly minted weekend crowd and peel off at the 9th floor- once again a good choice, and enjoy a light lunch. Sweet Ti decides on a nappy, and I wade thru the crowds for a prolonged session of MS and DBDW. Sorry, not a screenshot in sight...I stop by the Emerald Club for our $100 Macy's card. Nice perk!  I awaken a Sleeping Ti, as it's time to get ready for our evening's reservations at Casa di Amore. This is our 7th trip to Vegas, and our 7th trip to our favorite restaurant.

                    1227131845.jpg (255797 bytes)                          1227131846.jpg (480765 bytes)                      1227131846a.jpg (502262 bytes) 

                 1227131846b.jpg (208301 bytes)                        1227131847.jpg (277591 bytes)               

 This place is the bomb. A small, dumpy looking brick building- even the front door looks like an old speakeasy. Vito greets us at the door, Tony will be our server. We are seated, and Sweet Ti orders a Sweettini, some specialty martini   1227131857.jpg (291517 bytes)  We enjoy the smooth sounds of a new to us duo, a nice mix of tunes.

  1227131857a.jpg (310213 bytes)    1227131858.jpg (280725 bytes)    1227131859.jpg (250481 bytes)    1227131910.jpg (502377 bytes)

 We start our culinary adventure sharing the Twice Wrapped Prawns, 4 jumbo shrimp wrapped with prosciutto and stuffed with cheese, then wrapped again in filo dough and baked to perfection. accompanied by the chef's specialty sauce. That hit the spot... Next we split the Insalata Spinach, fresh spinach tossed with walnuts, bacon and balsamic vinegar. Tony explains that the bread will be a bit because the chef dropped the entire pan while removing them from the oven. No problem. Fresh ground pepper, Sir and Madam????

    1227131918a.jpg (271652 bytes)     1227131918.jpg (292039 bytes)  Tasty! Sweet Ti goes with the Eggplant Parmigania, I always get the Lasagna...

    1227131938.jpg (458436 bytes)    1227131939.jpg (416054 bytes)  Tony serves the still hot bread- along with their special herb butter. I buy SweetTi a rose.

    1227131951.jpg (497997 bytes)      I stop by the bandstand and offer them a toke along with a request...."Luck Be A Lady Tonight". They smoked it! The entire experience was as usual, magical. I had the 20/20 MRB coupon, and Tony made a copy of it in case we wanted to use the other 20 for free play. We didn't, so I walked over to the bar and gave it to a couple of ladies who were playing VP. They were pleased. Tony graciously offers to take a couple of shots of us with my trusty 1999 Samsung phone, Phoney. It takes him quite a while of blocking the aisle to figure it out. The whole place kinda comes to a halt. Success! Now everyone go back to your normal dining  experience....We ordered a Canolli to go to score a free T-shirt, and bid Tony, Vito, and the duo farewell. Damn, we love it!!!!  AND, on the way home our lovely host Tammy calls us from her house. I called her the other day, but she was busy. She apologized for not being back in touch. Now the rest of the story. Tammy isn't a host anymore. She is now in charge of Casino Promotions. Always busy. But she still takes care of us. Blanco sees us to the Self Park. I escort my Sweet Ti aloft, grab my tunes, and hit the DBDW over by the Poker Room. Not doing much- can't even get a 4OAK.... playing Double Bonus Deuces Wild fer cryin' out loud!!!! Some chick sits next to me with a stanky fag......P-frillin'-U!!!! Move to the end, Boner Deluxe 9/6. First draw is 4 to a Royal.. Now it these situations, if Sweet Ti is sitting next to me, I look at her and hit the button. When she isn't, like now, I just look away. Well, I hit the button....

                                                                                     1227132202.jpg (638598 bytes)

                                                                                           "Luck be a Lady Tonight"

 12.28.2013    Strip Tripping ,Feather, and Sam's Club.

 It's about time for a "Hey Now!". I beat Mr. Sun up and Blanca and I take the super secret back way once more to the Aria North Valet. It's check-out day for our only slightly used room. I toke Homey and tell him to keep her close, as I'll only be a couple of hours. I make my way to our room for a pit stop, and back down and over to Crystals. The game plan is to hit the Silver Strike machines at Mirage, cross the street to check out the Linq, Quad, and newly re-opened O'sheas. Hopefully get a couple of shots of the High Roller too. I take a few Phoney pics. 

  1228130550.jpg (250201 bytes)  1228130554.jpg (684479 bytes)  1228130555a.jpg (601869 bytes)  1228130556.jpg (569643 bytes)

  1228130557.jpg (327078 bytes)  1228130557b.jpg (321267 bytes)  1228130557c.jpg (434809 bytes)  1228130558.jpg (628198 bytes)

  1228130558a.jpg (935287 bytes)  1228130559.jpg (678942 bytes)  1228130601.jpg (618771 bytes)  1228130601a.jpg (678929 bytes)

  1228130605a.jpg (415998 bytes)  1228130606.jpg (369031 bytes)  1228130607.jpg (627210 bytes)  1228130607a.jpg (914013 bytes)

  1228130609.jpg (651611 bytes)  1228130609a.jpg (603461 bytes)  1228130610.jpg (1101301 bytes)  1228130613.jpg (288239 bytes)

  1228130616.jpg (749845 bytes)  1228130625.jpg (335768 bytes)  1228130634.jpg (340172 bytes)  1228130640.jpg (570523 bytes)

  1228130642.jpg (267032 bytes)  1228130645.jpg (251988 bytes)  1228130646.jpg (439008 bytes)                1228130646a.jpg (512938 bytes)

  1228130647.jpg (277955 bytes)                  1228130647a.jpg (305018 bytes)            1228130648.jpg (309180 bytes)  1228130649.jpg (302559 bytes)

  1228130649b.jpg (398156 bytes)  1228130650.jpg (870942 bytes)  1228130653.jpg (363331 bytes)   1228130700.jpg (423232 bytes)

  Finally! Y'all as tired as I am?? Man- I thought we would never get out of the maze that is the Forum Shops. I insert coin to said Silver Strike and hit max coin.....






  I ended up getting 8 of those Hyphen strikes, so I gave up, cashed out 7 of them and ended up with a $50 profit. Those machines are really loose, but loaded the same coins. I trek my way across the Strip to check out the new construction. I go thru Harrah's into what's open of the Quad to score a chip. I also get an O'Shea's, although they look the same as the old ones. I walk thru O'Sheas, and ask at the bar if they have a swag shop. Nope. I wanted a shot glass. Nope. So I devise a plan. I tell them that I'll take a shot of something, and just walk away with the glass. She sez "Whadda ya drinkin'?" I tell her OJ. "Cool....$5". I drink. I'd like another."$5, same?" No, just make this one neat. She hands me an empty shot glass. I pay her, toke her an extra $2. "Thanks!" Got one for my collection, one for a gift. I never went in O'Sheas before the redo, but as of now, it's tiny. Looky!

  1228130727.jpg (583191 bytes)  1228130728.jpg (678883 bytes)  1228130728a.jpg (776314 bytes)  1228130728b.jpg (553499 bytes)

  1228130730.jpg (593528 bytes)  1228130731.jpg (587641 bytes)  1228130736.jpg (464187 bytes)  1228130736a.jpg (350896 bytes)

  1228130736b.jpg (353255 bytes)  1228130742.jpg (677912 bytes)                      1228130742a.jpg (703542 bytes)        1228130742b.jpg (1004542 bytes)

  Speaking of tiny, the space between the Quad and the Flamingo, is maybe 70 ft. That is going to be the Linq...I can't imagine the place on a weekend. On to the Flamingo, I check out the Habitat. Yet another first for me. This is one for my Sweet Ti to see after she gets her new Bionic Knee. I grew up duckin', and not like that reality show either...

  1228130743.jpg (670607 bytes)  1228130743a.jpg (588125 bytes)  1228130745.jpg (780559 bytes)  1228130746.jpg (815086 bytes)  1228130746a.jpg (818189 bytes) 

  1228130746b.jpg (1151652 bytes)  1228130747.jpg (1103127 bytes)  1228130747a.jpg (1059328 bytes)  1228130747b.jpg (935652 bytes)

  1228130748.jpg (1070129 bytes)  1228130749a.jpg (868714 bytes)  1228130750a.jpg (1140357 bytes)  1228130751a.jpg (1077299 bytes)

  An employee was feeding the waterfowl while I was there. We talked for a bit about all the different species there. I noticed a couple of mallards flying away, and she said that they are locals. Every place in Vegas has locals looking for free food and drink. Even the birds. All of their birds have their wings clipped. Great place. Moving on, I walk out front of Flamingo to check out Barbary Coast/Bill's/??? and around front on Bellagio on my way ultimately to the Conservatory.

   1228130759.jpg (779853 bytes)  1228130800.jpg (701544 bytes)  1228130800a.jpg (376171 bytes)  1228130800b.jpg (339761 bytes)      

  1228130801.jpg (454496 bytes)  1228130802.jpg (376165 bytes)  1228130803.jpg (357513 bytes)  1228130807.jpg (412463 bytes)

  1228130807a.jpg (384385 bytes)                  1228130807b.jpg (250947 bytes)              1228130808.jpg (762306 bytes)  1228130809.jpg (881978 bytes)   1228130809a.jpg (961806 bytes)  1228130813.jpg (656752 bytes)  1228130816.jpg (673574 bytes)  1228130817.jpg (698486 bytes)

  1228130817a.jpg (592166 bytes)  1228130817b.jpg (558490 bytes)  1228130818a.jpg (1032563 bytes)  1228130818b.jpg (974578 bytes)

  1228130818c.jpg (947336 bytes)  1228130819.jpg (992298 bytes)  1228130819a.jpg (1013779 bytes)  1228130819b.jpg (1022324 bytes)

  1228130820a.jpg (1224046 bytes)    1228130821a.jpg (1288420 bytes)  1228130823a.jpg (1120975 bytes)  1228130823.jpg (1082596 bytes)

  I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 2 nice touches were the Train Cam, and the Tunnel O' Snow. Check 'em out.......










   Simply amazing. Moving ever onward in our adventure, I seek out the illusive Tram. Oh dear readers I have been forewarned. Just a scant couple of hours ago, I was told by the man I entrusted our white Avenger- Blanco to that by all means I should avoid the dreaded Tram if I sought a swift means of travel. But did I listen??? I sunk into the depths of the Bellagio in search of the fabled Tram....

  1228130831.jpg (641876 bytes)  1228130832.jpg (529072 bytes)  1228130838.jpg (502631 bytes)  1228130839.jpg (887267 bytes)

  1228130839a.jpg (735616 bytes)  1228130842.jpg (815556 bytes)  After quite a walk AND and excalator (past the Hooters) AND a 10 minute wait AND the fact that the gate for the actual Aria Express was closed- please walk around to the other gate, along trundles none other than the...ladies and gentleman.....Aria Express!!!.....



  Turns out the actual ride from Bellagio to City Center is a mere 1:20, yet the station is in the middle of nowhere. At either end. Brilliant!!!


                   1228130846.jpg (767346 bytes)               1228130847.jpg (651111 bytes)                1228130847a.jpg (711771 bytes)  

   I venture one last time to the 19th floor to retrieve an errant jacket, and remove some of the repenishable items.  I must say that the housekeeping isn't up to snuff here. They didn't even put out more scratch pads or pens. Rubbish! But being the kindly soul that is RB, I dully left my calling card- a lone $2 bill..

                                          1228130855.jpg (758134 bytes)1228130855b.jpg (368817 bytes)

                  1228130856.jpg (967280 bytes)                            1228130856a.jpg (1011262 bytes)                            1228130904.jpg (854229 bytes)

   I proceed to the front desk and am happily informed that the bill comes to exactly- zilch. Just lovely, as I would say. Away to Home, Blanca! I fear I have stayed too long at the fair, so I make a beeline to Nervous Vegas only to find a line of other procrastinators. Takes me at least another 5 minutes to be greeted my our Reneee,,,,,,,

        1228130932.jpg (384731 bytes)    1228130943.jpg (313436 bytes)    1228130944.jpg (663625 bytes)    1228131029.jpg (469499 bytes)

  Entering 940, I place today's fast break on the table and kiss awake my Sleeping Ti. We fuel ourselves for the coming day, including our leftover Cannoli. " Leave the gun- take the cannoli!" I fill Sweet Ti in on my a.m. adventure, and we make the day's plans. Our daughter Feather is driving her new car in from L.A. at some point this afternoon. She is coming alone, as her Toby, alas, must pursue his profession.  We were hoping he could make it, but it will be nice to see our Feather. I have a couple of comped nights booked at Sam's Club (Town actually, but I can never remember to call it that.....keep that in mind) so I will be moving over to Boulder Hiway for the next 2 days so the girls can do whatever it is that girls do. Please vacate the premises...... We enjoy a bit of "us" time, and I pack a few items for my journey. Sweet Ti finds a surprise- a $138.33 TITO she thought she gave me last night. Seed money! We are off in search of Hank Bonefish for a session. We find him holding court at the Wally Gator. Playtime.....

                            1228131216.jpg (513618 bytes)        1228131246.jpg (579083 bytes)        1228131318.jpg (627975 bytes)

  Our Feather calls to say she is on the way. I need to stop by and see Zig on the way to Sam's Club. We want to treat them to dinner next week, but it's a tough nut to crack. Their Eastern European heritage stipulates that they must host friends who travel to them. When they travel to VA, we will host. Period. So we have been trying for years to convince them to let us treat them to dinner here. No luck so far, but I think I see a chink in his amour... We aren't in Poland. So we play by American rules. American Rules Hospitality, as it were.... I kiss my Sweet Ti goodbye for now, and arise to depart. I retrieve my bag, along with my BR for today. They have a promo going at Sam's.... 12/28=8x.   12/29=9x. 12/30=10x. Bonus comp points City. I toss my bag into Blanca and trip over to formally Terrible's. I glance at the time and realize it's 2 p.m. Damn, Ziggy is on break. So I check out the newest Monopoly game. Monopoly Prime Reel Estate. Alas, no screenshots. I walk back to the Stage Bar about the same time Zig gets back from break. I sit and start working on our plan. He sez he will talk to Bo about it. The seed has been successfully planted. Germination hopefully to soon follow. I play some 8/6 Boner Deluxe while I talk to Zig and meet Percy, a Lynchburg VA native. We talk of the beautiful VA mountains so very far away. Nice dude. Time to boogie. Hasta Lavista Baby!! 

  I nestle Blanca into Parking Garage #2- easy access to the rooms from there. The check in line is like beyond ludicrous- almost plaid. So I take my place. Nice view!

1228131622.jpg (768950 bytes)        1228131636a.jpg (737777 bytes)    I finally get my turn.... 1228132118.jpg (444862 bytes)

North view, your usual Sam's Club room. 2 queens, non. Works fine for me. I deposit my stuff, Poddy up, and check my BR. I have 4 bennys. Time to rock. First benny goes into my favorite 2nd floor machine. Double Deuces. Man I love this game. I'm holding my own, jamming out to some Phish. I draw 4 to a Royal. Clubs. Missing the Queen. Uncanny. Exactly the same hand as I had last night. Well friends, can lightening strike twice???? I can't bear to look, so I turn my head. Trey is jamming out to a Weekapaug Groove. I hit the button and wait.....It appears to be dinging. Probably a straight flush. A slot attendant smacks me on the back...."You hit it!!!"

                                                                                       1228131734.jpg (727474 bytes)              

 Shit da Bed!!!! Noice. I call my Sweet Ti, but there is no cell service here. Bummer.  I decide to play it down to an even 1k, and cash out then. And this happens......

                                                                                        1228131742.jpg (724126 bytes)

  Needless to say, I cash out. I go down to the gift shop/Costal Liquor for some Beck's NA, but no luck. So I walk over to the deli and order a steak sammach togo. I take it upstairs and chow down, then call my Sweet Ti for an update. Our Feather has arrived, and they are having a bite at the Cafe. Hey Now Feather!!! They are going to chillaxe after their meal, and then maybe a movie, then play some. I'm glad she made it here safely. I decide for my next benny to go into a Family Guy session. I find a likely suspect.


                                                                                                                      1228131941.jpg (545711 bytes)

  I cash out $200. For my next benny, I look up a Loose Deuces .25 on my handy vpfree2 cheat sheet, and deposit said benny. 

        1228132010.jpg (652832 bytes)      doesn't take but maybe 20 hands.......                        1228132009.jpg (628373 bytes)

 Helluva evening!!!! I cash out that ticket. Now I'm down to my last benny. What to do. I'm feeling some spin poker. I start out playing .10.

                                                                               1228132059.jpg (826161 bytes)                               

                                                                      OK, that worked. Time to up my game to the .25 level.             

                                                                                1228132103.jpg (759328 bytes)               

           I once again cash out. No more bennys. Turned all my green paper into white paper. Looks like it's time to call it a night. 

                                                                                1228132127.jpg (599191 bytes)

         I call up the girls, and they have just come out of the theater. They are going to play some slots, so I wish them luck, and drift off to the distant strip view.......

                                                                                 1228132134.jpg (499061 bytes)                             

  12.29.2013  Wine before dinner and wine with dinner, and after dinner wine, Oh- and the Skins suck!

  None for me thanks, I gotta drive! Up at some ridiculous hour, like 4:15 a.m. S.S.S., and go down to earn some 9x bonus points. And to keep the Sam's Club comp offers coming. 

                                                                                  1229130528b.jpg (637913 bytes)             

     I really like the glass excalators (past the Hooters) here. They are still doing the Xmas light show at night. Better than that goat-roping music they usually play. I arrive on the 2nd floor and check out the BP/JoB .25 progressives. They are up over $1100. But even at this hour, they are full. Only 8 of them. Looks like these guys have been at it all night! I decide to try out some Sex in the City

                .1229130531.jpg (544665 bytes)              



    Moving on, I try some BDW, $1 progressive. Nope! How about BP, $1 progressive. Played a long time, but nary a 4OAK in sight. Looks like I used up all of my luck last night. I need to augment my Silver Strike collection, so I mosey on over and insert coin. Man, this one is tight! This is the only one left, the other one broke. I spend $100 to get 1 coin.

                                                                                                     1229130641.jpg (787860 bytes)                                                    

  I walk around for a while, and decide on The Twilight Zone. Great game, but I play the 3rd Dimension..... Barney Fife! Sweet Ti calls, the girls are up early, and getting ready to go down for some breakfast at the Cafe. I tell them that Blanca and I will meet them there.                           

                                  1229130727a.jpg (900783 bytes)                                                    1229130756.jpg (703707 bytes)

  I make good time back to the Big Easy, and the girls are still upstairs. I need to make a few points here, as there is a video poker tourney later. I earned a voucher yesterday, one more today will give me 2 sessions instead of one. Time for some Multi-Strike while I wait. I insert coin and attack.....

                                                                                            1229130847.jpg (735009 bytes)  

  The girls come down and we hug our hellos. I tell them I will join them in a few minutes as soon as I get 400 points. I tell them to go ahead and eat, I'm not hungry. I play on, and earn enough points to score a voucher. I cash out with a $100 profit. I walk over to the cafe and sit with them and we have a nice chat. Feather brings me up to date on all of the L.A. happenings. I grab the tab and take care of it for them. It's game time, and I find a screen with the Skins game on it over at the Sports Book, but can't see it very well. The girls decide to play some VP elsewhere, and I talk the barkeep at the Mardi Gras to turn on my game. Man- the Skins sucked this year. Time for some changes!!!

                  1229131013.jpg (698177 bytes)            1229131019.jpg (674484 bytes)                1229131121.jpg (698322 bytes)

  The girls text me, and tell me to come over behind the Player's Club, they have a surprise for me. The Skins are doomed anyway, so I cash out and walk over. They are in a storeroom behind the club, and I walk in- our Tammy is there! We hug, and she gives everybody some wine and champagne. They are having a vino promo tomorrow, and she has raided the stash. She hooks us up with a very generous meal comp for tonight at the Prime Rib Loft, and a Spa Treatment comp for the girls tomorrow, along with a handful of theater comps. She is such a sweetie!!! She's getting ready to run the video poker tourney, so we walk on over there with her. She gets me registered. I find an open DDB machine. I am in tourney mode. Not looking for anything but Royals and 4OAKs with kickers.... I get neither. Either session. I thank Tammy for the goodies, and go off in search of the girls.

                                                                                           1229131207.jpg (704244 bytes)

 Found 'em! They were upstairs getting ready to go get a pedicure at The Nail Place. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to duck over  to formally Terribles and see our Ziggy. Blanca is ready, and we traverse the strip once more. Zig is at the Stage Bar. They have a hot dog cart beside the bar so I get a doggie. $1 dog, (that's 1/2 a spork...) I decide to play some 4 card Keno just for a change. It works!!!

                                    1229131343.jpg (831659 bytes)                                                          1229131418.jpg (749329 bytes)   

  Zigmund and I discuss our dinner plans. Bo has agreed that we will treat, but they get to pick the restaurant. Fair enough.  I cash out my winnings and tell Zig we will see him on Wed. I need to make one more stop before going back to Orleans. Formally the Casualrina, or Casualrama, or something. Now called the Max. Much easier. I park Blanca out front, dodging the empty 22 oz. cans and various indigenous critters. I make sure to lock her up..... Inside, I go by the player's club/cashier for a card. I ask about the $5 chips they have as a promo, but that is only if you had a card from the Casualino, or whatever it was. Nope. She won't come off of one. Now even for $5. But I get $5 in free play! A pit boss lady leaves the desk when I do and tells me they have the special $5 chips at the pit, if I want to play, I could get one there. Fair enough. We walk to the tiny pit, I spot a $5 BJ table. Perfect, except for 2 things. There is only one person playing. She's at 3rd base. AND she's Asian. Now I have nothing against Asians, I just always seem to get cussed out by them. Because I like to play 3rd base. But it's the only game available. Period. So I buy in for $40. I ask for 6 $5's, 10 $1's. It's a DD game. First hand- bust. Second hand-bust. Third hand 2-6's, split. Draw a 5. double. draw a 9. Second hand. Draw a 4. Double. Draw a 10. Asian lady is pat. Dealer is showing a 6 by the way. She turns over a 5. Draws a 10. Dealer has 21. Turns over Asian chicks hand. She has 20. We both lose. Asian lady cusses me out for fucking up the shoe. Go figure..... I'm down to one $1 chip. I ask if I can buy one of the commemorative $5 chips. They don't have any. Bummer. I get up and walk over to a slot machine to use my free play.  I at least get $30 of my money back on that. I cash out and go back to the player's club/cage to cash out my TITO. This time she actually offers me one of the illusive chips. Score!. So I end up with 2 chips for my collection. I bail. I call my girls and they are cruising Penny Lane. I tell them to meet me at the Family Guy machines, 'cause I'm feelin' it.....



  By now it's time to go over to The Prime Rib Loft. Our Tammy has made reservations for us at 6:30. We go upstairs and are soon seated. We fill each other in on our respective afternoons. They were aptly pampered at the Salon. Sweet Ti has used this place a couple of times before, and always enjoys it. Even better with our Feather there. We all order the T-Bone, along with salad and fully loaded baked. Potatoes that is. I ask for a wine recommendation from our waiter. He chooses wisely, and my girls are pleased. I'll have the water. We enjoy our salads, and then the steaks arrive. Noice. They bring out the potato cart and fully load 'em up. We feast! No food pics, but- . Fully comped thanks to our Tammy. Life is Good here in Las Vegas. And this journey is but halfway through.....

1229132016a.jpg (375938 bytes)    1229132026.jpg (352374 bytes)    1229132027.jpg (311800 bytes)    1229132027a.jpg (317241 bytes)

We casually stroll upstairs, and the girls are toast. So I give out goodbye hugs and kisses and I stop on the way out to grab a rack of Beck's, and me and my Blanca travel once again to Sam's Club. I park and go upstairs and find the room has only been cleaned about halfway. Say what?

                                                                                    1229132150.jpg (477064 bytes)         

 I even left all the trash and towels by the door AND left a $2 bill for a tip. I mean no shampoo, soap, hell they didn't even clean the tub! I call housekeeping. Some dude finally shows up 1/2 hour later with a laundry bag full of stuff. I show him the bed and bath, he doesn't look surprised, sez he will let them know. I thank him with yet another $2. I refuse to be anything other than a Virginia Gentleman. I chill my beverages and take the glass encased pod to the 2nd. My mission- should I decide to accept it- is to find out what the .25 BP/JoB progressive currently stands at. $1127. and rising. I stalk an empty spot. That dude only has a few credits left. That other guy looks hungry. The chiquito is slowing down. Who will crack first???? Turns out to be a guy in the middle who obviously needs to pee. I pounce, benny in hand. Hands around me are flying. I play pretty fast, but I've got nothing on this crowd. I bounce around from JoB to BP, not doing too much, but staying alive. I finally hit this as I'm just about to leave.

                                                                                      1229132301.jpg (754015 bytes)

  I finish out the day at a 10/7 DB .25 machine. This one takes like $4 per point, but I can't resist. Considering I never had a screenshot op, I did rather well. Lots of full boats and Delta Flushes. The hell with the strategy card here- I just play with my gut feelings. I finally Barney Fife out......


12.30.2013  From R.R. Pass to Swing Ville....

This morning I'll be doing a bit of travel. There are 2 casinos out this way I haven't gotten chips from yet, and one of them is a twofer. I travel on Boulder Hiway towards Hoover Dam, fire up Sue who directs me towards Club Fortune.

  1230130624.jpg (383562 bytes)    1230130651.jpg (342774 bytes)    1230130651a.jpg (565561 bytes)    1230130652.jpg (340033 bytes)

 It's your basic locals joint. I stop by the cage to see if they will do me a player's card, I have an ACG coupon. I can get the card, but it will be a while before they actually fire up the computer or something. So I spot the Super Monopoly Money... so I give it a try...

                                                     1230130745.jpg (560763 bytes)                                1230130745a.jpg (612958 bytes)

                                                  Big Win my ass....cost me $50. to wait for $5 free play- then I lost that!!! Oh well, at least the sun still rises.

1230130756a.jpg (512516 bytes)    1230130758.jpg (667764 bytes)    1230130757.jpg (535458 bytes)    1230130819.jpg (383353 bytes)

I set Sue to our new destination, Railroad Pass. But there is a bit of a problem. The hiway is blocked up ahead. We are detoured to a side street. If you can call it that. Looks very desolate. I just follow the other traffic, pull a u-ey, and cross to the other side of the hiway. Don't see any wreckage, but they have it blocked it both directions. The caravan makes a couple of more turns, and we finally get back on route.

  1230130822.jpg (605306 bytes)    1230130825a.jpg (459457 bytes)    1230130826.jpg (822068 bytes)    1230130826a.jpg (852246 bytes)


                     1230130828.jpg (601336 bytes)                        1230130828a.jpg (669970 bytes)                    1230130831.jpg (627970 bytes)

 Sue actually took me past the entrance, and to the next exit, which was at the peak of the pass. As I was re-entering the hiway I went through a trooper truck inspection checkpoint. I was waved on. This establishment is really old school. Like 1933. I liked it. I walked past the gift shop and hotel check-in, and to the player's club. A very nice lady took my info, gotta love it, you actually fill out a form. We talked a bit about VA, and she gave me a nice coin purse that turns into a shopping bag. But no free play. I tell her that I have a friend who works here. Sebastian. She tells me he is working the cage. Perfect. I thank her and walk over to the cage. Sebastian smiles, and we talk for a bit. I make my coin/chip request, and he goes to the back cabinet and pulls out a box. He comes back with an uncirculated chip. Noice. He tries to find a decent coin, but they are all pretty worn out. I invite him and his wifey to come with us to dinner with his folks. He thanks me, but he has to work. Bummer. We still haven't met his wife. Maybe next time. I stop by the gift shop on the way out and score a couple of shot glasses. Sue wants us to take the super duper freeway back to Sam's Club, so away we go!

                    1230130900.jpg (503877 bytes)                            1230130905.jpg (454474 bytes)                    1230131013.jpg (1091898 bytes)

 I stopped by to check on the progressive- same crowd more or less. It's now $1179- so it's still below the dreaded W2-G... This guy had a great idea...

                                                                                                            1230131117.jpg (410818 bytes)

                             he used post-it notes to keep the glare off the screen. Number one reason why I don't like playing them. Finally a solution!

I go ahead and get my shit together in the room and deposit it in Blanca. The girls are supposed to call me when they get up so we can lunch together. I pack Blanca and get in line at the check out. That takes much too long, but again the 2 night total is- zilch. I stop to take some pics in the atrium, and talk to a really nice couple from Utah. Great folks.

      1230131141.jpg (1134588 bytes)    1230131141a.jpg (1250701 bytes)    1230131142.jpg (1014622 bytes)    1230131142a.jpg (1022523 bytes)

 1230131143.jpg (891420 bytes)   1230131143a.jpg (1079244 bytes)    1230131143b.jpg (1067482 bytes)    1230131144.jpg (997377 bytes)



1230131145.jpg (595868 bytes)               1230131152.jpg (876044 bytes)                 1230131153.jpg (794713 bytes) 

My phoney rings just as I'm leaving. Perfect timing. I tell them I we will meet at the cafe. I enjoy the ride back home.



                                                                            1230131240a.jpg (855449 bytes)           Meow!

They have just ordered when I arrive, so I quickly order. While we wait, I notice the Keno girl walking around taking orders, so we fill out a ticket for 10 games with the exacta, and I pay her. Yet another thing to check off my bucket list. Darren soon brings today's fest.

1230131314.jpg (579245 bytes)                   1230131315a.jpg (664411 bytes)                1230131315.jpg (779188 bytes)


We split up once again, the girls go upstairs for Feather to pack, I wander up front for some pics, and on the way back pick up today's gift, a bottle of bubbly.

                                1230131406.jpg (720938 bytes) 1230131408.jpg (744572 bytes)

                                1230131408b.jpg (773057 bytes) 1230131408a.jpg (565664 bytes)





     I stop by Blanco to get my bag and swag, and finally find our Feather's new car. It's really nice! We are jealous of this thing. I guess in 2014 Corolla in the new Camry.

  1230131538.jpg (494707 bytes)     1230131538a.jpg (540744 bytes)  1230131538b.jpg (642496 bytes)   1230131538c.jpg (525193 bytes)

The girls are ready for their spa treatment, so I go down with them. I try to hook them up with a longer massage, but the clerk tells us the comp is enough to cover everything. Tammy strikes yet again. I leave them to their task. I go over to the box office for our Big Bad Voodoo Daddy tickets, and then to the front desk for our Dinner tickets. I find the shorty at the Wally Gator and play for a good long time, but once again, no screenies. The girls walk up, quite refreshed and relaxed from their spa treatment. They need to stop by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so our Feather can score some goodies to take back to LA. They do, and I meet them up in the room. Feather is ready to make the drive west, so we go down with her and she gives me a tour of all the interior electronic wonders that Toyota has come up with .... 

         1230131720.jpg (510732 bytes)     We wish her a safe journey and she drives into the sunset...  1230131721.jpg (496066 bytes)   

Sweet Ti and I go upstairs, and I show her our tickets. We are really looking forward to this show. We've never seem Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform, but have enjoyed their music for quite some time. Our local NPR station has a great program called "Out of the Box" that features newly released music, and always features them whenever they put out new music. S.T. is sleepy after her pampering, so I leave her so she can enjoy a nappy.... I'm feelin' a little Boner Deluxe coming on.....   

  1230131801.jpg (679176 bytes) BOINGGGG!! 1230131819.jpg (640078 bytes)SCHWING!!1230132245.jpg (694953 bytes)

Time to get ready for the show, so I excalate (past the Hooters) up and awaken my Sleeping Ti. We freshen up and dress for the show. 1230131743.jpg (619810 bytes)            1230131744.jpg (648005 bytes)            1230131951.jpg (339767 bytes)

What a blast! These guys have their shit together. All original members for 20 years. Smoking brass section, awesome piano dude, great percussion. And the music rocked. People were dancin' in the aisles! They played a few numbers from their 2 holiday albums, including "Mr. Heatmeiser". But my favorite was an older tune they wrote called....... "Hey Now!".  See these guys if'n y'all get a chance. Seriously.   After the show, we play a little DBDW beside the Keno Parlor, but it's too smokey. So we walk over to the food court to indulge in some Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream. Sweet.... I play some Boner Deluxe with my Sweet Ti cheering me on and pretty soon....   

                                                                          1230132245.jpg (694953 bytes) 

 Then we head over to the shortys at the Poker Bar and I play some .50 BP. I draw a straight flush and while I am taking a video of it, I hit the wrong button and Double Up...... shit! I was so flustered I forgot to save the video. Or take a picture. OK, now I have no choice but to play.  I draw a 9. Pick a card for me Sweet Ti......she won't, so I pick the 2nd from the right- it's a 9 too. Hey Now! A push is as good as a win. Well, it actually is a win anyway. I do get a 4OAK too....

                                                                        1231130018.jpg (761160 bytes)

 I want S.T. to try out the Twilight Zone with me, and the 2 machines nearby just happen to be empty....

 1230132336.jpg (816458 bytes)    1230132346.jpg (607291 bytes) 




12.31.2013  Dinner and a lightshow....

This mornings adventure brings Blanca and I making the rather short journey over to Palms. I've got a $40/$25 Slot Play Coupon, and they have Epic Monopoly.

1231130809.jpg (624000 bytes)  1231130809a.jpg (597918 bytes)   1231130820.jpg (802711 bytes)    1231130838.jpg (523780 bytes)

That was cool, that chick was dishing up coffee and pastries on the floor. Nice touch Palms! While I was playing, this dude walks up plays next to me. So being me, I started talking. We introduced ourselves, he is Bob the Pipe fitter,  and just got into town last night. He stays for 3 months at a time, at an extended stay joint. Good fashion sense....

                                    1231130852.jpg (532628 bytes)                                            1231130853.jpg (342897 bytes) 

 I keep running into clones.... Turns out they have a promo going for NYE- 300 points gets ya either a bottle of bubbly, or sparkling cider. Starts at 10 a.m. It's 8:30 now. I formulate a plan.... First I finish getting the required points, grab the voucher, and boogie across the street. The Gold Coast . It being Tuesday, it's Young at Heart day. I nestle Blanco in the surface lot- it's supposed to be for Emerald people, but I've never seen them check. I make a beeline for the Peter!

                                                                                                   1231130931.jpg (676592 bytes)

I run up about 400 points, which is enough for all 3 kiosk YAH spins. I cash out and make my way to said kiosk. I log in and there's not anything I'm seeing that sez YAH. I go to the player's club- turns out they are moving YAH to Thursday for 2014. So this one Tuesday they have butkus!  But it was a profitable morning so far.... Back to Palms, it's about quarter to 10. I figure out where they are giving out the booze/non booze, and take my place in the queue. OK, my plan is moving right along, time for Part 2. I call the Orleans , and ask for room service. I order up a deluxe breakfast to surprise my Sweet Ti. They say it will be about half an hour, Perfect! They open the doors and the line moves right along. In 10 minutes I'm walking out with my bottle.

                                          1231131007.jpg (782408 bytes)                                1231131008a.jpg (948663 bytes) 

 The 3 of us haul ass back to Orleans, and I excalate (past the Hooters) to the 9th. I ask Lupe our maid if room service has come to our room yet, and she sez she hasn't seen them. I put my ear to the door to see if Sweet Ti is rummaging about, and faintly hear her. She's still sawing logs. About this time the dude shows up with the food. I go ahead and tip him and ease the door open, and have him set the tray down next to the TV. He leaves. I walk across the room and ease the curtains open a bit, and gently kiss Sweet Ti awake. It's still pretty dark in the room, and she gets up to use the bathroom. While she's doing her thing, I place the tray on the coffee table. Surprise!!!!

                                                                                          1231131033.jpg (655615 bytes)

We enjoy our mealio and descend upon the proceedings. Sweet Ti has a MP to use up, so we check out the Roulette action. She buys in for $10 and I buy in for $20. $5 table. She picks Red, puts down her MP, along with her buy in. I play 5 the usual suspects. 11,17,19,24,28. The dealer spins the wheel.....30 red! Winner, winner, tofu dinner!. S.T. plays our numbers along with a few random numbers. None of our usual suspects hit, but she hits her random picks twice. We cash out our winnings.

                                                                                            1231131231.jpg (257060 bytes) 

 We walk over to the Poker Bar to find Hank Bonefish and take our place at the shorty machines. Sweet Ti is on a roll........

                        1231131259.jpg (632076 bytes)        1231131315.jpg (635237 bytes)          1231131319.jpg (516715 bytes)

Hank Bonefish came to work bearing gifts. He saves Patron corks from work and carves little mushrooms out of them. Then he paints and polka dots them. He gifts us a purlpish one and green one. For the rest of this journey, and hopefully many more to come, the purplish mushroom screenshots will be me, while the green mushroom screenshots will be S.T.  1231131330.jpg (541210 bytes)   Well, that one had both, next one has none. Some will have 'shrooms! Thanks Hank Bonefish!   1231131353.jpg (579465 bytes)

                                                   We cash out a tidy profit, and decide to venture into a Dimension of Time and Space.....


1231131513.jpg (576505 bytes)     And for this next one, let's pretend there's a green 'shroom in the pic..    1231131533.jpg (488011 bytes) 

Sweet Ti is on a roll... This game is such a blast. We are playing max coin in the 2nd Dimension. Spooky!! We take a break, and check our respective point/comp totals at the liosk. That was fortuitous,  as today actually Young at Heart day here! So we each get 3 prizes. I score 2 gifts o' the day and some entries to the drawing. Sweet Ti gets one gift o' the day and a shitload of entries. We really don't care about the drawing, been there- lost that before. But the gift o' the day sounds interesting, so we trip on over th the P.C. Turns out the gift o' the day is.....T-shirts! Well, that's 3 less souvenirs to have to get. Oh shit da bad- looky at the time! We need to get spiffed up for the soirée. We are about the task at hand. 

                                                        1231131658.jpg (224212 bytes)                        1231131714.jpg (242518 bytes)                    1231131724.jpg (720105 bytes)

The Mardi Gras Dinner Party is being held in the Conference Center on the 2nd floor. We excalate (past the Hooters) and get in line. I always wondered what was behind the balconies overlooking the casino floor. Now I know what's behind them on this side of the casino at least!

1231131726.jpg (724750 bytes)    1231131726a.jpg (736714 bytes)    1231131726a.jpg (736714 bytes)    1231131731.jpg (647213 bytes)                1231131731a.jpg (301656 bytes)    1231131732.jpg (557888 bytes)    We walk in, and they have really done a killer job decorating. From the looks of it they are hosting around 1000 people. Each table seats about 10, and I choose one that looks promising. There is a quartet playing on the bandstand, and they are good. There are party favors, and we help ourselves. I look around and spot a bartender in one corner, along with an Ice Bar carved with a Hurricane spigot built in. Our server comes by and takes our drink order, Sweet Ti has a Cape Cod, I tell her to fill up my water glass, wine glass, and champagne flute with Fuji water. She leaves me the bottle. We introduce ourselves to the 2 dudes next to S.T., they are friends from California, Marlin and J. (unpronounceable, so I call him J.) Soon, we are having a blast with everyone...

 1231131738.jpg (258957 bytes)         1231131738a.jpg (327890 bytes)             1231131739a.jpg (247387 bytes)        1231131740.jpg (431913 bytes) 

1231131740a.jpg (642868 bytes)         1231131741.jpg (495189 bytes)             1231131744.jpg (319376 bytes)          1231131744a.jpg (285069 bytes)

1231131802.jpg (516370 bytes)    1231131803.jpg (790652 bytes)    1231131808.jpg (558170 bytes)   1231131825.jpg (278165 bytes)

1231131826.jpg (280032 bytes)    1231131827.jpg (238930 bytes)    1231131828.jpg (311519 bytes)    1231131829.jpg (303107 bytes)

1231131836a.jpg (548169 bytes)    1231131851.jpg (556987 bytes)    1231131851a.jpg (555375 bytes)                    1231131852.jpg (541640 bytes)

                                            1231131910a.jpg (913643 bytes)                                    1231131921.jpg (757332 bytes)        

            They ended the festivities with a champagne toast. It was a magical evening. One of the best meals we'd had in a couple of days. 


 We collect various leftover swag, say our goodbyes to our new friends, generously toke the wait staff, and I snag a couple of Fuji bottles. We thank the Orleans staff too. We make our way back to the 9th. Upstairs we spot a Daddy with his 2 toddlers obviously waiting for Mommy to show up, and ask if we can be-swag them. Daddy sez sure, and the kids are thrilled with their tiaras and masks. We decorate our room with the leftover swag...

                                    1231131950.jpg (188432 bytes)                                                                    1231131953.jpg (278582 bytes)

                     There's still a couple of hours before midnight, so we avail ourselves of some gaming at the shorty machines a la Poker Bar

 1231132051.jpg (603095 bytes)            1231132101.jpg (587498 bytes)                         1231132105.jpg (580865 bytes)

            Hey Now! Delta Straight Flusher! The place is getting lively, A group stops by on their way to a party, and we admire this dude's cane.


                      1231132114.jpg (254318 bytes)        1231132115.jpg (299054 bytes)                                    1231132243.jpg (660960 bytes)

                                                                               Time for some "Behind This Door is...The Twilight Zone"

                        1231132124.jpg (736801 bytes)                1231132135.jpg (816866 bytes)            1231132158.jpg (693122 bytes)

Well, it's time for the lightshow, so we ascend to our prime viewing spot, our room. We re-arrange the furniture, to facilitate the view. Next the TV is tuned to the local coverage of the madness, and the sparkling cider is chilled. It's kinda neat to see the video from the chopper and watch it fly by at the same time. Finally the Strat. started things off, and we got to see all 5 separate but coordinated displays at once. And didn't have to fight the crowds! I popped the cork- actually I popped the cap in the bottle. AUSTRALIA!!!





                                                                                                                  Happy 2014!

01.01.2014 North by Southeast.

Dia de Chippito/Couponito  Run. I once again beat the sun up, great way to start out a new year. Blanca and Sue escort me quickly up the interstate to our first stop, Poker Palace.

 0101140547a.jpg (383539 bytes)        0101140548a.jpg (822351 bytes)            0101140550.jpg (505206 bytes)           0101140554.jpg (337852 bytes)

Well, that was truly an exercise in futility. The pit was closed, as a matter of fact, there were only 2 people other than employees there. No chips at the cage either. I have Sue direct us to our next stop, the Lucky Club. 

                     0101140609.jpg (514117 bytes)                    0101140619.jpg (573367 bytes)                        0101140619a.jpg (602669 bytes)

This venture goes much better. I've got a couple of ACG coupons. I walk up to the player's club/ cage, and the dude there is most gracious. He signs me up, gives me my match play voucher and 2 sleeves of dice, and asks what I'm drinking. I tell him O'Dulls, and he sez for me to go ahead and use my free play, I've got $5 on my card. This place is tiny, so he soon finds me. I thank him with a $2, and quickly lose my $5. I ease over to the one game open at the tiny pit, BJ. I but in for $12, and the P.B. asks for my card to give me credit for my play. I watch a couple of locals play a a few hands, and after they leave, I put down my MP voucher and my 2 red chips and a $1 toke for the dealer... Dealer has 18, I have 20. Sweet! I thank the dealer, pocket the extra $1 chip for my collection, and walk back to the cage to cash out. He smiles, and takes my other coupon for the free shirt. He produces a polo shirt. Yet more gift swag, as I don't wear polo shirts. I pick up a survey card from the counter and write down everybody's names. I said I would send it back as soon as we got back to VA. He thanked me. Great little place! Moving southwest, our next stop in the Cannery. 

 0101140652.jpg (567441 bytes)    0101140654.jpg (470787 bytes)    0101140656.jpg (438743 bytes)    0101140701.jpg (503852 bytes)

0101140701a.jpg (684666 bytes)    0101140702.jpg (694409 bytes)     0101140707a.jpg (502389 bytes)    0101140708.jpg (508106 bytes)

 This place is big. And conspicuously empty. I find the cage finally, and procure a chip, no coin available. Next up- head for the mountains and Aliente.

0101140716.jpg (521611 bytes) 0101140718.jpg (545279 bytes)  0101140724.jpg (433737 bytes)  0101140725.jpg (534127 bytes)

0101140725a.jpg (682174 bytes)  0101140728.jpg (534665 bytes)  0101140729.jpg (694321 bytes)  0101140730.jpg (627249 bytes)

I did my chip transaction, again no coin, and came back out and was serenaded by a magpie while I enjoyed the view of Mt. Charleston in the distance. ¡Vamonos para Fiesta!

0101140752.jpg (881546 bytes)                           0101140752a.jpg (613110 bytes)                         0101140753.jpg (591963 bytes)  

Chip, no coins is sight. But the trip to my next stop was very short, as Texas Station is literally right next door. Typical Station property, Texas sized. Chip AND coin!

0101140803.jpg (728694 bytes)  0101140803a.jpg (471126 bytes)   0101140804.jpg (490250 bytes)  0101140805.jpg (488544 bytes)

0101140805a.jpg (453445 bytes)  0101140808.jpg (523698 bytes)  0101140809.jpg (625994 bytes)  0101140809a.jpg (457309 bytes)

One last stop on my list is Arizona Charlie's. Take note y'all that my route was about as direct as I could make it. Planning the trip is half the fun.... 

0101140828.jpg (672644 bytes)                       0101140828a.jpg (944285 bytes)                  0101140829.jpg (917630 bytes)          0101140830.jpg (625156 bytes)                      

                                                            0101140830a.jpg (570370 bytes)                                        0101140834.jpg (547981 bytes)

Yet another chip only. I do have a couple of non-casino stops to make on the way back. I've always wanted to check out the Albertson's down the street from Orleans. Now's the time. Nice place. I even liked the little video poker area there. AND they have St. Pauli's Girl N.A.! Oh hell yeah, I'll be back there. Quick stop at Terrible's for gas, then home.

                        0101140855.jpg (693373 bytes)          0101140859.jpg (775208 bytes)        0101140917.jpg (951318 bytes)

I stop by the Wally Gator, and Mike (Gollum) is there as always. There are 2 guys in rumpled suits that have obviously been partying all night. They are drunk and obnoxious, and Gollum rescues me by showing me something on his phone. They stumble off, and I am grateful to him. I play BP for a few minutes , them walk over to Speedy Vegas get the usual from our Reneee, and she gives me shit about never having met Sweet Ti. I promise her I will bring her down before noon, and when I open the door upstairs, much to my surprise Sweet Ti is up. But barely, so I pump some caffeine in her along with a bagel, while I have my usual cereal. She's ready to start the new year off right with a VP session, and I am more than happy to oblige! But first we stop by Cup O' Joe Vegas and see our Reneee...

                                                  0101141136.jpg (655097 bytes)                                                        0101141137.jpg (692370 bytes)

As y'all can see by the photo, today is officially "Lucky Shirt Day". My old high school surfing mate Robbie turned me onto this shirt a few years ago on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where he lives, and it usually works when I wear it, which is once per trip. We shall see....... Multi- Strike is first on today's gaming agenda.

                                                                                                        0101141044.jpg (783453 bytes)

OK, nice start. Moving on, we hit the shorty machines at the Wally Gator, as Hank Bonefish has just started his shift. We wish him a Happy New Year. Time to  play...

                                                    0101141216.jpg (630336 bytes)                                        0101141222.jpg (608729 bytes)

Well, that's 1 each. right away too. We are having fun, Sweet Ti is having her coffee with a shot of Bailey's. I have a SoBe's energy drink. Hank Bonefish is regaling us with tales of his N. Las Vegas NYE festivities. Then I draw 4 to a Royal. Diamonds this time. Missing the Queen. Just like the other 2 times, except for a different suit. I show Sweet Ti, and am looking at her while I hit the button. Well nothing happens, so I figure I didn't even get the flush. But she is just staring at my machine. Her eyes are big. I glance over...........

                                                                                                        0101141248.jpg (621434 bytes) 

Shit da Bed.... Nice way to start out 2014. The slot attendant walks up as I'm getting my license out and she tells me not to bother, I'm already in the system. The nice thing about being at the bar means that the bartender gets to count out the money to me. So Hank Bonefish gets the task. Sweet!

                                                                                         0101141254a.jpg (549206 bytes) 

I toss him a benny, along with a couple of $20's for the other 2 slot critters and fill out the paperwork. Yepper, the old lucky shirt still has it's Mojo! We play a bit longer, and Ziggy calls and tells us to come on over whenever we are ready, so we go aloft to get ready. We truck over to Monteloma Way in Henderson, and hang out at their Hacienda for a bit. They have changed up the plans. We are now taking them/they are taking us to Outback. It was over by Green Valley, and along the way they were telling us where the desert used to begin. No sign of it here anymore. Hank Bone fish had been telling us earlier about horseback riding around the strip, including on Wayne Newton's estate. We arrive at the restaurant, and there's a line. But we are seated soon enough. Ziggy picks out the wine, and we order up. Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho??? Have to admit, I'm not much on franchised food...      

                    0101141740.jpg (305321 bytes)                                0101142029.jpg (478572 bytes)

  Obviously we returned to their house, and Dusty was pleased. We sat and talked for hours. Bo had made yet another polish dessert, a wafer cake with nutella and boysenberry jam. Bo pulled out one of their old photo albums, and we enjoyed seeing them in their youth. We finally bid them goodnight, another beautiful evening with special friends. We arrive back at the Big Easy, and Sweet Ti wants to watch some TV, so I leave her to her task and invade the gaming environs. Man- the place is busy! The same chick has been camped out on my Multi-Strike machine seemingly for days. I check out the shorty, and it too is taken. Well, I guess it's time to stake out new territory. Spin Poker Dream Card. $22.50 per hand. What the hell, we have been here 8 days, and are up a couple of thou...... now's the time!

                        0101142136.jpg (694384 bytes)        0101142138.jpg (691444 bytes)        0101142140.jpg (703581 bytes)





Took the money and ran. I was hoping for the dream card on that last one. Didn't get it. Man that game is even more addicting than MS. $1 DB Progressive is next-1st hand....

                                                                                            0101142147.jpg (563730 bytes)

  I didn't even bother to play another hand. Just got up and left. I went up to the DBDW near the Keno and tried my luck. Looks like once again the shirt works...

                                                                                             0101142218a.jpg (715897 bytes)                          

 Once again, I got up after this. I had a hankering for some MS, and sure enough that chick had finally left. I sat down, and there was another girl sitting next to me. We started talking, and I was telling her about the way the strategy is different for each level of Multi-Strike especially any of the Bonus games. She was playing Double Deuces for .10- I haven't ever tried to find that strategy. I remarked that my machine had been taken for hours by another chick. She said it was her sister! She had just left a minute ago to crash. I ended up playing for about another hour, and ended up pushing. All said and done, today has been a great start to 2014.

01.02.2014   From Downtown to Wallacetown....

Hey Now! My phone text alert goes off at 4:30 a.m., and with that I am awake. Turns out to be work. Too funny that, the last couple of trips, someone from work always seems to call when I'm downtown. And that's exactly where I'm headed this morn. Blanca and I let Sue rest in her pouch for this short trip. Zip, zap, just like that, surface park at MSS. I take the short cut to Fremont thru Cali/LVC. First stop is the full pay Pick 'Em. I blow thru that benny like now. Oh well, at least I get Boyd's points for my effort. I cross the FSE to the D- hunger pangs send me to American Coney Island for a dog. Over rated . (1/4 spork) 

0102140649.jpg (576594 bytes)  0102140649a.jpg (839993 bytes)   0102140651.jpg (547897 bytes)   0102140657.jpg (495213 bytes)

            0102140641.jpg (920569 bytes)       0102140659a.jpg (1004709 bytes)      0102140659b.jpg (644081 bytes)     0102140643.jpg (857568 bytes)

0102140706.jpg (534656 bytes)  0102140707.jpg (514634 bytes)  0102140707a.jpg (332009 bytes)  0102140708.jpg (662138 bytes) 0102140708a.jpg (694512 bytes)  0102140708b.jpg (721246 bytes)  0102140709.jpg (572366 bytes)          0102140709a.jpg (667768 bytes)0102140807a.jpg (729180 bytes)  0102140807.jpg (333755 bytes)  0102140710.jpg (371540 bytes)  0102140710a.jpg (656244 bytes)

I want to visit the Downtown Grand. I realize they pulled a bait and switch with their VP, but I always like to check out new joints. I walk in and there's nobody playing. It's really post- art deco industrial. Kinda goes with the area. I'm walking thru the pit, and the staff is friendly. I check out the odds at the craps table. meh...But the pit critters are talkin' some serious smack to me- come on dude....play! So I stop and get talked into buying in. I explain to them that I have only played the "Hit da Button" machine. They promise to take it easy on me. So I give up a benny, and ask for reds and 10 singles. Now my craps knowledge goes about as far as pass/odds, and then a couple of come/odds bets. I also play pass/odds for them. I roll and here we go! I do pretty good, I'm makin' money, they're makin' tokes. The pit boss comes by and gets my info for a player's card. I'm makin' stupid mistakes, they are cool. I'm tryin' to make bets with the dice in my hand- major fuck-up......They don't care. The casino manager comes over and offers me his card. They offer me drinks. Got Beck's NA? Nope, how about a Sharps? Better than Ab'Doul's!!! Next thing I know, my point is 6, so they tell me to buy the 8, let's do a hardway- hell, I've got $80 out on the table. I hit my point! So we are really rocking now. Then I point and seven out a couple of times. I tell the boys I've gotta run. They color me up. $101. And they show we their haul. $28. Works for me. Fun time. The pit boss shakes my hand and tells me to expect an offer in the mail. Yeah right.... I cage out, pocketing the leftover chip for the wall o' shame. ElCo time! I'm walking up Ogden and my phone goes off again. You guessed it- work. Sorry y'all- I'm still in Vega$! I enjoy the local color on my way there.

0102140808.jpg (393908 bytes)  0102140809.jpg (313378 bytes)  0102140809a.jpg (554761 bytes)  0102140810.jpg (922533 bytes)                   Pulling fiber optic cable, sigh, been there. I've got an ACG coupon for $10 FSP, and it's 8 a.m. They are just opening Jackie's Club as I walk in. I get the free play loaded up, and I've also got an email sign-up coupon for $5. They claim it's bogus- whatever! There's no dealing with these guys, so I blow it off. There's one MS/STP machine here that's got Boner Deluxe 9/6 for a dime- but it's OUT OF SERVICE! Dammit Jim- I'm a country doctor, not a slot tech! My emergency back-up plan calls for.....Silver Strike. Actually, I was gonna get one anyhow, so I use their money, and score one pronto. Or in this case, pro bono. Let's boogie up to da FSE.

0102140833.jpg (713246 bytes)  0102140833a.jpg (1564350 bytes)  0102140834.jpg (740181 bytes)  0102140834b.jpg (1086444 bytes)

0102140835.jpg (824192 bytes)  0102140835a.jpg (1183450 bytes)  0102140837.jpg (942565 bytes)  0102140837a.jpg (985132 bytes) 0102140811.jpg (769583 bytes)

0102140838.jpg (660381 bytes)            0102140838a.jpg (602407 bytes)        0102140838b.jpg (739816 bytes)       0102140838c.jpg (745988 bytes)

Next up is 4Q- Now these Silver Strikes are well stocked. Apparently they are stalked by the Silver Strikers Club. No shit, that's what the cage critter told me as I was cashing in 6 Summer strikes, tryin' to talk her out of a Fall. " Those Strikers hang out over by the group of 4 machines all the time" I didn't see any of them, but I did score a Fall from one of the machines. Now I have all 4 seasons of the series.... On my way out I spot an Epic Monopoly- can't resist Mr. Monopoly. Around the Board Bonus time!

0102140924.jpg (748160 bytes)  0102140923.jpg (633795 bytes)  0102140927.jpg (649239 bytes)  0102140927a.jpg (993498 bytes)

                    0102140928.jpg (569506 bytes)        0102140928a.jpg (576208 bytes)        0102140929.jpg (594105 bytes)

I go over to Binions to see if there is a line for the photo op. There isn't so I pose, and am told it would be about half an hour, check back at the cage. I decide to do up Golden Gate. I have yet another ACG coupon for a free calendar. I find another Epic Monopoly, but it's $4 for max spin. I've got $10 free play so I load it up along with a benny. I need to run up some points on my card for the calendar. Get my points, but I never hit a bonus so it turns into an expensive item. I snag the calendar, great vintage pictures for every month. I've still got a few minutes left, so I fart around on a Hangover game, and take in the vintage slot machines they have on display.

0102140935.jpg (566968 bytes)  0102140935a.jpg (792025 bytes)  0102140935b.jpg (704105 bytes)  0102140936.jpg (618087 bytes)

                         0102140936a.jpg (618140 bytes)               0102140936b.jpg (678243 bytes)            0102141018.jpg (1082569 bytes)

I walk over and get in line, and when I get to the club critter, she can't find my picture. She has me walk over and have another taken, she will print it out right away. Cool!

                                                                                                          Binions.jpg (261421 bytes)                   


I depart out the back and beeline over to Blanca. We fly down the interstate and in 10 minutes I'm in the queue at Quiver Vegas. On the way aloft I run into Tammy, and tell her we need to talk. I thank her for all she has done for us, and she sez she will call us later so we can sit down and talk and she will take care of the room charges. I levitate to the 9th, and to my surprise Sweet Ti is still snoozing. We enjoy a nice leisurely meal while I give her the details of my morning's adventure. We prepare for battle on the field. Team Mays vs. the Shortys at the Wally Gator. Hank Bonefish takes his place as wingman. Insert coin. Engage...

 0102141317.jpg (649270 bytes)                        0102141321.jpg (598085 bytes)                                0102141329.jpg (634275 bytes)

We are yucking it up with Hank Bonefish and the local fauna. We meet Dominique, a hippie looking dude ( I can relate) whom we discuss music and culture with for a bit. And then there was Kent (the) Wallace. He was sitting next to us, and we hit it off well. Kent is a local promoter, and was there with his step-son, Erin,  who was upstairs at the KidZone. We covered the gambit of subjects, including a topic of mutual interest, horsey 'capping. We dicide to place a couple of bets, and walk over to the 'Book. Santa Anita. Exbx. R5.

                                                                                        0102141501.jpg (527058 bytes)

I think those 2 ponies are still running... Back to the bar, the subject turns to booze. Go figure. Tuaca. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/41/Tuaca_375_ml.jpg  Hank Bonefish acquaints Kent with a shot. Tasty!

                                                        0102141405.jpg (369203 bytes)                0102141406.jpg (695329 bytes) They have yet another gift day today. Booze. I get vouchers for both Sweet Ti and I and walk to the player's club to redeem them. Today's booze selection will be Wild Turkey. I gift Kent with both bottles.

                                                                                                    0102141539.jpg (712811 bytes)

We are feeling a bit peckish, and Kent sez that he and Erin are going to the Costa Cantina for dinner. Carne Asada. Sounds like a plan. Kent goes to get Erin, and Sweet Ti and I go over to the Spin Poker Dream Card machine. I show her how to lose $200. in 3 minutes. She is duly impressed.... We walk over to the restaurant and meet Erin. A fine young lad of 12. We sit by ourselves, as I try my best to tune the 5 stringed instrument that they have for display purposes. Corona logo. I actually tuned it up and played a couple of songs last summer, but alas, this time it was beyond hope. We order the Carne Asada. Well, all I can say is that it was filling..... (1/100th spork) We walk back over to our friends and Sweet Ti has an idea for the evening. She and Erin are going to take in a movie. They decide on Anchorman 2. We all need to stop by the room, so we make plans to meet in our room later. Kent and Erin join us in our room, enjoying all of our decorations and meeting Stretch.

                                                                                              0103140821.jpg (466646 bytes)                 

We all go back downstairs, and it's movie time, so they go their way and we go ours. Back to the Wally Gator we resume our bull/vp session.

                                            0102141523.jpg (556156 bytes)                           0102141540.jpg (369234 bytes)    

Tammy calls and she is tied up at Gold Coast, but has taken care of all our room charges, so when we leave tomorrow, we are cool. Glad I got to see her today, she stays just too busy! Kent and I are discussing genealogy, turns out we are both Scotch/Irish. He refers to me now as Robert the Bruce. He becomes Kent the Wallace. The movie adjourns, and Sweet Ti and Erin provide us with a critique as we walk back to our rooms. We bid farewell on the 9th, and Sweet Ti tells me Erin was a perfect gentleman. The movie pretty much sucked. She decides to call it a night, and I go back for one last session. Ended up pushing for the entire day. Scored 6100 points too.


01.03.2014    Last call for non-alcohol...

                                                                            0103140731.jpg (267457 bytes)


5 a.m. one last time, Gold Coast. They are giving out T-shirts for suited blackjacks. T-shirts with suits on them. Oh, I get it. I bought in for $100. DD $10 table. Heads up. Mike the friendly PB takes my card. Doesn't go well. I lose 8 hands in a row- by the time I get my card back. I leave with my remaining 4 red chips, and go to a roulette table. Played 19 & 24 for reds. nada. do it again. nada. Moving on, I hit up the High Limit DBDW- .50 level. No stopping this high-roller!

                                                                                                    0103140655.jpg (595886 bytes)

Well trust me- that was short lived. I ended up blowing through another 2 bennys, headed back to Who Datville. Stopped by Speed Racer Vegas one last time for vittles and to hug our Reneee till next time. Excalating ( past you know where...) to Beethoven's most famous sympathy , Sweet Ti is zzzzzzz.  I let in the morning light and we break our fast and begin the task of packing. It's always interesting finding extra room for all the swag we accumulate. I talk S.T. into spending the rest of the morning at the Spa. I have got one last errand to run. Ziggy is taking custody of Wheelie the cooler this time. So I empty it out and kiss S.T. adieu and Blanca whisks us across the strip to formally Terribles.

                 0103141148.jpg (703837 bytes)          0103141149.jpg (732039 bytes)          0103141149a.jpg (707459 bytes)  

Zig is working the Sports Bar, so I sit down next to Lawrence. We have met a couple of times before. He is pissed, because somebody has stolen his bicycle that was locked to the bike rack out front here. Happened a couple of days ago. Security here is a joke. Bad neighborhood....  I play the bad 7/5 BP and have some luck...

0103141110.jpg (592093 bytes)            0103141037.jpg (592636 bytes)            0103141114.jpg (668180 bytes)

I go out and get Wheelie and give it to Ziggy, then cash out and tell Lawrence goodbye, and give Zig a big ol' hug farewell. Till next time my friend! 

0103141157.jpg (373930 bytes)    0103141157a.jpg (833069 bytes)    0103141159.jpg (876144 bytes)    0103141204.jpg (556818 bytes)

Sweet Ti calls just as I was parking Blanca. She is refreshed and relaxed from her soak in the Hot Tub, and we rendezvous at the Crawdad Bar. Shortys are quickly brought into service. Insert coin. Hank Bonefish serves us up. Today's hippie is Dennis. Dennis the Menace, if you please. Soundboard dudeish. He's worked several shows on the strip, including Cirque's Love. 

     0103141343.jpg (383119 bytes)          0103141525.jpg (261393 bytes)        0103141338.jpg (604342 bytes)        0103141527.jpg (556371 bytes)

My shorty takes a crap, so while they fix it we decide to try a different place for lunch, Big Al's Oyster Bar. We haven't eaten there for a couple of years. We are seated, and S.T. gets a bowl of clam chowder while we decide on lunch. I tell our server that I make a mean Oyster Stew back in VA, and she sez it's available here, it's just off the menu. They make it with a dozen fresh oysters. Sign me up! S.T. gets a salmon panini. We watch them shuck the oysters while S.T. has her chowder. Everything was awesome!

0103141531.jpg (521718 bytes)    0103141542.jpg (769623 bytes)    0103141603.jpg (478391 bytes)    0103141603a.jpg (546613 bytes)


We stop by the gift shop to pick up some emergency back-up swag. Between Sweet Ti and me, we $140 in comps left, even after using them for just about all our meals. We shop. Now comes the hard part- finding space in Biggun, and our assorted Littleuns. But between the 2 of us, we make it work. I start loading up Blanca. We have a 4 p.m. checkout, and take full advantage of it. ascending a final time, I go by registration to officially checkout, and Sarah tells me that sure enough, Tammy took care of everything. I try to talk Sweet Ti into taking another Hot Tub soak, but she doesn't want to. instead, we walk out to Blanca, and she kicks the seat back to take a nappy. She's got a couple of hours. So do I. I plan on hitting it hard one last time...

0103141706.jpg (506897 bytes)    0103141740.jpg (502711 bytes)    0103141914.jpg (765066 bytes)    0103142020.jpg (688993 bytes)

That last 4OAK was my last hand. Yet another winning trip, what a trip! We made it home safely, and are as always ready to return. Thanks for the ride Blanca! 

                                                                                        0101140811.jpg (1138369 bytes)