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                                                                                11.03.2018 I got the plan, I got the plan *

         Hey Now! I know this trip seemed to go on and on. Stick with me y'all. 6 A.M. Time to hit it hard. I'm got yet another concert today. This one is at the Brooklyn Bowl. I'm seeing Keller Williams' Petty Grass featuring the Hillbenders. At 1:30 p.m. I have heard good things about this place. I mean, it's a bowling alley with a stage. Sweet. Bottom line is I need to shed a few tears before I head for the strip. I call my Sweet Ti who is busy with my normal Saturday morning chores. Thanks again Sweet Ti Darlin'. I reload bullets.

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                                                                inching my way to 15k tears


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                                                                 ol' Cracked glass Bessie

 This old Triple Double RWB 5 line 1. machine has come thru once again. Now if it would just grace me with a handy. For now, 600. profit.

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                                                                     W4 warm up

        I started out this W4 session with that 4. bet. Then it was time to parley up to Maxi Pad Bet. 8. Roll the tape Jimmy-


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                                                                           hell yeah!

 I cash out a 300. profit. Cha-ching morning y'all! Break time. There's some kind of  convention going on here this weekend. I have no clue what kind of organization it is, but all of the participants are dressed to the nines. Lots of necklace bling and sashes. And fancy fez type hats. I rode up with 2 of them in sort of like Pope outfits. must have been the Grand Poobahs. I am duly respectful. Back to it.

                                                                Action Jim!


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                                                               Hit us again James!!!



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  I realize that various Lightning Link type machines are all the rage now. I try to play .10 denom but with a 5. minimum it's way too easy to blow thru a hundy in a hurry. I just never seem to remember to cash out when I'm ahead. I cashed out .45. 

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                                                 Triple Red Hot 7's was good for a small profit.


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 These 2 likely suspects were hungry for hundys which I readily provided for said consumption. And they each did thier part.

                                                        Roll some Texas Tea again Jimmy- 


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 Time to get some sustenance. I still have a room food comp I need to use up so I hit the buffet. Quick stomach filler. I think it's time for some Money Rain. 




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                                                                    lots o' pennies!!!

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                                                                coin in so far 4319

 That's what I call hitting the slots hard. The way I figure it I am playing not quite half the coin in on slots as I would on VP. Of course that also depends on if my VP session is going well enough for me to parley up to dollars. As soon as I get a bit closer to 15k tears, I'm going to start playing a shitload more VP. Right now it's time for the show. The shuttle runs from here to the High Roller, then to Gold Coast, then back to Orleans. It's supposed to complete that circuit every 45 minutes or so. I think I'll dial me up a Lyfty. 

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                                                           Jennifer comes bearing Maize

 And she never stopped talking. At least she wasn't driving quite like a Bat out of Hell. Almost, but damn- it is Vegas. Jennifer deposited me near the High Roller. From there I just kind of felt my way around and eventually wound up at the Linq Promenade. 

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                                                        WYJY2541.JPG (3497441 bytes)

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 This place isn't very wide. I can easily see it becoming extremely claustrophobic here. I am early for the show. There's a reason.

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  IMG_5080.JPG (2413581 bytes)  IMG_5081.JPG (2174034 bytes)   IMG_5082.JPG (1666093 bytes)  IMG_5083.JPG (1613208 bytes)

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                                                           The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

 I feel like this is a mostly overlooked jewel on the strip. I have noticed wild ducks flying in and out of here. Several native species make their way in and out. Except for one tour group, there were very few people wandering about. It's worth a stroll any old time. I went back over to the bowling alley to look around. It's up on the 2nd floor. Underneath is Sprinkles. Home of the famous Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.

                                                   Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM

                                                                 because Vegas

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                                                                Pretty neat joint. 

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 I hung around and listened to the soundcheck for a bit. Looks like the show is going to start late. There's hardly anyone here. 

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 This porch has a really great view. Especially for people watching the people watching people down below. I thought this was interesting-

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 Let's be real here. Those coin operated spotting binoculars are only good for looking into the windows of one of the Flamingo hotel towers. 

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           Bowling on one side, bar on the other with a stage in between. What's not to love? Well, maybe the prices.

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                                                                5. for 11.2 oz.

 They are supposed to have really good chicken here too. I found a spot pretty close to the stage. Not Freeker right by the Speaker close, but close enough. There's still not too many freekers here. But a nice couple who introduced themselves as Jeanine and Katie joined me and we made ourselves comfortable on the floor while we waited. They used to live near DC and have seem Keller several times. They even went to a couple of the same SPCA shows as Sweet Ti and I were at. He does these benefit shows every year on Dec. 26th. I have seen him oh maybe 20 times over the last 18 years. Keller lives in Fredericksburg. The masses are swelling. The music is a driving mix of EDM/Ska. They finally make in onstage. All Tom Petty all the time. Bluegrass style. Plus everybody knows the lyrics and are singing along. The guitar player is really tall and is playing the guitar around his ankles. Same with the resonator guitar. He is wearing bibs. Perfect. 

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  This dude started talking to me during the break. He's today's local Earl. Originally from Doylestown, PA. He too, has seen Keller several times on the East Coast. It's a small world after all. Earl has been living in Summerlin for a few years now.

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 We are all having a blast singing and dancing. They played for a really long time. The crowd was really into it. Great show. I eased out and went looking for the shuttle pick up spot. I know it's fairly near the base of the High Roller. I actually found it rather easily. I called my Sweet Ti to tell her all about it while I waited for the shuttle. It shows up promptly and the few of us waiting embark.  

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    It's a frilling really nice bus. The last time I saw one they looked like the Atlantic City Jitneys. There was even a head onboard.

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 Back at the Big Easy I repair once more to the buffet and indulge in yet another lonely diner excursion. Room charge please. Then I commence to insert coinage in a variety of uncooperative machines. I do find one that's not being quite so ornery. 

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        That worked. I piddled around with a couple of 3 reels and they too were a bit stingy. Time to check the scorecard.

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                                                                  getting close

                  That's good enough for today. I still have 2 more days of gamboling ahead. Stay tuned folks!

                                                     Totals: 6780 coin in     1350 tears 


                             11.04.2018 It's just the power to charm


                            11.02.2018  Welcome to the Neighborhood         





                                                           Queen of Las Vegas, the B52s