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                                       06.09.2019 They're gettin' ready. Look out! I'm coming in*

      Hey Now! Of course I woke up at 4 a.m. Kinda like sleeping till 7 a.m. EDT. Since I'm changing rooms today, I try to keep everything organized. But it just always seems like the minute you get your room in Vegas all the shit I brought explodes. I stroll downstairs around 5 a.m. for a session. MultiStrike/SuperTimesPay. I start out with some 7/5 BP. Quarter denom. 6. bet. Insert coin-

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                                                                        bullet restoration

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                                                                        Crack Whore game

 I mean this is the ultimate endorphin producer. No, I take that back. MS/DSTP would be worse. Double spinners. And when you lose a string of hands in a row and you're suddenly down a hundy. Never made it past go. At some point you just gotta walk away. I did. Pushed.

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 There's a big Burlesque event going on here right now. Best attendees ever. You never know what you are going to see. Tends to attract the fringe of society from every possible genre. I like it. I kinda fit right in. But I digress.

                                                                "Texas Tea please Jim-"



                                                                                                                                        1st spin!

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 I took a break and stopped by the gift shop for the paper and a drink. In the room for a cold pizza breakfast. Oh hell yeah. I'm hoping that there's some juicy casino coupons in today's Review Journal. According to Jean Scott, it happens regularly. Especially Sundays. But all I could find were some Orleans and Gold Coast 2 for 1 buffet coupons. I'm already lousy with those. And food comps here. 

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                                                                  really bad shot.....

 I noticed some movement at Budget across the street. My next task is to jaywalk Tropicana Blvd and retrieve my rental. You can see the Budget location in that 1st pic. Tiara waits on me and she offers me a Camary. They bring her around. Zip, zap, just like that. It's even got damn near a half tank of gas. Ought to be interesting leaving it the same way. They don't have gas pumps at this location. Go figure. I fart around and get my phone hooked up with the car and call my Sweet Ti. I am out doing some shopping. We are looking for a name for my new ride. Ti says something about a Stephen King novel about a werewolf. For some reason this one stuck in my mind. 

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 I know, wrong breed. From that mystery parking spot I head over to Spring Valley proper and hit the Wally World and Dollar Treetrunk. All of the Spring Valley denizons are out and about. I spot a Classic Rod. I know because that's the type plates it has. It's a maybe '64 El Camino. I pull up beside and glance in. Dude's cruisin' around with- I shit you not- a cardboard dashboard. I tried but couldn't get a pic. Classic Rod indeed. Room supplies accomplished. Back at the Big Easy I ease Kujo into the 3rd floor VIP car park. It's nearly empty.

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 I haul my stashes aloft. Time to pay a visit to May in Invited Guests. I slip her a little something and we get down to business. I get her to load up my free play and to make sure the food credit is on my soon to be changed room. Done and done. I'm to see Melissa later.

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The other part of Invited Guests is still called the Emerald Club even though Emerald, the shiny Green card holders like myself are no longer allowed access. You now have to be either Onyx or Titanium. So I can no longer have either a can of soda or anything from the fancy coffee dispenser. Just room temperature mini bottles of water. So I agree with that club access IS out of order.

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                                                      I got smoked out of dodge.

Over to the Mardi Gras bar I find my usual semi-shorty machine occupied so I man the game of the other side of the bar. I like being on the end of the row next to the CW stand. I see that Jay is behind the bar. I shake his hand and he offers me an Ab'Dulls. Yep, still drinking them. I insert coin and dial up some .25 denom. Triple play 9/6 DDB. Pretty good game for a bartop. Engage.

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                                                        I parley that up to .50 denom.

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                                                               Pointies w/kicker!!!!!!

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              Hey Now! I pocketed that TITO and inserted a fresh hundy. I started the parley over again at .25 denom.

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                                                               Pointies wo/kicker!

Ziggy called and I cashed out to find a suitable spot to talk to him. Turns out to be upstairs. They are doing great and invite me over tomorrow in the early evening. I return the favor and invite them over for a Prime Rob Loft dinner on Wed. Sounds like a plan. I finish packing and go down to talk to Melissa to see if my room is ready. She is taking care of other people so I get May to make my reservations for Wed. She does, but I need to see her again on Tues. for the  comp. May thinks it will look better after I've given them some more play. That makes sense. Meanwhile Melissa has my room all ready. It's an easy enough move. 2 doors down across the hall.

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 That means it isn't a strip view at all. It's a western view, overlooking the pool. As I'm unpacking I notice a bunch of shouting coming thru the open window. It's hard to see about half of the main pool, but there's a lady dressed in robes in front of a couple by the edge of the pool. And there's about 60 people in the pool watching them. I finally realize that it's a wedding ceremony. The ceremony concludes and the crowd explodes into cheers as the newlyweds kiss and jump into the pool water! God, I love being in Vegas. I put out some festive lights at various spots around the room to keep Stretch company. The game plan for this evening is to trip to the strip to meet up with some VMB members at the Bird Bar at the Flamingo. I really don't feel like driving Kujo over there. So it's either the shuttle bus or rideshare. Let's see how long it takes the shuttle to get here. There's a dude sitting on the bench and I join him. Guess what? He's today's local, Dave. He's retired and has been hanging around these environs damn near 20 years. He's a talker too. He rides the shuttle damn near daily. Sort of a Boyd's shuttle hobo. Dave asks me if I've noticed all of the strange people walking around the Orleans in the last few day. I tell him that they are here for the Burlesque events. Dave sez-"I saw 2 guys earlier and I could have sworn that they are gay!". Seriously??? I ask how often the shuttles run but he's clueless. We wait a few minutes and are joined by a few more folks. I need to pee and Dave tells me that I'll miss the bus if I leave. I do anyway, and on the way back notice the sign advertising the shuttle. It also has a map with the route. Orleans/High Roller/Gold Coast. It must be tracking the bus by GPS because it looks to be turning off of Arville to enter the parking lot out front right about now. Perfect. The big honking bus opens it's doors just as I get there.

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                                                                  Good old Dave.

 He proceeds to give me the scoop. "Keep your Subway cup for free refills. I've been using this same cup for weeks." There's construction going on behind the Flamingo. So new pickup/drop off/rideshare spot is way the hell in the middle of nowhere. Nearer to Koval than to the Flamingo. So we all take off walking. It's quite a hike. And all the while Dave never stopped talking to me. Dude's got a screw loose. We finally reach the Linq Promenade and proceed towards the strip. The alleyway is really hopping. I went to see Keller Williams play a show at the Brooklyn Bowl during my Almost Vegoose trip. Dave and I part company at the entrance to Flamingo. I haven't a clue where the Bird Bar is. I have walked thru the Habitat before, but never much walked around the casino. Really the only time was to score a chip for my collection and that was years ago. I kind of aimlessly walk around dodging people the best I can. For some reason it occurs to me that the Evil Empire conspires to make finding your way around their properties nearly impossible. I finally ask and find it. Right beside the strip.

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 The Bird Bar is formally the 5 O'clock Somewhere bar. They pretty much have kicked Jimmy to the curb. The .50 beer special has just started and it's 3 deep at the bar. At least. Pounding music. Beer Pong on one side in all of it's wet and sticky glory. And a party pit on the other side that was much the same. I am wearing my trusty green Vegas Message Board wristband. I can't seem to find anyone else with one on. I finally spot a crowd hanging out at a closed pit nearby. Bingo! Turns out I'm the only one wearing one. We introduce ourselves around the best we can considering the volume. I end up talking to JFO. EastCoastVegasFan! gets a group shot in. 

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  Someone brought about 10 of the .50 beers to the table. They are going to take over a craps table so I bid my leave. I always enjoy meeting other VMB posters. Over the years I have met quite a few. Plus Vegas Fanatics and Blonde4Ever's group. I have even been recognized in Vegas and AC. "Hey Now!" always works. I search out an Evil Empire player's club and am glad to see no line. I enquire about upgrading my card using my Emerald, the shiny green card. She takes it, my ID, and my old TR card. She goes over to the other side of the booth and looks thru some kind of training manual. She must not be familiar with how this works. Me too for that matter. She is finally satisfied and hands me back my ID. Then she stops in her tracks and spins around-"This card is expired." Hands it back. Damn, I've not gotten a new one this trip yet. This one expired at the end of 2018. I always am playing on old cards. I thank her for her trouble. The same thing happened to me in A.C. a while back. You would think....                                                 

 I decide to take a different route back to the shuttle stop. I went thru the gardens looking for a way out. I finally emerged on Audrie.

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Audrie St. is infamous as the home of the Stage Door Casino. Everyone's favorite Vegas dive bar. Not today. It's a long walk.

                                                               IMG_5960.JPG (1573577 bytes)

                          There was even a school crossing guard stopping traffic. She was a trip! Pressing ever on........

                                      IMG_5961.JPG (1130838 bytes)              IMG_5964.JPG (1411145 bytes)

                                                      These next 2 are looking back from the lot.

                                         IMG_5966.JPG (1723998 bytes)   IMG_5965.JPG (1588370 bytes)

                                         IMG_5962.JPG (1663127 bytes)     IMG_5968.JPG (1448243 bytes)     

As you enter the lot there's a concession set up to give people rides to the strip. I shit you not. And they aren't free. For the shuttle and I suppose Ride Share, there's a tent that they have set up for shade with a floor fan that's not doing much. Also 2 benches. I join a few other people. Nobody knows for sure when the bus will arrive. We are entertained by the coming and going of Lyft/Uber. A chick dressed in a full length pink chiffon dress gets our along with a guy in a suit. They look around and start walking. It's 100. I dial up both ride share  to compare pricing. There are plenty right here. They both want 9.97. I decide to wait and pretty soon the bus is pulling in. I had the same driver-Al. I asked him about Dave. "Yeah, sometimes it's hard to understand exactly what Dave is talking about." Word.

                                     IMG_5970.JPG (1293624 bytes)          IMG_5971.JPG (922300 bytes)     

                                                           Damn nice assed bus though.  

 I even tipped Al. He was very appreciative. I went up to further scatter all my belongings from one end of the suite to the other. I have already bid my Sweet Ti goodnight. Looks like I have no choice in the matter but to gambol. Oh well.

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                                                               IMG_5977.JPG (1248373 bytes)

 I sunk 2 hundy into Buffalo Diamond and couldn't even come up with with a wheel spin. That line hit was all it had to offer. Time for some more Mardi Gras Magic? I downloaded my FSP and dialed up some Triple Play ,25 8/5 BP. I ended with 88.75 and added a hundy to it. Switched to DDB. 

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                                                                     Parley time   

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 I parleyed to dollars and apparently stayed too long at the fair. The next thing you know I'm hitting the buttons and nothing is happening. Once again I have broken the Strict Rules of Parley Rules. What would @Sir Flushiepants say? I stop by the cage to enquire after some $2 bills. I used to be able to get all I wanted from my local credit union. I bought them out. They sell me what they have on hand. 

                                          IMG_5984.JPG (1152299 bytes)              IMG_5985.JPG (1002392 bytes)

 While I waited I notices that pen they have available to sign things with. At the Orleans cage. My next stop is TGIF for a burger to go. I really need to start charging more food to the room. I will never use up 150. by Wednesday morning. The food comps don't carry over to Sweet Ti's comp that I'm using next. I order and pop across Buffalo Gold land to score a rack of Beck's NA. I even made it successfully back without cramming a hundy into said Buffalo Gold. I wait at the bar. There's some quality people watching people around me. 

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                                                                  nice threads

 Today's emergency back up local Amanda is behind. She has been working here for 2 years and it's her last week, so I wish her well.

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                                                                    nice arm

        It's been a really long day. The last couple of days are catching up with me. I stop by the kiosk and survey today's tallies.

                                                              IMG_5983.JPG (1253800 bytes)

 It's a long way from a 15,000 card score. That's what I need to stay green. I had 4795 daily points which used to mean coin in, but with BConned it's anyone's guess. That means an average of 9.42 daily points per tear today. It's supposed to be 5. per tear for slots. VP? Crap shoot. By the way, Amanda forgot to put any condiments in the bag. Not even ketchup for the fries. I ate my burger dry. 

                                                         Coin in- 4795?     Tears- 509



                     06.10.2019 But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me


                             06.08.2019 It's all dark and gray-no sign of the sun





                                                       * Sin City, AC/DC