Buffalo Hunting in the Desert 2015

                                                      09.02.2015 The Weather is Here- I Wish You Were Beautiful

                                                               09.03.2015 Well, You Gotta Have Friends!

                                                09.04.2015 Let me Tell Y'all the Story About a Man Named Bob

                                                   09.05.2015 Stick With Me Baby- I'm the Guy You Came in With

                                                    09.06.2015 Just Like Billy Sunday, in a Shotgun Ragtime Band

                                            09.07.2015 Fish Don't Fry in the Kitchen, Beans Don't Burn in the Grill

                                            09.08.2015 And what's waitin' there for me and you? It's water, cool, clear water

                                            09.09.2015 You and me gotta spend some time, wonderin' which to choose

                                                 09.10.2015 Cheers to Your Friends so Near

                                             09.11.2015 Life Springs Eternal on a Gaudy, Neon Street