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                                                                A Sadie Hawkins Saga

                                                           02.28.2020  The girls ask the guys*

  Hey Now! Once again, welcome back my friends! It's like we never left. Sweet Ti & I were just in AC for our New Year's Eve trip- Shooing out the Teens. In fact , I was about to pull the trigger on reservations at the Refuge Inn on Chincoteague Island. We like to hang out on Assateague Island this time of year. The waterfowl have migrated here for the winter. But I happened to mention that Leap Day meant the ol' Sadie Hawkins Effect. So Sweet Ti suggested that we go to AC instead. What a lovely idea. I have made a true degenerate gambler out of my baby. So I called Michelle and booked us 3 nights. She checked if they were doing any swag or shows, but nada. She did write us a comp for Capriccio's buffet on Sunday. 11 a.m. works just lovely. So we are all set. The day before we left I called up Maggie at the front desk so she would have the room ready when we got there around 11:15 or so. We were considering an Ocean Tower Room this time. Maggie said the ones facing the ocean were updated, but awful small. We shall see. 

  We made great time and boom, we're here. We parked Foxy and  upon entering the casino from the self park the atmosphere of Fabreeze and stale cigarette smoke is unmistakable. We are greeted by today's locals, Maggie and Renata, the Polish Spinster Sisters. After we talk home life and such we get down to business. She recommends the Rendezvous room like we always get. I trust her judgment. We get the key cards for 4504. Then she looks around for a manager and does something else on her computer. She says to meet her at the far end of the counter. We go over, and she hands us the card key to 917 in the Ocean Tower. "Go have a look at the room and bring me back the keys." I promise her and Renata that we won't Hot Sheet the room and we are off on our adventure. Take us there Jimmy....


  IMG_7587.JPG (1006940 bytes)  IMG_7590.JPG (1156935 bytes)  IMG_7591.JPG (1159799 bytes)  IMG_7585.JPG (911850 bytes)

                     IMG_7586.JPG (1234372 bytes)  IMG_7588.JPG (1172556 bytes)  IMG_7589.JPG (1226665 bytes)

                                                                   damn nice view too!

           IMG_7599.JPG (1370925 bytes)             IMG_7600.JPG (1373227 bytes)            IMG_7594.JPG (1259048 bytes)

                                                             IMG_7595.JPG (1391062 bytes)

                                                             bet it's really nice at night 

 Well, Maggie was right - the rooms are small and they are a bit far from the lifts. S.T. wasn't thrilled with the postage sized bathroom or the weird half door on the tub. If you use the pool/spa it would be convenient. I might get one on a solo trip. 


                                   IMG_7601.JPG (1039297 bytes)             IMG_7602.JPG (1098187 bytes)

Speaking of the lifts, they probably look just about the same as when the place was built back in 1927. There's quite a history to the place. We stopped by and dropped off the key and made our way up to our for real real room. At least the carpet didn't stink this time. I proceeded to deplete Foxy of our gear. One thing I noticed was that they are finally working on the self park lifts.

                                       IMG_2430.JPEG (457024 bytes)    IMG_7604.JPG (1683637 bytes)

                                                     before                                   after

 Sweet Ti played while I schlepped. I joined her and gave her more bullets. Her magazine had run out quickly. I used 50. free play.

                                                           IMG_7605.JPG (1250009 bytes)

                                                                    makin' it last...

 We blew thru that and another couple more hundy. Time for substance. We ordered a half peporoni half spinach/mushroom pie from Famiglia's. Above all the thunder I hooked up the trusty ol' Firestix and dialed up Netflix.  We finished binging the last few episodes of Gentefied. Must see TV y'all!!!! The pie was killer too. Especially comped. Sweet Ti stayed aloft to chill for a bit. I went on the attack. Hollyrock Hills hit me up for another couple of bennys via Double Top $$$. Time for something completely different. Maybe I'll try some slant .50 9/5 DDB. It isn't too smokey here near the boardwalk and I always like playing slants. I use the rest of my free play. It's going pretty well and I'm dealt 3 Pointies. Well if Sweet Ti were here I would look at her and then hit the button. Hopefully she can keep a poker face if magic happens. Since she isn't I simply look away and listen for the dings. I can hear right away it's better than a full boat-

                                                           IMG_7606.JPG (1688508 bytes)

                                                                    lots o' dings!

 That is certainly a nice little bump in the bankroll. While I'm busy sharing my win with my loved ones this dude stops by and says "nice hit" He's today's Tom's River local, Cosmo. Really interesting story. Cosmo retired from Liz Claiborne as a runway designer. He said he did everything from the design and layout to the lighting. He said he had backstage stories for all of the top models. "Guess how old I am?"


                                                           IMG_7607.JPG (380729 bytes)


 I cashed out and Made it Rain upstairs. My lover is pleased. I made a deposit in the safe and got a nice peck on the cheek. Time for B7s.

                                        60461989393__A67F7AE6-4D9F-44CF-8B90-3E4165323E00.JPG (2411299 bytes)  60462007056__8802744B-AF46-4991-959A-F487D4321B6B.JPG (1669812 bytes)

                                                     "Cash out that ticket before you lose it all!"

                                                           60462035020__7C71B81D-6803-49CC-8A8A-8C9F282C565F.JPG (2886348 bytes)

                                                                     yes Dearest

       IMG_7612.JPG (1285178 bytes)  IMG_7613.JPG (1810920 bytes)  IMG_7615.JPG (1199637 bytes)  IMG_7619.JPG (993793 bytes)

                                                                     That's a wrap.

                                                     02.29.2020 It's always a surprise*

 Hey Now! 4:20. Sadieville. Emergency back up day in February, as if winter isn't long enough. At least spring starts on March 19 this year. A peck and I return to battle. I glance around for a likely suspect progressive that looks juicy without being of legal age. 1200. 

                 IMG_7622.JPG (1345996 bytes)      IMG_7620.JPG (1339522 bytes)     IMG_7621.JPG (1240884 bytes)

 The worse thing about this is the location of these machines. Granted, it's 5 a.m.- but time doesn't count in casinos. They are just off of the hotel lobby and is near a major thruway. I don't think I've ever seen this kind of shit at the Orleans. But this B7.s is at 1146. Jim???


                                              of course just a few spins later.......    

   IMG_7623.JPG (896987 bytes)   IMG_7624.JPG (907281 bytes)   IMG_7626.JPG (888194 bytes)   IMG_7627.JPG (824503 bytes)

      I cashed out a 500. ticket for 250. profit from that session. A speed date with Cleo quickly relieved me of that profit. DSTP ? I.C.

                                           IMG_7631.JPG (1630343 bytes)  IMG_7632.JPG (1429843 bytes)

                                                   The machines are busy boosting my morale 

                    IMG_7628.JPG (1404648 bytes)        IMG_7630.JPG (1416791 bytes)          IMG_7633.JPG (1347698 bytes) 

                                           IMG_7634.JPG (1490990 bytes)      IMG_7636.JPG (1589138 bytes)

                    Things are developing along just swimmingly. Then - well I'll let Jimmy handle this- if you please Sir!


                                                          ETpVPomXgAA8Czi.jpg (84621 bytes)   

                                                                        Hey Now!

                                                           IMG_7638.JPG (1479010 bytes)


                            Even though it's about 30 I brave the elements to take some sunrise shots for y'all.

                                       IMG_7643.JPG (1332554 bytes)    IMG_7645.JPG (1250692 bytes)

                                                           The things we do for blogs....

 On my way back thru the casino, a machine catches my eye. this .50 QH Prog that starts at 500. is up to 533. This won't do. I insert coin and got a few small hits but nothing much. It's only a buck a spin, but the credits are still dwindling. Last spin right Jimmy?????



                                      IMG_7652.JPG (1076175 bytes)    IMG_7653.JPG (1173439 bytes)     

                                                           That's the way to do it!   

 So you actually get a handy for these. Even the .25 version. The girl stopped by then logged into the machine and recorded my win. She said her manager was getting the money to pay me. Strange. So I hung out for a few minutes till he showed up. At least there's no paperwork involved. Dude shows and forks over my dough. It's almost time for Coffee Elizabeth so I mosey over to that juicy 1143. B'7.

                                                         IMG_7654.JPG (1104233 bytes)

 While I was playing, today's local, Barb stops by to talk. "Did you show the other Barb the picture of me yet?" said Barb. There's a slot tech at Orleans in Vegas who is also named Barb and they look a lot alike. "It's only been a month since we were here, so no Babs, we haven't been to Vegas" said RB. We also promised to take a pic of Vegas Barb to show Resorts Barb.  Time to Butler for Love. 

 And Make it Rain 2.0. I even get to bundle up some of these hundys. We eat and spend a couple of hours together that I'm not gonna write something witty about. But I'm tempted. When we returned to the fray it was back to the B7's/QH duo. Insert coin......

                   IMG_7657.JPG (1264532 bytes)  IMG_7658.JPG (806422 bytes)  IMG_7659.JPG (871346 bytes)

                                                           IMG_7660.JPG (976361 bytes)     

                                                        Then we proceeded to Ye Olde Slantys.

                                  IMG_7661.JPG (1634293 bytes)      IMG_7662.JPG (1644327 bytes)


                                                         IMG_7663.JPG (1169995 bytes)

          Time for our daily feast. Today's feast is once again courtesy of Resorts. Hundy comp. And we can use it up at the Burger Bar. 

                                                         IMG_7664.JPG (1657440 bytes)

 Gallagher's menu is available here. But it's a much more chill space. Sweet Ti orders a Sunny Up burger with sweet tater fries. I go for the 45 year day aged sirloin. Truffle fries please. We watched Collegiate Lacrosse. Interesting. There's really comfy leather seating too 

                                       IMG_7666.JPG (1105825 bytes)    IMG_7667.JPG (1223594 bytes)


                                                        IMG_7665.JPG (1111919 bytes)

                                                     Sipping implement, not writing dummy.....

      I head up to the room to stash the vast majority of my steak and fries while Sweet Ti takes a whack at the DDB .25 Progressive. 

                                         IMG_7668.JPG (1034124 bytes)     IMG_7669.JPG (1255067 bytes)   

                                                             yepper, I was stalking my Sweet Ti 

     I replaced her at that machine and she took off for the Pick a Pair machine. I can watch her play- although her back is to me. 

                                                                  IMG_7671.JPG (626124 bytes)

  She has no luck there, so it's the .50 Top $$$. Same setup- her back is to me. She hits the bonus and her first offer is 40 credits. I yell " I would probably take it." She doesn't hear me and hits the try again button.....

                         IMG_7672.JPG (1125375 bytes)    IMG_7673.JPG (1671314 bytes)     IMG_7674.JPG (1142331 bytes)

                                                                        Way to go Darlin'!

                                                                   IMG_7676.JPG (1380716 bytes)

              IMG_7679.JPG (1442507 bytes)           IMG_7680.JPG (1033920 bytes)               IMG_7681.JPG (1303108 bytes)   

                                IMG_7682.JPG (1027013 bytes)                      IMG_7684.JPG (1116331 bytes)       

                                                               IMG_7685.JPG (1209235 bytes)      

                                                                Time for some Crazy Money!

 A lady with a walker is just leaving when we walk up. She turns around and said she lost her phone. So we do a frantic search of the area looking. These machines are in a circle of about 8. While we are searching another lady said she lost her phone too. Do we have a phone thief in our midst? Time to alert security and check the eye in the sky. Right about this time the walker lady produces her phone. It had fallen into the deep neither regions of her walker. One down, one to go. Sure enough, the other lady finds hers too! Amazing. 

                                      IMG_7687.JPG (1400625 bytes)     IMG_7688.JPG (982142 bytes)

                                                    Let's watch some of the action. Jim Jim????


                                                     IMG_7691.JPG (1388533 bytes)

                                                       IMG_7696.JPG (1406954 bytes) 

                                                           Plus- it's got a Love seat

                                                                                           IMG_7695.JPG (407151 bytes)


                                    Back once again to Slantyville. Sweet Ti gets filmed- roll it Jimmy!!



                                                        IMG_7698.JPG (1456240 bytes)

                                                        Which she follows up with this-

                                                        IMG_7703.JPG (1596286 bytes)

 Shout out to today's emergency back up local, David. He's a beverage server who has been working here as long as I remember. He's always really friendly, and actually walked up to us, stopped, and asked us if we needed anything. This is highly unusual here. David does it all the time. He takes our order and returns swiftly with our refreshments. 

                                   IMG_7701.JPG (1136677 bytes)    IMG_7702.JPG (1622420 bytes)

                                                       I toked him a fistful of 2. bills.

       Sweet Ti has parleyed up to dollahs while I am steadily getting my butt handed to me by .50 DDB. Sweet Ti strikes again. 

                                                          IMG_7705.JPG (1303991 bytes)

                                                                   And cashes out.

  Break time. Sweet Ti is done down here for the day. I escort her aloft and make sure we have Access to Netflix. Every 24 hours you have to log each device back in to their Wifi. I've also notices that the Firestix seems to corrupt whichever HDMI port it's plugged into at the bewitching hour. So I dutifully change ports and log everything back onto the interweb. She is set for an evening's binging. 

   I'm after some DSTP. It's iffy at best during the evening here. Tends to get stinky. But the single machine here is empty. I. C.

   IMG_7709.JPG (1607547 bytes)   60471714770__70F515E5-E39F-4AE6-B113-BC685232CFD4.JPG (3309771 bytes)   60471736565__1B8302AD-E451-49D5-8A0B-48EEFC44B12C.JPG (3112407 bytes)   60471762462__01532A17-16A7-433B-B31F-D576FBBD4D8E.JPG (3145113 bytes)

 The air is surprisingly breathable. Until. These 6 people show up at the end of my row and they all fire up ciggies. They came from upstairs somewhere. Not interested in playing any machines, just stinking up the place. One of them even left his half smoked cancer stick

                                                          IMG_7707.JPG (1220264 bytes)  


                  60471802353__05A611B7-7079-4D87-9C34-691C30717C66.JPG (3434022 bytes)     60471860440__D5DDD03C-ED21-473F-A2AD-E78BC081B855.JPG (3084385 bytes)      60471867392__08CD4ADB-10E2-401B-9022-6AECE2D4D6C1.JPG (3204884 bytes)

                   IMG_7716.JPG (1555653 bytes)    IMG_7717.JPG (1356614 bytes)     IMG_7718.JPG (1529872 bytes)

        They would show up like clockwork every half hour or so. I finally had had enough. Plus, I ran out of credits too.

                                        IMG_7719.JPG (2560142 bytes)    IMG_7720.JPG (1443912 bytes)

 It's pretty tough to earn tears and comps playing VP. At least these tears and good till Jan. 11, 2021. They go by whatever your card's anniversary date is. That's mine. So all of the tears I earned on my last trip disappeared a few days later. Time to crash.

                                            03.01.2020 There's nothing better baby*

   Hey Now! once again, rabbit. 5:00 a.m. Peck. On the floor I size up the Progressives once again. Good, a QH looks tasty. Hit it Jimmy!!


         Yet another in my ever expanding list of Progressive videos that yielded nothing. Fresh hundy and a few spins later- James??


   IMG_7725.JPG (969469 bytes)   IMG_7726.JPG (1283647 bytes)   IMG_7727.JPG (772020 bytes)   IMG_7728.JPG (1761243 bytes)

 I suppose I will actually catch one live on Memorex at some point. It took me quite a while and 2 hundy in a B7's machine to get paid.  Donald the security guard kept trying to raise somebody at dispatch. I asked if it was shift change. "Yep!" Then Donald said " Good thing I am not calling in an emergency". Donna Marie finally showed up to process me out. Time for a walkabout. W4 is up next Jim.......


                                                    Buffalo giveth- Buffalo taketh.

                    IMG_7730.JPG (1571200 bytes)    IMG_7731.JPG (1374950 bytes)      IMG_7732.JPG (1463413 bytes)    

                                         IMG_7733.JPG (1439564 bytes)   IMG_7735.JPG (1450602 bytes)

                                                           IMG_7734.JPG (1400016 bytes)

                                                                    So does DSTP!

                                                            IMG_7736.JPG (910701 bytes)

                                                         Homey's wife must have ditched him.

                                                            IMG_7739.JPG (1235097 bytes)

                                                              Man it looks cold out there

                                                           IMG_7740.JPG (1368481 bytes)

                                                               Man it IS cold out here!

                                                           IMG_7743.JPG (1655117 bytes)

                                                             Much warmer in Pointyville!

                                                            IMG_7742.JPG (1325692 bytes)

                                                  Coffee Elizabeth followed by Makin' It Rain 3.0. 


                                                                        via GIPHY

     We have reservations to Capriccios Buffet this morning at 11 a.m. or so. We watch CBS Sunday Morning and leisurely stroll down.

     IMG_7744.JPG (912180 bytes)   IMG_7762.JPG (1140296 bytes)  IMG_7763.JPG (477565 bytes)  IMG_7764.JPG (466645 bytes)

          Elvie seats us. Winston and Alberto are providing our service. Good ol' Alberto. He is well mended from his heart procedure.

                                                                 IMG_7770.JPG (1620912 bytes)

    His usual partner Genaro is off today. Sweet Ti gets some champagne and I Alberto rustles me up a bottle of fancy Italian still water.

                                                                  IMG_7766.JPG (1475762 bytes)

     IMG_7745.JPG (1082733 bytes)  IMG_7746.JPG (1829367 bytes)  IMG_7747.JPG (1741233 bytes)  IMG_7748.JPG (1327275 bytes)

    IMG_7749.JPG (1151335 bytes)  IMG_7750.JPG (1468309 bytes)  IMG_7751.JPG (1153503 bytes)  IMG_7757.JPG (1287074 bytes) 

    IMG_7752.JPG (1267062 bytes)  IMG_7753.JPG (1201329 bytes)  IMG_7758.JPG (1296776 bytes)  IMG_7759.JPG (1298780 bytes)

                                 IMG_7754.JPG (1547794 bytes)                 IMG_7756.JPG (1566595 bytes)


 Whenever we dine here, it's great because everybody remembers you and genuinely enjoys their job. Today's local, Chef Lisa Fortunato stops by to chat. I compliment her on the service and the abundant cuisine. She says that they are just like one big family here.

                                                            IMG_7771.JPG (1009339 bytes)

     Chef Lisa said that she had pneumonia last fall and the staff was all over her making sure she was well taken care of.

                                                           IMG_7772.JPG (1563665 bytes)

 Finally she went ahead and joined us at the table. She's from New York and graduated from the CIA. Lisa has been working the line since she was 15 and worked in various New York fine dining establishments. She was the Executive Chef at the opening of the Cove Restaurant in Brigantine and took over operations at Capriccio in 2016. She even noticed that I was wearing my EAC bracelet. She said she knew various members who are regular customers here and she is actually a member herself! We really enjoyed meeting her. What a fine repast. Our comp covered everything and we took care of the staff with a 50% tip. They deserve every penny.

                                          How about something completely different there Jim???? 


                                                           IMG_7776.JPG (1531030 bytes)

                                              We hold a VP contest on those .25 DDB Progressives-

                                                                      Sweet Ti:

                                    IMG_7782.JPG (1080178 bytes)       IMG_7783.JPG (1561778 bytes)


                                                             IMG_7784.JPG (1264689 bytes)   

                                                                      Sweet Ti wins

        We take a break to do some preliminary packing. There's no major rush- we are catching the 10:30 ferry in the morning. Sweet Ti stayed aloft and I spent the rest of the afternoon perusing the various offerings. First up is and old favorite. Roll tape Mr. Jim-



                                           IMG_7785.JPG (1152968 bytes)     IMG_7786.JPG (1131864 bytes)

                                                            60479192254__49369E16-DC8D-4722-8DC7-27C9344CA591.JPG (3167163 bytes) 

                                  IMG_7788.JPG (1157731 bytes)  IMG_7789.JPG (1286096 bytes) 

                   IMG_7790.JPG (1106775 bytes)       60479569714__C9FA809A-EA2D-44E2-AA14-026204881482.JPG (2273889 bytes)        60480762652__46B0D55E-4B99-4B2F-85F2-EC2EF6DB2B0E.JPG (2252073 bytes)

 Sweet Ti texts that she's hungry. Maybe some soup from the Soup Nazi. I cash out and walk over. Here's today's menu.

                                                             60480820864__18FF8B06-00AA-4CAD-A7B5-51CA2BFADC9A.JPG (2138180 bytes)

                                                              "Broccoli & Cheese please"

 There's a queue waiting to order so naturally I find a slot machine nearby to wait till the coast is clear. I never even noticed that this particular machine was here. It's up against a column and easily missed. It's an older Deal or No Deal 5 reel. Take us there please Jim...




                                                              60480855002__6C99A625-CF22-42AE-A857-D53EA769776F.JPG (2708244 bytes)

                                                              Nothing like getting paid to wait.

 I grabbed my food and butlered dinner for my Darlin'. I had the rest of the pizza from the other day. We finished our packing and watched a music doc on Netflix. Gotta admit, the BR is looking pretty damn flush this trip. And still no paperwork!

                                                              IMG_7794.JPG (1257768 bytes)

                                           03.02.2020    Do you like my sweater?* 

 Hey Now! The final froniter. 5 a.m.  Well, until recently, Resorts waited till later in the day to let you access the day's FSP. But now it's available at 6 a.m. So why not? 

                                   IMG_7795.JPG (1297015 bytes)           IMG_7796.JPG (1419649 bytes)

          IMG_7797.JPG (1609434 bytes)                  IMG_7798.JPG (1525499 bytes)              IMG_7799.JPG (1400328 bytes)  

                                     IMG_7800.JPG (1099710 bytes)        IMG_7801.JPG (1646744 bytes)

 Well this is going along just swimmingly. That is, till the unmistakable stench hit my nose. I turn to the left knowing what lies there.

                                                          60484347220__DD9C3062-D1BC-4A5B-9BA9-9381DE228DA7.JPG (2607233 bytes)

 Sure enough, it's today's local- the boardling. This makes 3 for 3 trips that this dude has been there. Early in the morning, chain smoking and playing a couple of credits at a time. No doubt waiting on his cronies to REALLY stank up the joint. But I'm on a roll.

                                                          IMG_7803.JPG (1431684 bytes)   

                                     And now I just need that last 4OAK to end the trip with....

                                                          IMG_7804.JPG (1233040 bytes)

                                                                      I'm done.

                                     IMG_7805.JPG (2419450 bytes)   IMG_7806.JPG (2869141 bytes)

 Coffee Elizabeth, finish loading up Foxy, checkout via the TV- don't forget the Firestix! To the ferry and home to our awaiting herds. We ended up around 1k in the black. Noice. Well, that's for coming along once again for the ride y'all. Till next time- Cheers!

                                                         IMG_7807.JPG (886416 bytes)




                                                                                         1_4IHTlKiiR9jXbj6H7qRIkQ.jpg (26141 bytes)

                                                          *Sadie Hawkins Dance, Reliant K