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                                              A Pirate Looks at- oh, never mind!!

                             05.20.2022 Calling out around the world*

   Hey Now! Welcome back my friends! Shall we gambol???? This will be yet another solo voyage. Sweet Ti is back home tending our kids.

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                                                               Callie wanted to come!

                Up the shore to the ferry. Easy trip before dawn. They are just about to load as I drove up. Perfect timing.

                                                           IMG_9256.JPG (1230800 bytes)

  Nappy time! Next thing I know we are in Cape May. 45 minutes later I'm pulling into the Resorts self park. I know my room is ready on account of I called our Maggie to give her the low down. I grab on bags and as I walk up to the front desk she is waving at me with my room key in hand. I quietly slip her a twenty as I check in. I get scolded by our Maggie for leaving Sweet Ti at home. These Poles have no filters whatsoever. But between Maggie and our host Stephanie, I've scored a sweet Ocean Tower Suite. I ask Maggie about the view.

                                                        Maggie said "It's a room without a view"

     IMG_9257.JPG (1352742 bytes)  IMG_9258.JPG (1775217 bytes)  IMG_9259.JPG (1133480 bytes)  IMG_9260.JPG (1087684 bytes)

                   IMG_9261.JPG (951868 bytes)        IMG_9262.JPG (1026333 bytes)       IMG_9263.JPG (1267394 bytes) 

                       IMG_9264.JPG (1408274 bytes)  IMG_9265.JPG (1088703 bytes)  IMG_9266.JPG (1564699 bytes)

     The layout is a bit different from the room Sweet Ti and I had for our Inhale to the Chief trip. I like this one better.

                                          IMG_9267.JPG (1162749 bytes)  IMG_9269.JPG (1044803 bytes)

                                                                      she was right- no view!!

       IMG_9270.JPG (1118826 bytes) IMG_9271.JPG (1051867 bytes) IMG_9272.JPG (1034783 bytes) IMG_9273.JPG (1252964 bytes)

                                   Here's where I start. Today's offer is 4x comps. Plus 80. in FSP. 

                                                            IMG_9277.JPG (1355559 bytes)

                                                                   The DSTP Mistress

         I needed to scratch that itch right away. Cost me a couple hundy. Damn. Next up I spot an unusual sight.....

                                                            IMG_9278.JPG (1247096 bytes)

 These are .50 Quick Hit machines. 2 credit max bet. The progressive starts at 500. so this one is ripe. I'm feelin' it. Jim?????




                         IMG_9280.JPG (898186 bytes)                         IMG_9291.JPG (1509313 bytes)

                                                                  Wasn't expecting that!

I kinda figured maybe I'd hit something. The interesting thing about this game is that any hit of 1000 credits or more generates a hand pay. So our buddy and today's local, Donna responded to the lit candle on top of my machine. Donna has been working here as long as I've been hanging out here. 15 years. She's always got a cheerful smile on her face. She does her thing and heads off to retrieve my 500. When she returns she counts out 5 hundred dollar bills into my greedy little hands. I ask her why she didn't get the last hundy in twenties like I usually get these paid out. "Unless I'm asked for a special request, I just give out what the machine spits out." Good ol' Donna. I fish a twenty out of my pocket for a toke. She's very grateful. She ya next time girl!

                                                        IMG_9292.JPG (1152434 bytes)         

 I downloaded that into my ol' standby slant VP machine along with a hundy. Dollar 8/5 BP. I never even got trips. But then I notice that the promo light is still flashing on my card. What is this? I dial it up.

                                                        IMG_9293.JPG (1018054 bytes)          

                                                                   Hey Now!   

 I am clueless. Not that that's too unusual. I need to stop by the player's club anyway, so I ease on over and see my other buddy, Jack. One of the nice perks of having the Parameter Plus card is that you are almost always at the front of whatever line there is. There was, and I didn't have to wait. Jack hooked me up with my weekly wine quota and a chit for this evening's slot tourney.

                             IMG_9296.JPG (2027012 bytes)                   


 I asked after that mysterious slot play. "Looks like maybe your host put this on your card along with a 125. food comp for your birthday. Your level card usually generated extra perks. You need to use that free play today Robbie." Jack always calls me Robbie. I take a break to the room to call my Sweet Ti and put away the wine. We have a nice chat. I wish she was here. She does too. 


                                                                   IMG_9294.JPG (1100654 bytes)              IMG_9295.JPG (1186548 bytes)

                                                                                                    Outside the soup has hit the fan. 

                   IMG_9298.JPG (1213421 bytes)   IMG_9299.JPG (1326993 bytes)  IMG_9301.JPG (1080344 bytes)

                                                           Next time we melt that bitch....

 There's a bunch of new games scattered around. I'm always on the lookout for new Monopoly games. I spot a biggun. Monopoly Cheater's Edition. I download a hundy of my birthday free play and have at it. Judging by all the rules screens, this game has lots of cheats.

       IMG_9303.JPG (1300186 bytes) IMG_9304.JPG (1420738 bytes) IMG_9305.JPG (1409442 bytes) IMG_9306.JPG (1461461 bytes)

      IMG_9307.JPG (1377174 bytes) IMG_9308.JPG (1383115 bytes) IMG_9309.JPG (1349200 bytes) IMG_9310.JPG (1392975 bytes)

      IMG_9311.JPG (1484646 bytes) IMG_9312.JPG (1608326 bytes) IMG_9313.JPG (1342889 bytes) IMG_9314.JPG (1784238 bytes)

                                  IMG_9315.JPG (1606625 bytes)                IMG_9316.JPG (1258178 bytes)

                                                                      Got all that??

 I never had a chance. Mr. M kept all his secret cheats close. But I will give this one another chance later on. Right now it's time to order dinner. As in a pizza from Famiglias. I always make sure to slip the chef a TJ (two dollar bill) to spiffy up my dinner. And as usual, I play some Smokin' Hot Shots Jackpot Respins. Let's play along please Jim----



                                                                IMG_9317.JPG (1356266 bytes)    

                                                                    Works every time......

              I grab my pie and head aloft. Upon entering I am pleasantly surprised to find a room service trolley full of goodies.  

                                 IMG_9318.JPG (1349449 bytes)                    IMG_9320.JPG (1925466 bytes)

                                                                      Thanks Steph!

                                                                 IMG_9322.JPG (1825614 bytes)

                                                                          Thanks Chef!!!

  URP.  At 5 p.m. I give my Sweet Ti a call for our Welcome, to our weekend song. Not to be confused with the Jinathan Edwards song.....



                       Just about every FM station - especially classic rock stations used to play this song at 5 p.m. every Friday. 

                                                                 W4 Boost Gold rules

       IMG_9323.JPG (1511956 bytes) IMG_9324.JPG (1366885 bytes) IMG_9325.JPG (1708093 bytes) IMG_9326.JPG (1637811 bytes)

       IMG_9327.JPG (1625193 bytes) IMG_9328.JPG (1586770 bytes) IMG_9329.JPG (1453216 bytes) IMG_9330.JPG (1411518 bytes)

       IMG_9331.JPG (1422374 bytes) IMG_9332.JPG (1385386 bytes) IMG_9333.JPG (1284398 bytes) IMG_9334.JPG (1313356 bytes) 

      IMG_9335.JPG (1444565 bytes) IMG_9336.JPG (1378630 bytes) IMG_9337.JPG (1441662 bytes) IMG_9338.JPG (1774762 bytes)

                                                   Got all that? There will be a quiz. Right JJ?????



                                                            IMG_9340.JPG (1341956 bytes) 

                                                                   I see potential!!!!

                                           Sweet Ti suggests some Double Top Dollar. I concur.

                                                            IMG_9341.JPG (1194068 bytes)

                                                       Time to parley to 2. denom

                                     IMG_9342.JPG (1240374 bytes)   IMG_9346.JPG (1279549 bytes)

                                                        IMG_9347.JPG (1636183 bytes)

                                                                And.....parley to 5. 

                               Image           IMG_9353.JPG (1603520 bytes)

                                                       IMG_9354.JPG (1321523 bytes)

                                                  That went very well. Like this trip so far!

       IMG_9355.JPG (1485634 bytes) IMG_9356.JPG (1548625 bytes) IMG_9357.JPG (1532830 bytes) IMG_9358.JPG (1479196 bytes) IMG_9359.JPG (1385036 bytes) IMG_9360.JPG (1525726 bytes) IMG_9361.JPG (1591483 bytes)

                             yet another bunch of bonuses I never did hit.... Queue up the one I did hit please Jim......




                                 IMG_9363.JPG (1595794 bytes)                Image   

                                                          IMG_9365.JPG (1333984 bytes)      

                                                              The hits just keep coming!

 Slot tourney time. It started at 7 p.m., but by 7:20 the sparse crowds had already thinned out. There's very few people in the casino right about now. As a matter of fact, after I got checked in we had to wait for enough players to fill up the 20 machines in the tourney. 

                                                         IMG_9367.JPG (1235430 bytes)        

                                                            Pretty sure I came in last. 

               IMG_9368.JPG (1172025 bytes)      IMG_9369.JPG (1274224 bytes)       IMG_9370.JPG (1028373 bytes)

                     I did the ol' parley up to .05 denom- which is a 12.50 max bet, and donated my .02 proceeds.

 One last task for this evening. They have a promo going called Born 2 Ride Blackjack. They are playing it with 4 decks. Win with a BJ.

                                                            IMG_9371.JPG (1206246 bytes)

                                                             I was dealt a 6. Never mind.

                  It's been a lovely day. I'm up several hundy. Good night Sweet Ti. Wish you were here. Next trip.

                                                            IMG_9372.JPG (1277791 bytes)

                                                                       Party Central

                                  05.21.2022  Are you ready for a brand new beat?*

      Hey Now! I couldn't sleep. Too much pizza and 2nd hand smoke I suppose. But I finally got up at 3 a.m. and took a shower.

                                                                    IMG_9374.JPG (1126756 bytes)

                                                                     Ready for action

 I had texted Steph yesterday thanking her for everything and finally heard back from her after I went to bed. She wished me a Lucky Birthday. She left work early to catch a flight somewhere. Good for her. She deserves some time to herself. She said for me to let her know if I needed anything. What a sweetheart. I'm good. I think I'll save up some goodwill for when my better half is with.

                                     IMG_9377.JPG (1509255 bytes)          IMG_9380.JPG (1600608 bytes)

                                                              Here Soooooooooieeeeee!!!!!!!!

                                Time for my morning Crack Whore session. I'm feelin' me some DSTP.

      IMG_9381.JPG (1406073 bytes)  IMG_9382.JPG (1340521 bytes)  IMG_9383.JPG (1342799 bytes)  IMG_9384.JPG (1390808 bytes)

                     spinner!                          Pointies!                              Delta spinner!                      Quad!

              Great fun when it's going well. Bottomless sucking pit of devastation when it isn't. Went well that time. While this is happening, a CW actually shows up. FOB from Eastern Europe. It took a while for her to come to grips with the concept of "O'Doul's". She knew what a "Red Bull" was, but she informed me it would cost me 5. I don't think so. Just bring me an Ab'Dulls please Natasha. Na Zdrowie. By now it's just before 6 a.m. That's when the gaming day officially ends/begins here. Let's check out today's (Friday) official totals.

                IMG_9387.JPG (2050282 bytes)         IMG_9388.JPG (1032027 bytes)          IMG_9389.JPG (1936546 bytes)               

 I noticed this new machine yesterday in Hollyrock Hills. What you see is what you get. 1., 5., 10. denomination. 1, 5, or 10 credits activate 1,2,or 3 reels. So I'm playing 1. denom. 10. bet. Here we go. 

                      IMG_9390.JPG (1042079 bytes)      IMG_9391.JPG (1059118 bytes)       IMG_9392.JPG (1017493 bytes)

                                          IMG_9393.JPG (1031687 bytes)       IMG_9394.JPG (989642 bytes)


                                                                        Texas Ti as I say!

                                                          Take it away please Mr. James "JJ" James !!





 Hollyrock Hills is even treating me nice this morning.  Now, between the Cash Machine and Texas Ti is Double Top Dollar. Instead of doing a parley this time, I'm jumping straight into the fire. 5. denom, 10. maxi bet. Just for a hundy. Ten little spins. Take us there Jimmy!!!!!



                                                             IMG_9399.JPG (1610387 bytes)                               Image    

 Well shit the bed!! I'll take it! I dial it back down to dollar denom to burn the ticket back down to 1400. to cash out. Then a bonus.


                                                                   guess I'll cash out more!


                                                                         Hey Now!

 Next up- Dragons vs. Pandas. I did some reading about this game. It's really volatile. I can attest to that from the last trip. I do have the ammo. It's one of those .88 based games so I decide to start out ay the 5.28 level. Take it away Jimmy........



                                                         Frillin' Dragons....What's next please J.J.??????


                                                          IMG_9407.JPG (1600032 bytes)


 After all these years I finally got a video of a handy as it happened! Our Barb promptly showed up. That's one nice thing about a handpay in the morning. Not a lot of competition. She paid me the 1200.- I told her to keep the rest. Time to go up and make a deposit!

                                                           IMG_3933.jpeg (1262781 bytes)


 Sweet Ti is up back at the ranch and well pleased. We have a nice chat and I finish my RoFo chicken for breakfast. Ti tells me to get my butt back downstairs and continue this streak. I always make it a point to do EXACTLY what my baby tells me to do.

                                                          IMG_9409.JPG (956945 bytes)


                       Next Sweet Ti tells me to play some Monopoly Money. Yes ma'am M'Lady Wife!

                     IMG_9410.JPG (1505730 bytes)     IMG_9411.JPG (1159964 bytes)     IMG_9412.JPG (1296927 bytes)

                                                                        Nice call Darlin'!

 This game is actually the same chassis as that Wizard of Oz W3 game I've been playing. Interesting the different configurations. Push. 

                     I noticed this new update of a really old title. Stinkin' Rich- Skunk's Gone Wild. I give it a try.

        IMG_9413.JPG (1513988 bytes)  IMG_9415.JPG (1394834 bytes)  IMG_9417.JPG (1222887 bytes)  IMG_9418.JPG (1184659 bytes)

                                   IMG_9419.JPG (1673319 bytes)                   IMG_9420.JPG (1388714 bytes)

 The thing about the original version is that it's really, really volatile. Anf yet it's got absolutely nothing on this version. Wow! I mean I was playing 6.25 max bet, but I never got free spins or a bonus. Even with those 2 line hits I lost a couple hundy. PHEW!!!!

                                                            IMG_9421.JPG (1653605 bytes)

                                                                     Lot's o' roadies...

                   Not sure who's playing next door at the Hard Rock tonight, but there's a hella crew out there setting up. 

                IMG_9424.JPG (1220713 bytes)          IMG_9425.JPG (1273513 bytes)         IMG_9426.JPG (1355408 bytes)

                                         67483601914__E78C2E22-7043-4761-A763-3DACC29E540F.jpeg (683877 bytes)     IMG_9427.JPG (1604102 bytes)

                      Break time. I head up to the 3rd floor to try and get some pics of the progress on the pool rehab.

                                                               IMG_9428.JPG (1384978 bytes)

  No go. I can't get close enough for any shots. So I try the 13th floor. I'm trying to find some unlocked doors but not having any luck. I do notice a propped door showing some sunlight through the crack. But I'm headed pff at the pass by a Resorts worker by the name of Chris. He tells me that I never saw the door open- sounds good. Also that it doesn't offer a view of the pool anyway. They are setting up a conference room for some meeting and we shoot the shit for a bit. Chris tells me that all the workers here are pretty fed up with the management. I've been hearing the same stories for years. They won't come off any raises. Seems to me that now is about as good a time as any for these guys to bring in the Union. Or go to work for a union shop. But I digress.

                                                               Palate cleanser please James!!!! 


         IMG_9432.JPG (1013320 bytes) IMG_9433.JPG (1004557 bytes) IMG_9434.JPG (981571 bytes) IMG_9435.JPG (958778 bytes)

                                                                American Star Ball diva


                                                 Esmeralda calls. I start out at .01/2.50 bet.....

                                       IMG_9436.JPG (1065615 bytes)        IMG_9437.JPG (1223461 bytes)

                                                                    parley to .02/ 5.00 bet.......

                                       IMG_9439.JPG (1140966 bytes)        IMG_9440.JPG (996453 bytes)

                                                                    parley to .05/12.50 bet......

                                                                67485273271__679FB658-5BFE-493C-8060-6F1BB3553627.jpeg (608430 bytes)

                                                                     and get the hell out!!!!

                                                                IMG_9441.JPG (1161636 bytes)


                                                                        67485291154__FCFC70A6-33DC-43DB-8F2C-68C4B9963D8B.jpeg (644891 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9442.JPG (1573850 bytes)

            W4 Jackpot are calling. I dial up Miss Kitty and Buffalo Deluxe. .01/4.00 bet. Take us to the action please J.J.>>>>>>


                                                           IMG_9444.JPG (1838667 bytes) 

                                                            I parley up to 01/10.00 bet

                                                          IMG_9445.JPG (1628722 bytes)


                                                       And fire up those porcinis please Jim!

                             IMG_9447.JPG (1515574 bytes)                         IMG_9449.JPG (1449989 bytes)

                                                                   What a day this is! 

                          Instead of 100. FSP today I opted for a 100. bank card. Guaranteed to be a winner!! 

                                                             IMG_9450.JPG (1430294 bytes)

                                                                         cha' ching

 Meanwhile, I'm texting with my other brother, Kev. He's on the road in Colorado headed for a Mets game tomorrow. He's traveling with his partner Serando. They are staying at Monarch Casino in Black Hawk.

                                                           image000000.jpg (985735 bytes)

                                                                     It's snowing. 

                                                           67485569859__7A0BF09D-5FF3-46EB-AFDF-B00524B39A70.jpeg (622417 bytes)

                                                              Nice day for a ball game..

                                                     image000000 (1).jpg (966743 bytes)

                                                                       pre gaming

    I step out on the boardwalk to look around. It's packed! Same thing out on the beach. Peoples everywhere. It's 90, so there's that.

               IMG_9451.JPG (1802187 bytes)           IMG_9452.JPG (1462123 bytes)        IMG_9453.JPG (1379168 bytes)  

                                      IMG_9454.JPG (1458888 bytes)              IMG_9456.JPG (1723642 bytes)

                                                                    Beautiful day on the 'board 

 Back inside I'm just about ready for my other present from Resorts for my birthday- a juicy 125. food comp. Plus, it's Happy Hour at Dougherty's Raw Bar. Sounds like a plan. First I take a peek inside one of the dance event going on.

                                   IMG_9484.JPG (711452 bytes)                 IMG_9486.JPG (1260882 bytes)

                    IMG_9458.JPG (1248083 bytes)     IMG_9459.JPG (1303448 bytes)     IMG_9460.JPG (1400820 bytes)

                                                                        Dancin' Fools !!

                                     IMG_9461.JPG (1154853 bytes)             IMG_9462.JPG (1742040 bytes)

 I do believe that I've timed this just about right. I ask for a table up front as there's a band just setting up. I am Julia from Russia's customer. I start out with a dozen Barnegat oysters, a Coke, and a Tall Boy Acqua Panna still water. Good choice.

                                                             IMG_9464.JPG (1240157 bytes)

                                   IMG_9469.JPG (1398055 bytes)             IMG_9470.JPG (1417798 bytes)

 Today's locals, Hildy and the Peptones are setting up for their afternoon set. I chatted with Louis about his beautiful vintage Gibson. Smooth. They play a mixture of Twenty's era jazz and assorted treats. Louis Marchasani on guitar and vocals, Hildy Christensen on drums and vocals, and Johnny Peppers Peppercraft on bass, bass saxophone, contra bass saxophone, and bass banjo. Not to be missed!!

      IMG_9478.JPG (1267214 bytes)  IMG_9479.JPG (782922 bytes)  IMG_9480.JPG (878763 bytes)  IMG_9483.JPG (856228 bytes)

                                                                IMG_9474.JPG (1262855 bytes)

                                                          They play every other Saturday @ 5 p.m.

                                       IMG_9476.JPG (1213668 bytes)            IMG_9477.JPG (1734559 bytes)

                                         32 oz. Porterhouse, hash browns, foraged 'shrooms, and horsey sauce. 


       And plenty of leftovers. Plenty indeed. I take my leave and venture above with my stash. I stop at the end of the hall for a view.

                                             IMG_9488.JPG (1518147 bytes)IMG_9489.JPG (1340460 bytes)

                                                     At least there's a view on this floor somewhere!!

   Mr.Cashman Bingo has a tasty board staring at me at the 3.75 level. I'm not too sure about the AP value of this, but here goes...

                                                              IMG_9494.JPG (1435456 bytes)

                                                                  cost me 200. to hit this

          Therein lies the problem with this play. If the wrong bingo hits- like it did this time- all is lost. Same thing on Regal Riches.

                 IMG_9495.JPG (1467940 bytes)         IMG_9496.JPG (1573400 bytes)         IMG_9497.JPG (1727035 bytes)

                     IMG_9499.JPG (1535877 bytes)     67487136936__D813532D-BEE3-4FB9-B0E8-BA6A33E164CA.jpeg (1039669 bytes)     IMG_9501.JPG (1614759 bytes)

                                                             Cost me 300. and still no Unicorn.

           IMG_9502.JPG (1311290 bytes)               IMG_9503.JPG (1015072 bytes)            IMG_9504.JPG (1187784 bytes)

   One of a kind day for sure. I managed to pad the BR by a couple thousand and still do all kinds of crazy gamboling. Fun, fun, fun!

                                                               IMG_9505.JPG (987563 bytes)


                                                            05.22.2022 Summer's here and the time is right*

    Hey Now! I managed to stay in bed till 5 a.m. Amazing, yes, I know! S>S>S> I'm just gonna kinda ease my way into the morn. 

                                                              IMG_9506.JPG (1286142 bytes)

                                                            Fake Red Bull and fake Metamucil

                IMG_9507.JPG (1306390 bytes)               IMG_9508.JPG (1317811 bytes)              IMG_9509.JPG (1447437 bytes) 

                  IMG_9510.JPG (1882348 bytes)                    IMG_9511.JPG (1871540 bytes)         IMG_9515.JPG (1572932 bytes)

                                            I spot the progress on the pool that I have been seeking

                                                               IMG_9512.JPG (908413 bytes)

                                                                    Ready by June 30????

  I head down towards the water. I'm flabbergasted. The beach is trashed. I mean there's always some litter around especially on a Sunday morning after a beautiful Saturday in the summer, but not like this. It's frilling disgusting.

                           IMG_9517.JPG (1453010 bytes)                                   IMG_9518.JPG (1786748 bytes)  

                                                               IMG_9522.JPG (1988006 bytes)

                                                              I did score this nice beach mat

                                              IMG_9520.JPG (1353311 bytes)IMG_9519.JPG (1281721 bytes)    

         IMG_9521.JPG (1339445 bytes)               IMG_9523.JPG (2031307 bytes)  IMG_9524.JPG (1144248 bytes)              IMG_9516.JPG (1176366 bytes)

                                                       Still, it's a beautiful morning out by the ocean.

                                                                           Crack whore??

      IMG_9527.JPG (1841972 bytes)  IMG_9528.JPG (1593240 bytes)  IMG_9529.JPG (1389893 bytes)  IMG_9530.JPG (1740692 bytes)

                                                             Any Unicorns here Jimmy??????



                                    IMG_9532.JPG (1549546 bytes)        IMG_9533.JPG (1457471 bytes) 

                                         IMG_9534.JPG (1002779 bytes) IMG_9535.JPG (1563376 bytes)

                                                         IMG_9536.JPG (1492216 bytes)

                                                               The magic lives on!!!!

                                                            I find a piggie that looks ripe.

                                                           IMG_9538.JPG (1667039 bytes)

                                             It didn't pop- but it did give up this little tidbit!

  I'm feeling me some Monopoly Cheater's Edition. This seems to be the right time to give it another chance. Take us there please Jim!!



                             IMG_9539.JPG (1389947 bytes)              IMG_9542.JPG (1356578 bytes)        

                                                                 First spin!!!!!    

                                                       IMG_9543.JPG (1470732 bytes)   

                                                       IMG_9544.JPG (1730350 bytes)

                                                                Helluva morning!!!!

                                                        IMG_9545.JPG (1668790 bytes)

                                                             nothing like leftovers

                                                        IMG_9546.JPG (1485096 bytes)

                                                             Maryann and Jonathan

       These two! I kept running into them on the elevator. They were in the dance competition. They won their division!! Safe travels.

                                       IMG_9548.JPG (1473890 bytes)     IMG_9549.JPG (1118438 bytes)

                                                        Hit it please Mr. James.....


                                                                IMG_9550.JPG (1040412 bytes)

                                IMG_9547.JPG (966889 bytes)                     IMG_9551.JPG (985889 bytes)      

                                   I'm just gonna play it down to an even 700. Last bet is 5. for the first 2 reels-

                                                                IMG_9552.JPG (1057628 bytes)

                                                                67492470357__8059CC44-7F1B-412C-B09E-83732661F398.jpeg (688162 bytes)

                                   I found another W4 type game. Didn't bother to take 27 pics of the rules.

   IMG_9559.JPG (1242952 bytes)    IMG_9560.JPG (1625303 bytes)   IMG_9561.JPG (1394307 bytes)   IMG_9562.JPG (1398468 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9558.JPG (1253515 bytes)

                                                                      Story of my life......

                                                                      IMG_9563.JPG (1195708 bytes)

             Time for a walkabout. I haven't been to Bally's since they changed hands. Maybe they changed out the chips?  

      IMG_9564.JPG (1822588 bytes)  IMG_9565.JPG (1626248 bytes)  IMG_9566.JPG (1336789 bytes)  IMG_9567.JPG (1675299 bytes)

               IMG_9568.JPG (2222887 bytes)           IMG_9569.JPG (1335072 bytes)           IMG_9571.JPG (1581474 bytes)  

                                       IMG_9572.JPG (1726545 bytes)     IMG_9573.JPG (1540914 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9574.JPG (1955129 bytes)

  It's damn near perfect outside today. 78 with a slight SE wind. Fewer humans about than yesterday. Inside the new but uninproved Bally's I stop by the cashier looking for said chip. She tells me to try the pit. There's a few BJ tables open, but they are full and in the middle of shoes. Finally I spot a craps table with a new shooter lining up and score a chip. Unfortunately, it's the same one style. 

                                                        FVtz2KBWIAQzkLI.jpg (281521 bytes)

                                                    One of the few things left of the Wild Wild West

                                      IMG_9578.JPG (2125569 bytes)     IMG_9579.JPG (2108400 bytes)

             IMG_9580.JPG (1737826 bytes)           IMG_9581.JPG (1272613 bytes)            IMG_9583.JPG (1617152 bytes)

                                                             IMG_9584 (2).jpg (1538911 bytes)

                                                           At last! A decent construction pic!!! 

                                                             IMG_9586.JPG (1344140 bytes)

                                                    Today's haul. Let's see what I can do with it....

                                                             IMG_9588.JPG (1728355 bytes)

                                                                        yes please!

 I have another food comp I need to burn so it's Breadsticks. Today's local, MD is my waiter. MD is a character. He's originally from Pakistan. Been here about 10 years. He is very attentive, that is he really, really, really wants me to post a positive review of the place on Trip Advisor and hence the server. I obliged him. Click on the link back there if y'all have a mind to. 

                 67494226347__4E29386F-BF19-4F05-978A-588ED7B7612B.jpeg (745474 bytes)    67493326245__CE3D1878-7506-4E4B-9D53-EE9831EE4C31.jpeg (717686 bytes)     IMG_9593.JPG (621465 bytes)

                                                                           Nice view. 

                                    IMG_9594.JPG (1229162 bytes)              IMG_9595.JPG (1558929 bytes)

                                                                          Good grub.


 And damn cheap too. I had to order 2 cheesecakes to go just to use up an 80. comp. I took good care of MD too. Interestingly enough I couldn't make it upstairs right away though, on account of all the elevators are sitting there wide open.

                                                           IMG_9596.JPG (1417481 bytes)

                                I even tried the Emergency Back-Up Elevators at the other end of the tower. 

                                       IMG_9597.JPG (1164477 bytes)   IMG_9598.JPG (1202316 bytes)

                                 From the looks of things, there was a fire alarm somewhere. I finally made it. 

   I'm always on the lookout for something new and tasty. The Amazing Money Machine catches my eye. .01-.05 denonination, 60-600 credit bet. I'm thinking .02/3.60 bet. 

                                                          IMG_9599.JPG (1412398 bytes)

                                                      Roll that Amazing footage please Jimmy!!




                                                           67494849704__203E5165-1907-4FC7-BE9A-D35AA32414A1 (1).jpeg (840320 bytes)

                                                                  And again Jim??


                                                            IMG_9603.JPG (1055710 bytes)       

                                                            IMG_9604.JPG (1604098 bytes)

              Believe it or not I haven't ever tried this particular old school offering. No bounses, so what you see is what you get.

      IMG_9607.JPG (1866707 bytes)  IMG_9608.JPG (1893467 bytes)  IMG_9609.JPG (1972205 bytes)

            I kept parleying back and forth between .01/ 2.bets and .05/ 10. bets. Notice how all of these hits are at the .01 level?? 

                                                            Big Money Please Miss Vanna!.......J.J.?


                                                              IMG_9610.JPG (1094931 bytes)

                                                                            or not

                                  IMG_9612.JPG (1162546 bytes)                IMG_9613.JPG (1143672 bytes)

 Sweet Ti texts me with a request. She's feeling some Devil Baby. Yes ma'am. Insert coin in said machine. Things are going bad- but wait!

                                                                     Roll #17 please J.J.!


                                                         IMG_9614.JPG (1471976 bytes)                      

                                                        Sweet Ti is once again on point! 

                                          IMG_9615.JPG (1094487 bytes)

                                                                one of these days......

                                       IMG_9616.JPG (2122998 bytes)  IMG_9617.JPG (1336871 bytes)

                                                               Another profitable day.


                                          05.23.2022   For dancing in the streets*

     Hey Now! 4:20. Another fitful night. Too much rich food that I'm unaccustomed to. Even with fiber and Gas-X. Urp! Excuse me.

                                       IMG_9620.JPG (1181026 bytes)    IMG_9621.JPG (1304880 bytes)

                                                                     Art Deco elevators

                                                               IMG_9622.JPG (1336485 bytes)

                                                                         10th floor view

  I'm thinking about asking Steph for a suite on the boardwalk side of the Ocean Tower next time. I know that the regular rooms overlooking the ocean are very small, but haven't looked into the suites. It's worth looking into I suppose.

                                                               IMG_9631.JPG (1162272 bytes)

                                                   Wearing my mask on my sleeve. Brave New World.

              IMG_9626.JPG (1359310 bytes)           IMG_9627.JPG (1545876 bytes)            IMG_9628.JPG (1721112 bytes)

                                         IMG_9629.JPG (1637245 bytes)    IMG_9630.JPG (1702351 bytes)

                                                             Severe lack of 4OAK spinners

                                                              IMG_9632.JPG (1249007 bytes)

                                                              The Green Machine was hungry!

 My next stop was W4 Boost Gold. Sitting next to me was none other than today's local, Helen P. Helen lives a few miles north of here and is originally from Poland. I befriend yet another Pole. Helen and her sister are staying next door at the Hard Luck Rock. Helen said she liked this place better. I gave her Stephanie's number and told her to give her a call. She was tearing up her machine. We had a blast!

                                                              67499655635__0E97C0D2-4E3D-4E09-B198-E121990C9539.jpeg (669594 bytes)

                                                         Let's look in on the action shall we please James?????


                                   IMG_9636.JPG (1647973 bytes)               IMG_9639.JPG (1292426 bytes)

                                                                IMG_9641.JPG (1168259 bytes)


                                           IMG_9640.JPG (1249900 bytes) IMG_9642.JPG (1088575 bytes)

                                                                  Stink it up there Jim!!



                                                         IMG_9644.JPG (1840308 bytes)        

                                                         That was a bit of not too much.....

 And I checked out the RLP for a likely combo. Since there are 3 machines here side by side, and each has 4 different denominations and 4 credit levels, that's 48 possibilities. Plus most of the time either there's someone playing or someone checking out all the possibilities.

                              IMG_9645.JPG (1661436 bytes)            IMG_9646.JPG (1691859 bytes)        

                                                      Throw us in the slop Mr. James>>>>>>


                                                    IMG_9651.JPG (1519179 bytes)

                                                  We can do better than that J.J.........



                                                    IMG_9649.JPG (1648335 bytes)


                                                       Fly my Jimmy- Fly!!!!!!!


                                                        IMG_9652.JPG (1228557 bytes)

                                                            IMG_9653.JPG (1610851 bytes)

                                                                        Today's haul

 67501079149__513EABC1-93A0-4C23-9F79-91FE92F1C6EB.jpeg (1182736 bytes)              

                                                                     Money from nothin'  

          Time for another new game debut. Wicked Wheel Panda by Everi. This little Panda is a real hoot. Keep your eye on him!!!!!!

                                                               IMG_9657.JPG (1505293 bytes)

                                                     Check out the Progressive feature please J.


                                                               IMG_9659.JPG (1610675 bytes) 

                                                       Spin that Wicked Ass Wheel Mr. Yames!


                                                                        IMG_9661.JPG (1481940 bytes)

                                                                        IMG_9662.JPG (1292235 bytes)

                                                                                     Great tunes!!!

                                               IMG_9663.JPG (1652840 bytes)

                                                                 IMG_9664.JPG (1425450 bytes)

        Break time. I grad a Rueben sammich from the Soup Nazi and make my way aloft. Do yourself a favor and stick with their soups.

                                                                 IMG_9665.JPG (1871309 bytes)


  I got the majority of my packing done. I'm catching the 7 a.m. ferry in the morning. I had a nice chat with my Sweet Ti. I miss her!!

                                          IMG_9666.JPG (706889 bytes)            IMG_9667.JPG (852171 bytes)           IMG_9668.JPG (768186 bytes)

      There are many historical churches in Atlantic City. Everywhere you look. Right now I'm headed for the Church of Hard Rock....

     IMG_9669.JPG (1475676 bytes)   IMG_9670.JPG (1533294 bytes)   IMG_9671.JPG (1176741 bytes)   IMG_9672.JPG (1426790 bytes)

                        IMG_9673.JPG (1110584 bytes)            IMG_9674.JPG (1082167 bytes)    

        These were taken inside the walkway between Resorts and Hard Rock. The crane is moving pieces of the new pool roof into place.  

                                              IMG_9675.JPG (1431014 bytes)  IMG_9676.JPG (1538852 bytes)

 I've only played here once since they've been opened. They are throwing me a small amount of FSP and comped midweek rooms. I'll see what a bit of play here generates. I start out with some 5 Dragons Rapid. 

      IMG_9677.JPG (1247163 bytes)    IMG_9678.JPG (1347631 bytes)   IMG_9680.JPG (1752817 bytes)    IMG_9681.JPG (1466887 bytes)

                                                        Small profit. Then I spot a new Monopoly game....

                                           IMG_9682.JPG (1292911 bytes)          IMG_9683.JPG (1528761 bytes)        IMG_9685.JPG (1151903 bytes)

                                                            Tell 'em Lou Jimmy!!!




                                                          I loves me some Monopoly

          IMG_9688.JPG (1943136 bytes)            IMG_9689.JPG (1335471 bytes)           IMG_9690.JPG (1400841 bytes)

                                                         And tolerates me some Buffalo

                                      IMG_9691.JPG (1979806 bytes)           IMG_9692.JPG (1992791 bytes)

                                                                   The blood and guts 

 Well, I gave them enough play to earn 5. in comps and 135 tier points. I doubt seriously if that generates anything. I dropped a couple hundy, probably would have stayed longer otherwise. Nice selection og slots. VP- not so much. Back home, let's preview a game please J.J.




                                                            IMG_9695.JPG (1367306 bytes)

              IMG_9696.JPG (1232406 bytes)          IMG_9697.JPG (1148601 bytes)         IMG_9698.JPG (1127945 bytes)

                     IMG_9699.JPG (969659 bytes)        IMG_9701.JPG (1020881 bytes)

                                   Talk about a comeback! I was down to my last bet- and cashed out 150. 

                                                    How about one last piggie hit please Jim Jim!!




                                                            IMG_9704.JPG (1590787 bytes)        

                                                               Peeking under the hood      


                                                                     Nacho Libre    

                                                             Prost Ms. Heidi, ya vol James>>>>>  



                                          IMG_9707.JPG (1372156 bytes)              IMG_9708.JPG (1502267 bytes)

                                                                             Auf Weidersehen !

                                                            IMG_9709.JPG (1678009 bytes)

                                                            let the chips fall where they may

 I make my way over to the club for a bit of repast. The club is divided into 2 parts, and this evening the main part is closed. But the other part is packed. I find a seat at the long high top that's parallel to the bar. There's a small buffet I help myself to.

                                                                     IMG_9713.JPG (1256259 bytes)

              IMG_9710.JPG (1314730 bytes)          IMG_9711.JPG (1071924 bytes)          IMG_9712.JPG (1118387 bytes)


                                                            One last stab at the Cash Machine

                                                             IMG_9714.JPG (1107140 bytes)

                                                         I guess I'll just play it down to 500.

                                                              IMG_9715.JPG (1070332 bytes)

                                                                       Or down to 600.

                                                               IMG_9716.JPG (1444317 bytes)

     Today is gift day here at the  glamorous Resorts Casino. They are giving away exactly the same thing as this exact day last year.

                                                               IMG_9717.JPG (1248087 bytes)

                                                                  Must have had leftovers

   Now ladies and gentlemen it's time for that proverbial last VP session. I always end my trips with a 4OAK. And since this trip has been such a lucrative venture I decided to go for it on dollar 8/5 Bonus Poker. I insert coin and it doesn't take to long before.....


                                                                          Oh hell yeah!!!!

            IMG_9719.JPG (1938506 bytes)                IMG_9720.JPG (1031799 bytes)                 IMG_9721.JPG (2082340 bytes)

                                                            One last piece of business this evening

                                                                        IMG_9722.JPG (1188775 bytes)

                                                     A nice ridiculously comfortable comped pair of Reefs

  Well, this trip was certainly on of my best ever. I earned 153 tier points and came home several thousand ahead on the ol' BR. O went to bed early and got up at 4 a.m. and hit the road. Plus, today, May 24th is officially my 66th birthday. Happy Birthday to me.


 Well, thanks once again for coming along with me on yet another adventure in gaming my friends. I look forward to seeing y'all again. 

                                                                IMG_9723.JPG (1337776 bytes)





                                                        * Dancing in the Streets; Marvin Gaye, Mickey Stevenson, and Ivy Jo Hunter