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                                                    A PIRATE LOOKS AT 60

                                  05.24.2016 They say it's your birthday. We're gonna have a good time.

                                         05.25.2016 I've got this energy beneath my feet

                                   05.26.2016 And I've got no chance of losing this time                        

                                            05.27.2016  Boyzlibbininbakeyeyellavan

                                            05.28.2016 Like the bird on the Buffalo

                                         05.29.2016 All we were doin' was hangin'

                                    05.30.2016 Turn your pockets out into the street

                                  05.31.2016 I'm goin' where the climate suits my clothes

                           06.01.2016 Bring on the dancin' girls and put the Champagne on ice