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                                                  AC Feb 2014 Royal Adventure    

        02.15.2014 Going north-to Alaska, go north, the rush is on.....

  Hey Now! Welcome back. This journey started out as a romantic getaway before Sweet Ti gets her new Bionic Knee, but it didn't work out that way. I had it all planned out- a romantic Valentine's Day dinner overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as the full moon rose just at sunset. But alas, Sweet Ti couldn't get away from work. So we instead had a romantic dinner of takeout Chinese, and I had to make another solo sojourn. I ease up the Eastern Shore, and fill up at Royal Farms in Delaware. Of course I get some of their incredible chicken for the ferry ride. I'm early, so I munch out while I wait for the ticket booth to open.

We finally board, and I sleep all the way to Joisey. A short hour later, I pulled Yarma the Yaris into Resorts self-park. Maggie was waiting at check-in, and I got settled in around noon. Room 3305 doesn't have much of a view, but it's the first floor up and the last floor down in Rendezvous Tower.

0215141213.jpg (686482 bytes)  0215141213a.jpg (640315 bytes)  0215141214.jpg (469876 bytes)  0215141215.jpg (466673 bytes)

I hauled in all my gear and stocked up the mini-fridge, called my Sweet Ti to tell her I missed her, and to the short ride down. First thing I noticed was that they had opened up a couple more eateries at the food court, and the 25 Hr. Bar was now Blanche-less and Bar ONE.

0215141315.jpg (417382 bytes)                                0215141315a.jpg (535274 bytes)                            0215141316.jpg (468539 bytes)

Whatever. I made my way to Old Faithful, my favorite VP machine. My goal was to earn 50 points this trip. I insert coin.

                    0215141320.jpg (614628 bytes)              0215141322.jpg (704159 bytes)              0215141338.jpg (653967 bytes)

                                            Looks like it's time to break out the video phone. Delta 4OAK A's.




                                        Great start! I change things up a bit and play some Deuces Wild.

                                                                                        0215141343.jpg (658224 bytes)         

 I make my way to the head, and when I return, there's some dude sitting at my machine. The nerve! It is Saturday evening, and the joint is getting packed. I find another machine to sit at close by. As I'm sitting down, the guy at the next machine says "Hey Now!!" It's Johnnylite from the Atlantic City One message board. We met last year, and it's great to see him again. I insert coin, and we have a great time playing and talking. The race is on for the first 4OAK. He's playing DDB, I stick with BP. I draw first blood. 

                                                          0215141534.jpg (751688 bytes)

Johnnylite is due for dinner next door, so we make plans to meet again tomorrow. I walk up to Margaritaville to play Family Guy.

                                                          0215141627.jpg (625323 bytes)       

I head out to Yarma to get something, and start talking to Larry the security guard about the elevator issues at the self-park. He said one of them (there are only 2) was out of service for 2 weeks. It's still kinda iffy now. Our conversation turns to the history of Resorts, and he tells me a bit about the Hospital that was here during WW II. There's even not 1,but 2 former morgues on the property. 

                                                    0215141659.jpg (581440 bytes)

I really need to eat by now, and the Burger Bar sounds good. I place my order, and walk around upstairs while I wait. My host offered me tickets to the big show tonight, but come on!

                                                     0215141640.jpg (602429 bytes)

I get my burger, and as I round the corner to the room alleviators, there's a queue. What? Seems there's problems with these too. Must be a lift virus going around. I ask about the stairs, but you have to go outside with a security guard to access them, and it's snowing sideways out there. 2 out of 4 alleviators are on the fritz. They announce it will be a couple of hours till they are fixed. I finally queue up, and decide I'm in for the night. I tune in the Olympics, and enjoy my repast. Sweet Ti and I critique the women's curling match and I'm toaster strudel for the night.

    02.16.2014   Snowy boards 

One great thing about crashing so early, is getting up early. So by 2:30 a.m. I'm munching my cereal to yet another curling match. It's stopped snowing, but still blowing outside. Looks like only about an inch. I wander on down for a pre-dawn session.

                                                            0216140328.jpg (646713 bytes)

Looking to be an Acey Trip....Moving on I try out the Pawn Stars and only hit one bonus round, never got to pawn anything...

                                                          0216140338.jpg (549816 bytes)            

I watch some chick pull a nice win off the only Top Dollar machine I've seen for $1,$2, or $5 a credit. I've never tried these, but have read other TR's about them. They are old IGT products. They kinda remind me of the Silver Strikes. She leaves and I insert coin.

                                  0216140354.jpg (549211 bytes)                    0216140354a.jpg (723179 bytes)

  Well that was fun. I finish out the early session with some more VP, and it's time to take a break. I go up and watch a bit more of the games, and then come back to the battlefield. It's Hollywood Hills time. I like this place, it's quite and completely empty. I try some $2 9/6 JoB, but lose my ass and go back down to $1 after a bit.

                                                                 0216140543.jpg (661065 bytes)

Frilling drink service really sucks here. You would think they would service the high limit area..... I need to earn at least 1 point at the evil empire to keep my RC's current, so I head for the Boat. Funny, I spent 10 days in Vegas over the holidaze and never inserted coin once in a CET property. I take the inside route thru Taj.

0216140716.jpg (585528 bytes)  0216140716a.jpg (573772 bytes)  0216140720.jpg (574958 bytes)  0216140720a.jpg (644968 bytes)

                0216140720b.jpg (759179 bytes)        0216140721.jpg (858130 bytes)          0216140721a.jpg (561552 bytes)

The game plan is to find the Epic Monopoly. I looked on their website and it said 20R 80L. But all the signs only say things like RB. 

0216140830.jpg (463201 bytes)  I'm clueless, so I just scan around while I walk. I finally spot them no where near the RB's. Here we go....

                    0216140741.jpg (759208 bytes)      0216140749.jpg (842611 bytes)     0216140800.jpg (879592 bytes)     0216140821.jpg (894105 bytes)


 Well that was good for 100 RC's anyway. Back to Resorts. I stop upstairs to call my Sweet Ti. I wish she was here. I take a short nappy, and decide to use up some comps at the Capriccio Sunday Buffet. I say hello to Ulysses the bartender, and Jorge seats me. Jamie is my server. We haven't ever been to the buffet here, and I cruise around to check it out. Reminds me of a smaller Bellagio layout.

          0216141041.jpg (780941 bytes)            0216141044.jpg (632316 bytes)            0216141135.jpg (713629 bytes)

They have quite a selection. I have 1/2 shell oysters, an assortment of meats and cheeses, smoked fish and caviar. Next course is prime rib with maple bacon and horseradish. I end my repast with cheesecake and cookies. First rate! Outta be for $48.00

I stop by Hollywood Hills and played some $1 BP. Not doing too well on these. I head back to my Old Faithful. Once again, 4OAK Aces!

                                                                                                0216141303.jpg (726555 bytes)  

Man, I'm loving these. I move on up to dollars with the bankroll a bit replenished, and draw 4OAK 10's. Movie time.....



                                     0216141310.jpg (580988 bytes)               0216141322.jpg (673974 bytes) 

I'm just kinda changing things up, I went from Bonus to Deuces Wild, and then I decide to try Triple Boner. Chicken shit, I play quarters...

  0216141332.jpg (689710 bytes)     Well, that's the 5th time I've hit 4OAK Aces, and these pay 1200 credits! I up my game...

                 0216141404.jpg (610464 bytes)      0216141457.jpg (666926 bytes)        0216141507.jpg (649144 bytes)

I With that, I cash out and go up to the room to stash that TITO and share some screenshots with Sweet Ti. I have to leave my phone on Airplane mode when I'm playing Old Faithful, because the cell service is crap in this part of the casino, and it sucks down the battery.

                                                             0216141530.jpg (309278 bytes)

 I grab the sling backpack and stash a couple of St Pauli Girl NA's inside and head back to Old Faithful. Johnnylite shows up and joins me in the quest. He can only stay for a few minutes, he tells me it costs him too much to visit me. $1 DDB can do that to a fella....

        0216141650.jpg (618324 bytes)        0216141721.jpg (655336 bytes)        0216141809.jpg (621565 bytes)

Johnny gets tired of inserting bennys while watching me score these 4OAK's, and bids me farewell. Time for Top Dollar!! 

                                                         0216141832.jpg (356989 bytes)





                             Time to watch some more of the Olympics and crash. Nice little profit today!          


02.17.2014   Paperwork Day...

Hey Now!  4 a.m. Do my usual business, give my Sweet Ti her wakey uppy call for worky. And find my way to Old Faithful..

.0217140547.jpg (614841 bytes)    0217140550.jpg (668066 bytes)  4OAK Aces #6, and time to cash out that ticket. I'm lovin' me some Triple Boner. I do a walkabout to checkout the sunrise, but it's just too frillin' cold out there for humanity. This was kinda neat.

                            0217141705.jpg (589242 bytes)                             0217140628.jpg (327648 bytes)       

                                                            Next up is Sex in Da City

                                0217140634.jpg (658955 bytes)    0217140634a.jpg (734142 bytes)    0217140635.jpg (728365 bytes)

I feel like I'm being watched, and I look around behind me and there's a dude on a Rascal. He smiles and rascals up next to me and we chew the fat for a bit. Actually, it's mostly him chewing, I can't seem to get a word in edgewise. He finally rascals off. I play some STP but Barney Fife at that. Family Guy sucks down a couple of bennys. Time to shore up, so back to Yellowstone. Old Faithful awaits. I start out playing BP for dollars, but have a bit of a dry spell and bump it down to .50. I draw 3 to a royal, and then all hell breaks loose!




Mignon the slot attendant shows up and gets rid of that god awful racket. She shows me the trick. Just hit the button under See Pays, and it switches screens and shuts off the speakers. Mignon tells me I'm already in the system, no need for any ID. Cool beans. Check or cash? Check please. Be right back. Just hang out. Will do!

                        0217140903.jpg (743028 bytes)                 0217140903a.jpg (742134 bytes)       

I tip her well and we end up talking for quite a bit. She was a long time employee, along with her husband. They got canned and re-hired when the new management took over. That must have sucked. At least they weren't working at the Atlantic Club. I up my play...  

  0217141007.jpg (658060 bytes) 0217140550.jpg (668066 bytes) 4OAK Ace #7. Time to cash out and head upstairs once again to make a deposit and share my luck with Sweet Ti. She is pleased. I stock up the sling and mosey down to try my luck at Top Dollar. I try $1. 0217141145.jpg (645837 bytes) I move up to $2.0217141146.jpg (561679 bytes) OK,how about $5?0217141149.jpg (530546 bytes)

I was kinda expecting to get a hand pay out of that one, but I won $10 on the reels and $1190 on the bonus, hence no paperwork. Sweet! I take the TITO and run. Straight to the cage. Then quickly loft up and make another deposit, and another call to my Sweet Ti. "Sorry to keep bothering you, but you need to check your cell phone for a screenshot..." Bless her heart, she is training her replacement at work, and I keep bothering her. Could be worse I suppose. I return to the floor and mess around with Pawn Stars, but no Chumley. Yellowstone.

0217141309.jpg (590790 bytes)  0217141329.jpg (618838 bytes)  0217141333.jpg (654484 bytes) 0217141338.jpg (598569 bytes)                                                                       

   Turning out to be a helluva day! Time for a bit of Cue da Dog.

                                0217141426.jpg (837112 bytes)                    0217141431.jpg (853363 bytes)

                                                                                Got that fix out of the way. Back to Jellystone.

                                0217141504.jpg (588152 bytes)                0217141511.jpg (601430 bytes)

                                                      I draw 3 Aces, and wait to see if I hear that clanging again. Sure enough- #8.

                                                                0217141527.jpg (690001 bytes)

                                                        Here's a how-to on stopping the mega-decibels....



Mignon has gone home for the day, and I get some dude that pays me. He doesn't ask if I want a check, just brings the duckys. He barely speaks English. I tip him and sit back down. I figure that with all of these Aces, I ought to be playing DDB...

                                                              0217141547.jpg (642847 bytes)                        

  Well that didn't happen. But shit da bed, it's been a long strange trip today. I have reservations for dinner at Gallagher's, and go up to get ready. Sweet Ti is just getting home from work when I call, and we lay the groundwork for our next trip. The bankroll is all set.

                          0217141625.jpg (649567 bytes)  Vdara (or in this case Revel) Death Ray. 

                0217141626.jpg (616234 bytes)   Stretch play sun blocker well, yes?

              0217141734.jpg (642957 bytes)     0217141739.jpg (408035 bytes)    0217141739a.jpg (504524 bytes)

                                                 0217141746.jpg (420693 bytes)                0217141747.jpg (512106 bytes)

 We have never eaten here, but I was sent a flyer with a $50 dining credit here and take advantage of it. Gary the bartender is my server. He describes the evening's specials, and I go with the 2 petite filet mignons with 2 grilled shrimp, béarnaise sauce, and garlic Yukon potatoes. The shrimp are awesome, as are the dry-aged filets. Tasty!!!

                            0217141750.jpg (360747 bytes)     0217141808.jpg (476147 bytes)

I stop by Marshall Russo to get S.T. some fashion scarves for a gift, then I return to the room to pack, and call my Sweet Ti to wish her goodnight. Time for one last session. Top Dollar anyone????

                           0217141934.jpg (659480 bytes)                                    0217141935.jpg (466234 bytes)    

02.18.2014  The party's over....

 I sleep in till 5 a.m., finish packing up Yarma, munch my cereal, and am ready for the last blast. I run into Mignon, and we talk some more. She makes a recommendation for a host. Stephanie. I'll look her up for next trip. I start with some Top Dollar.

                            0218140710.jpg (546863 bytes)                                0218140710a.jpg (547468 bytes)

                                                                          Next stop is, of course, Old Faithful.

                      0218140728.jpg (594585 bytes)                                  0218140744.jpg (578378 bytes)

                                                    Opps, time for the vid-phone...



                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0218140749.jpg (601748 bytes)

Well, with that last hand, I cash out and call it a trip. Total damage for the trip- I quintupled the bankroll I brought. I check out and stop by the Soupman for a sammach to quaff on the ferry wait. 

                                                         0218140836.jpg (641256 bytes)

   Safe trip back, beat the tunnel traffic! I made it home before Sweet Ti. Next up, a Bionic Knee and a Sweet Ti BDay trip.

                                                                                                    0218140850.jpg (441392 bytes)                              



                                                                                                     0217140907.jpg (582307 bytes)