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Hey Now! 

   Left work early to make the trip up the Eastern Shore,  0217121228.jpg (536262 bytes)

past Ti's Corner  0217121341.jpg (589385 bytes)

and headed as usual for the ferry in Lewes..   0113120844.jpg (813442 bytes)

Breezed into AC about 7 pm and got checked in to Resorts for 2 nights, had to get an Ocean Tower room, at least I got one of the re-modeled ones on the 8th floor.

.0217122315a.jpg (740516 bytes)  Photo028.jpg (40994 bytes)  0217122315.jpg (429600 bytes)


 My biggest concern is a lack of a room safe, but I brought my money belt, so this was not a big deal. They also offer safety deposit boxes at the front desk, you just have to ask.  I had about $70 in free play to burn, so I headed to the intermediate level to hit up the $1 VP..

 Photo029.jpg (181942 bytes)   Photo030_01.jpg (169679 bytes)   Photo032.jpg (183500 bytes)

nice start, considering I haven't spent any money yet.. Place is getting a bit smokey, so I take a bit of a break and head back down for round Dois...

0217122056.jpg (584642 bytes)   0217122101.jpg (547669 bytes)  by now, I've been up for 18 hours, so it's time to find some grub and head for the room. The Burger Bar is closed, so I go to the 1133 Club for some food.. Big mistake! cost is $12 comp for Epic card level, there's some cold cuts and rice, hardly anything for salads or desserts.... Nice view overlooking the boardwalk, but I don't drink so... Better off to go to Breadsticks!!

           0217122239a.jpg (554367 bytes)   0217122239.jpg (456079 bytes)   0217122240.jpg (464289 bytes) G'night....


 Up with the sun.. Cereal and gruel for Bfast.. Down for round whatever..

0218120650.jpg (566035 bytes)   0218120707.jpg (589639 bytes)   0218120710.jpg (600956 bytes)

Notice I have moved down to the .50 machines.. Stayed a bit too long at the $1 level, and took a beating...  A lady sitting next to me hit a 4OAK playing at the $2 level and walked over to the trash can to throw something away while waiting for her hand pay, and some guy comes up to her machine and tries to put his card in while the bells are still going off.. I told him the lady was waiting to be paid, and she walked up and told him to bug-off. That was interesting. The attendant told her that the machine locks itself out after a jackpot, but you still never know at a casino.

I go up to the pool area and check out the spa, but there are just too many gymlings there who give me nasty looks, so I snap a couple of pics outside there, and leave.

0218120750.jpg (637640 bytes)  0218120750a.jpg (725271 bytes)  0218120825.jpg (498301 bytes)

0218120825a.jpg (569830 bytes)  0218120825b.jpg (586067 bytes)  0218120825c.jpg (656780 bytes)

one more try..


0218120845.jpg (555836 bytes)  0218121133.jpg (632106 bytes)  0218121136.jpg (585225 bytes)  0218121153.jpg (572811 bytes)  Time to get some Vitaman D, so I walk on down to CET central..

0218121345.jpg (858131 bytes)   0218121355.jpg (689569 bytes)   0218121356.jpg (670644 bytes)


0218121356a.jpg (600427 bytes)  0218121356b.jpg (491012 bytes)  0218121358.jpg (760678 bytes)

I've got some friends in town, and we decide to meet up at the Borgata. I have some free play to burn, which is about what I do. Getting harder and harder to find any good full pay VP there- good thing they have just updated the info on vpfree2 .We hang out there for a few hours, and I make a kind contribution to the establishment.. Only one small hit on electro-roulette...

                                                                         0218121643.jpg (842314 bytes)

I need a Golden Nugget chip for my collection   0123121700.jpg (429316 bytes)

 so I stop by in the evening on the way back to Resorts. Man is this place packed!!

They are giving away a car, so the crowds are milling about the hotel check-in. I'm kind of surprised they haven't finished fixing the place up yet, there is still scaffolding everywhere.

0218121904.jpg (575124 bytes)  I have a Las Vegas GN card, but it doesn't work here, so I sign up for a new one and get a whopping $5 of free play. I find an empty machine, and try to download my FP.. Strange, it will only download $1 at a time, and then you have to re-enter the pin number again. Sounds like a ploy to me!. So I cash out even, and find the pit, but all the tables are busy. I finally find an open spot at a $10 BJ table, and buy in for $21 so I can save the dollar chip. I put down $10 and get dealt 2 8's, so I split. I draw a 10 on each hand....Dealer busts, so I double my money, and color up. Time to boggie! I head back to Resorts and hit up the Burger Bar for a delicious meal, and crash!


I awake at about 4:30 am, grab a shower and Breakfast. I text my buddy Sofa King (Kev), and pick him up at Caesar's, and we head south to ACH. We valet, and end up leaving the car right next to the entrance. Boy- talk about dead, there are maybe 10 people in the pit. We sit down at a $10 BJ table, and buy-in. We are joined by 2 couples that have been up all night, and after the shuffle, we play a couple of shoes. I do alright, but Kev soon busts out and leaves to find another game. One of the girls keeps grabbing at the dealer's cards, but the pit boss is pretty cool about it, hey at least the dealer isn't just standing there! Kev wanders back and I color up ahead by about half my buy-in. He is ready to crash, so I walk him to the door so he can catch a cab, and even though it's only about 8:30 am, I see if they have a room available (I have reservations). I had  asked the pit boss earlier, but she said they don't usually have rooms on Sunday till about 1 pm. Well, imagine my surprise when the desk clerk has one ready- non-smoking with 2 queens....I'll take it! And they never moved Teal, so I didn't have to pay for valet. Noice!!

0219120717.jpg (454565 bytes)   0219120718.jpg (422755 bytes)  0219120718a.jpg (465935 bytes)

only the view kinda sucks

0219121517.jpg (506648 bytes)  0219121517a.jpg (696715 bytes)  0219120942.jpg (565584 bytes) 

 Good ol' Stretch, my traveling buddy.. I head back to Resorts and get my stuff together, and play for a while...

0219121050.jpg (659915 bytes)   0219121221.jpg (542556 bytes) 

Time for lunch, I hit the buffet.


0219121304.jpg (675492 bytes)       0219121309a.jpg (381805 bytes)                                          0219121335.jpg (650905 bytes)       0219121309.jpg (347336 bytes)   0219121923.jpg (643195 bytes)   


 I spot Teal's Puerto Rican brother in the self park on the way out. 


   0219121016.jpg (511557 bytes) ALOHA!!!!

Not very much decent VP at ACH.. I try some 3 play BP, but it's tough. Even Cue the Dog won't bark..


Upbeach to the Trop for some goodies. I park at the Quarter and see what's going on inside.


0219121413.jpg (579896 bytes)   0219121450.jpg (639035 bytes) 0219121450a.jpg (580621 bytes)

I pop down to Firewater's to see Nancy,0219121422a.jpg (415001 bytes)


 and grab some taffy from James', and then stop by Zephyr's to pick up something nice for my Sweet Ti.. On the way back to the car I spot something that could very well change the entire gambling industry in Atlantic City...



0219121450b.jpg (675661 bytes) the dreaded Shufflemaster.... Yeekes!!!!!

Back to Hilton, I walk around on the second floor and notice the old Asian pit is closed.



0219120951.jpg (686652 bytes)   0219121519.jpg (546332 bytes)  0219121519a.jpg (499682 bytes)

I can't take much more of a hit on the bankroll at ACH, so I make one last trip over to Resorts to the Burger Bar and grab a Crabcake Sandwich and fries, and go back to ACH and call it a night.



One last try downstairs, and I'm gonna catch the 9:30 ferry and limp home. I decide on Cue da Dogas the place is empty at 7 am so the smoking

section where they are located is currently empty except for one girl at Jackpot Station. Fortunately,  there are 6 machines. As I sit down she has a nice bonus run, so this is a good sign.... I decide to limit my play to $20, as these are penny machines. I start out well, and it's getting close to time to hit the road and I get a bonus run and end up with this..

                                                    0220120730.jpg (790368 bytes)

Time to go!! I cash out up a hunny, and that takes a bit of the sting out of the weekend. Off to the ferry, and a nap, and then it's back to VA and home to my Sweet Ti.

                                                            0116120934.jpg (511112 bytes)