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                                                   AC July 16-19 2014...Mark's Bday Trip

07.16.2014   Let's take the scenic route....

  Hey Now! Where were we. Ah yes, Mark and I both scammed out of work early, and met at his hacienda around 1 p.m. We loaded up the Tundra and headed north. I was gonna bring Sue the GPS, but Mark had Siri the ILady, so Sue stayed in VA. Meanwhile we took Rt. 17 to Rt. 360. Somewhere in MD, Siri took over. She apparently really wanted us to take a tour of Baltimore, so we were off....



                        0716141711.jpg (581520 bytes)   0716141713.jpg (838646 bytes)    0716141749.jpg (435851 bytes)

                                      0716141750.jpg (423501 bytes)   0716141826.jpg (535435 bytes)   



We actually made pretty good time, and soon enough Siri figured we really wanted to get our gambol on, and got us to AC.


  0716141943.jpg (442546 bytes)            0716141944.jpg (561930 bytes)           0716141949.jpg (577966 bytes)         

Mark pulled up to the front of Resorts to let me out. He's got a room at the Borg the next 2 nights. I had all my various beverages and goodies piled on and trucked on inside. There was a pretty good line that I bypassed for the vacant VIP line.  The check in dude called me right up and I handed him my ID/C.C. He asked me for my player's card. I didn't have it out, as I've never been asked before. So I unsling my backpack on the desk, and as I am fishing it out he is entering in my info. As I pull it my card out, he tells me not to worry about it. It seems my host Martha has a suite waiting for me. Priceless...

0716142004.jpg (401778 bytes) 0716142025b.jpg (343902 bytes)  0716142022.jpg (675042 bytes)    0716142024a.jpg (434855 bytes)

This is a first for me here at Resorts. So I'm digging this, finding my way around. Stereo under the living room TV, big ass safe and fridge, wet bar, the works! There's even 2 robes in one of the closets- one from Resorts, the other from the Trop.              0716142023b.jpg (274561 bytes)    0716142023.jpg (245746 bytes)    0716142023a.jpg (519983 bytes)  Strange Brew....


0716142023c.jpg (208556 bytes)        0716142025a.jpg (499597 bytes)    0716142025.jpg (191021 bytes) 

I called Sweet Ti to tell her about the sweet suite, and Mark to make sure he got his room. Everything in order, it's time to GAMBOL! I hit my ol' standby Top Dollar first, load up my $25 free play along with a hundy, and end up pushing after a couple of bonus rounds. Next I try out some quiet smoke free VP at one of the dollar machines near the back entrance. It sez Deuces Wild on the faceplate just like my regular machine, but I'm feeling some Triple Boner...

0716142119.jpg (673831 bytes)                        0716142127.jpg (616531 bytes)                    0716142125.jpg (639587 bytes)

Well that worked! I proceed to Hollyrock Hills with my new found wealth, and try some $5 Top Dollar. Don't hit shit. On to some more $1 VP- nope. So I slink back down to my regular .25/.50/$1  old standby, and drop down to some .50 Triple Boner.

                                                    0716142228.jpg (594644 bytes)  

                            I'm beat after getting up at 4:30 a.m. and call it a night with a small profit.

   07.17.2014  You say it's your birthday?

Hey Now! I arise around 4:30. I am greeted by a Seagull Serenade. I turn on NJTV and watch Burt Wolf (ever notice how he always seems to shout his name???). He was touring Boston in a Duck.  I give my Sweet Ti a wake up call, her back is killing her so she decides to stay home from work. Poor baby! I do my S.S.S. and  de-elevate to an empty casino. First stop is my old standby, and I crank up some $1 8/5 BP. Turned out to be a good choice. Delta Quad 2's!!!!



                                                             0717140556.jpg (585225 bytes)

  I move on to some Top Dollar and can't even scare up a bonus, and then I notice a couple of new Monopoly machines nearby.

                        0717140717.jpg (828499 bytes)                      0717140718.jpg (833207 bytes)            

now I'm a sucker for Monopoly. Luxury Diamonds. $3 a spin. I insert coin. I insert coin once more. Tough.. No more duckies. Upstairs!     


                      0717140704.jpg (534204 bytes)                        0717140705.jpg (517825 bytes)  

Time to head upbeach. I've got a bit of free play at Revel, along with an offer for ?x points and a loss rebate from da Boat.

         0717140749.jpg (906322 bytes)       0717140749a.jpg (715539 bytes)        0717140750.jpg (684130 bytes)

          0717140754.jpg (875348 bytes)       0717140755.jpg (438497 bytes)        0717140757.jpg (401135 bytes)

Hard to believe both of these properties might be toast soon. Hope there are some buyers out there. I seem to have left my Revel player's card elsewhere, and the club is closed, so I head for the pit. The only thing open at the first pit is a $5 craps table, so I give them my ID to make a new card and buy in for a hundy. 5x odds here. I'm playing $5 pass line along with a buck for the boys. I hit 7 on my first 2 rolls and then point with a 4. I back up both bets. I have been playing alone till a dude walks up and throws down 3 pumpkins and asks for blacks. He is also holding a few blacks and greens. He starts betting $125 pass line. Shit da Bed! I quickly crap out, and start all over again. He points a 6, and I back up everything and make a come bet, and back up a 4. He craps out. I roll again, point, back up, and crap out. I'm done. Quickest hundy ever on craps. I get my card and give my leftover red chip to the boys. Time for some Hangover!

                           0717140834.jpg (701982 bytes)                           0717140839.jpg (635102 bytes) 

  Great game, although it's $6 max bet here. I use my $20 free play and cash out with a small loss. Sweet Ti has a bit of free play too, so I wonder around and find some .25 slot to use here FP on. A waitress hooks me up with an Ab'Dulls and a Sobe. I hit this-

                                                           0717140851.jpg (743149 bytes)         


           That's enough to make this stop a bit less painful, and I cash out and head for the gift shop. Got some comps to use up. I score a shot glass for our collection. Time to mosey down to da Boat. 

                          0717140857.jpg (630606 bytes)  0717140907.jpg (1017682 bytes)  0719131130a.jpg (733918 bytes)

 I stop by the promo kisok to qualify for the points multiplier- 10x. Time to hit the machine I'll miss the most here. Epic Monopoly. I insert coin. Nada. Insert coin again. Still nada. Oh well, at least I can pick up the loss rebate in a couple of months at one of the Evil Empire's remaining stores. I hit up the gift shop for some Boat logo swag. 50% off said swag along with the attitude of the sales help. Hating life for sure. Too bad. I will miss this joint. On the way back I spot some leftovers from the AC World Sand Sculpture Contest.

                                    0717140954.jpg (1061128 bytes)        0717140955a.jpg (999450 bytes)

 I pop inside and low and behold there's a couple sitting at MY machine. The nerve! These guys look to be camped out too. Playing $1 BP really fast. So I find another machine across from them so I can keep an eye out. The chick finally leaves, and I end up talking to the dude. Her credits are still on the other game. She is taking a break. Turns out they are locals, taking advantage of the Lucky Locals promo. He said they try to get 50 points each day they play. They ended up playing all day each day and 1/2 a day Saturday. I insert coin, and don't hit shit. I was down to my last 7.50 when I hit this- 

                                                          0717141019.jpg (682702 bytes) 

Mark showed up, so we went up to the suite and hung out for a bit. I called our host Martha and she said she would meet us at the Epic Club around 2 p.m. She had hooked Mark up with the room next to mine for Friday night. She also upgraded his card to Epic even though he hadn't played in AC in 2 years. Went walked to the player's club to get his card. I also had 6 scratch off tickets to get, and ended up with $35 free play. We decided to go on over to the Epic Club and grab a bite and wait for Martha. I had a Whitley's Peanuts gift box for her along with a bowl made by our friend Dicky Hines. The peanuts are made in Gloucester Co. and Dicky lives in New Kent Co. so both are from around here. Mark wandered around while I waited for Martha. She was pleased with her gifts. She has a great personality. Mark and I hooked back up and he used all my $35 free play at Top Dollar and cashed out $50. We wandered back to the VP area and played.

0717141208.jpg (597498 bytes)   0717141224.jpg (650154 bytes)   0717141231.jpg (578321 bytes)   0717141427.jpg (645883 bytes)

Time to boogie over to da Borg. Mark's Tundra was too big to fit in the garage. They told him to park across the street. He ended up parking in the lot for the hotel there. There wasn't anyone in the booth when he parked- there was now. As we approached the truck, there was this note on the windshield. Fortunately the booth was at the entrance. We ducked out the rear. Thaking You. Parking Stuff.

                                                       0717141600.jpg (547140 bytes)

We fit into the self-park at da Borg. Barely. Seems like this place is always busy. Yeah, take my fucking picture, Pop...

                                                        0717141612.jpg (757572 bytes)              

We tried to find the full pay VP. I hadn't printed out the Vpfree2 cheat sheet. A whole bunch isn't where it used to be. Especially in front of the buffet. A local directed us to a bank near the Water Club. I played SBDW and Mark played DDB. We both lost. Onward to the pit, we sat at a low $10 BJ table. Played a couple of shoes. Mark lost, I almost pushed. Strange side bet here- In Between. The dealer never seemed to pay it out correctly. Next up was some Roulette. We hit a couple of times on our numbers, Mark finally lost his stake, I colored up to my original BJ buy in of $100. Time to eat! Mark had a food comp, and we decided on Noodles of the World. Wise choice!

   0717141950.jpg (292228 bytes)   0717141950a.jpg (589715 bytes) 0717141958.jpg (497334 bytes) 0717142005.jpg (477061 bytes)

I had Hot & Sour soup and Pepper Shrimp. Mark had cream cheese Rangoon and some noodle dish. Killer.   Mark offered to drive me back to Resorts rather than me taking the Jitney. Sweet. He let me out by the valet and headed back. I wished him Happy Birthday one more time. You only turn 34 once. I was feeling me some Top Dollar/ Luxury Diamonds.

  0717142052.jpg (498568 bytes)   0717142052a.jpg (576119 bytes)    0717142126.jpg (899185 bytes) 0717142130.jpg (625592 bytes)



                                                                              0717142138.jpg (653613 bytes)


  I promptly cashed out and went to the quiet $1 VP where this adventure started at. No replication was in sight tonight. Crash time for RB!

    07.18.2014   Head for the Hills- Hollyrock that is...swimmin' pools, movie stars

Hey Now! Slept in till 5 a.m. and showered. Gave my Sweet Ti a wakey wakey call.  Her back is better, and she is going to work. I guess should too.     

                                                    0718140528.jpg (269296 bytes)

                                           "Gettin' paid for fucking off in the south of France" 

                                                       Overkill   by  Jimmy Buffett

0718140554.jpg (538114 bytes)  0718140605.jpg (581933 bytes)  0718140623.jpg (548456 bytes)  0718140629.jpg (550013 bytes)

Well that was a profitable session at work. I ventured up the short stairway to the H.H. mezzanine. Time for some VP. Your friendly neighborhood cocktail was right on time with my fast breaking repast-

                0718140641.jpg (636718 bytes)        0718140706.jpg (591377 bytes)            0718140713.jpg (590254 bytes)

 Sweet Ti and I trade a few texts and she tells me to save that TITO and not to cash it till we get ready to leave. Stay tuned!             

                             0718140723.jpg (614187 bytes)                                   0718140725.jpg (612142 bytes)

                         0718140724.jpg (647193 bytes)                                       0718140723a.jpg (727505 bytes)

I tried a bit of UltimateX VP. :Tisk!:  Not only was that same couple at my machines, they had brought yet another couple with that were playing my Emergency Back-Up Machines on the other side of the mirrored column. That can only mean....Top Dollar!

                                                                          0718140837.jpg (495713 bytes)

I successfully made it past the Luxury Diamonds without inserting coin. Time to keep an eye on my machines in case the dreaded local couple runs out of duckies on the hip. Not a chance. So I settle for the bank behind them.

                           0718141011.jpg (616854 bytes)                          0718141022.jpg (584356 bytes)




0718141032.jpg (556408 bytes)                                           0718141038.jpg (581895 bytes)

         If y'all will notice, there are mushrooms in several of these pics. Hank Bonefish from Las Vegas is the creator of these. He takes Patron corks and whittles them into shape, and then paints them. If I had a few more active brain cells, they would show up in every shot. But I digress. Earlier today on my Hollyrock sojourn, there was a machine I really wanted to try. I mean it seemed to be making this incessant dinging quite often. That's probably why it was never vacant. So I stroll over to take a look, and it's empty. Insert coin.

             0718141121.jpg (685425 bytes)         0718141121a.jpg (581270 bytes)     0718141121b.jpg (888614 bytes)

Right about this time Mark calls. He has checked out and is on his way here. He wants to pick me up and go to the Trop to have a slice of pizza. At least I have one of their robes! But I'm on a hot machine, and besides, they have descent pizza right here. Comped. I tell him to park in the Resorts surface lot. He walks into H.H. just in time to see me hit this-

                                                        0718141132.jpg (597547 bytes) 

I play that down to an even grand and cash out. That will be saved until tomorrow rather than that piddly $500... We stroll over to check in but Mark's room isn't ready yet. We take his stuff up to the suite and grab some lunch at Breadsticks. They seat us on the patio/balcony overlooking the boardwalk.

        0718141300.jpg (719745 bytes)          0718141300a.jpg (697681 bytes)      0718141300b.jpg (765158 bytes)

        0718141325.jpg (500445 bytes)         0718141326.jpg (580785 bytes)       0718141329.jpg (685474 bytes)

Never have seen a billboard on a boat before. Mark gets a breakfast bagel, and I order a Reuben.  As we were finishing, some dude with a family started raising hell about something with the waitress. Then his wife got to screaming for the manager, and took off to find one. Finally the hostess came out with her and the whole family got up and stormed out cussing and walked out on the bill. The dude even berated the party behind us on the way out and I told him good riddance. The hostess and waitress came back to apologize to everyone. What happened??? Turns out seagulls were flying up to the table begging for food. Some people just have no manners. And they were eating on a comp. But justice was served, as after it was over the seagulls feasted!

                                                          0718141335.jpg (777182 bytes)

We go down and try out some Top Dollar, Mark loads up my free play for today- $100 but turns up zilch. I try my luck and cash out down $50. Back to the VP. Yepper, both couples are still hogging our machines. We find others and insert coin. Jake! Where are ya dude??

  0718141428.jpg (588509 bytes)                 0718141527.jpg (579910 bytes)                0718141549.jpg (601772 bytes)

Cue da Dog time. Jackpot Station awaits. Mark goes on a tear and hits a couple of bonuses. But soon enough Mr. Monopoly gets all our money. Time to hit the pit! We find a nearly empty $10 BJ table. We buy in. Great dealer named Kate has a bit of trouble with the cards. They are new and sticky. It turns out she is from Poland, and we talk about our friends Ziggy and Bo from Poland by way of Vegas. She likes us, and pretty soon I notice that she is overpaying me when I get a blackjack. I'm betting 2 reds, she is paying me a red and a green. 3:1 instead of 3:2. Of course I'm toking her on just about every hand. There's a chick playing at first base. We are at 2 and 3. Kate takes a break and Princess takes over. She is a blast too. We are having a great run. Both up quite a bit. Kate comes back right about shuffle time. After she finishes, she picks up the cards (8 decks) to put them in the shoe they go flying across the table! All over the floor. People walked by and picked a couple of then up and put them back on the table. Well at this point I figured they would bring out new cards, but the Pit Boss and Kate just started counting the cards. Seriously. This can not be a good sign. Oh no it wasn't... All hell broke loose the next shoe. Kate is filling in every one of her bust hands. Nobody is winning. We push on 21. Mark has been playing 2 hands and drops back to one and that pisses off the chick at first base. Mark finally busts out, and I'm down to 6 reds. I put them all on one last hand and end up winning. Time to color up! Mark finally checks on his room and it's ready. He goes up to put his stuff away. While I'm waiting I play a bit of Top Dollar. I notice a little old lady standing there rooting me on. I smile and try my best.....

                                                        0718142044.jpg (330317 bytes) 

  Mark comes back down and we play a bit here and there. We decide on a pizza for dinner and order one from Familgia. We take it up and watch some TV and call it a night...

   07.19.2014  Good Night Siri...

Hey Now! I actually slept in this morning. Went to bed around 10 p.m. and got up at 7:30 a.m. What a party animal for a Friday night.  Stretch asked if I would let him use the Hot Tub, so I ran the water for him. I added some bath gel that was beside the tub...

                                                        0719140824.jpg (406433 bytes)

 He saisdhe enjoyed himself. Mark finally woke up next door and I went on down to Hollyrock Hills while he did his thing. I had a losing session at the previously lucky slots, and asked if Mignon was working today. The slot dude said she was working near the player's club. We talked about the slots around the Win this Car promotion. I decide to check it out later. I walk over to my DW machine, and sure enough those 2 damned local couples are at it again! I insert coin across the way...

                                                        0719141111.jpg (690289 bytes)

  Mark stops by and wants to hit the pit. But I want to earn as many points as I can before we leave, He goes off in search of some BJ. I am up and down on this machine, so I decide to go over to the Win this Car area hoping to spot Mignon. I sit near a dude who said Howdy. We talked a bit and he said these machines had been good to everyone. This morning someone hit for 12k, and yesterday someone hit for the car- opting instead for the 16k. Time of yours truly to insert said coin...


                           Power Spins!

  I cashed that puppy out... and went back to my new and sort of improved regular VP machine. I play a few hands and someone sez to me " I hear you are looking for me" Mignon. We hug, talk about our respective spouses, and catch up on things. She gave me the lowdown on the 2 camped out couples. One of the dudes hit a Royal this morning. Turns out they are professional gamblers. They spend their credits at the high end shops here and sell the goods on EBay. Soon she is off somewhere to pay out a jackpot and we say adieu. Mark comes back with tales of woe about his morning session at the pit. We go up and pack and take our stuff out to the Tundra and check out. We need to hang around till 3 p.m. so I can pick up a $100 bank card. We want to have lunch at the Burger Bar, but they don't open till 4. On a Saturday??? So we grab a couple of burgers at Breadsticks.  Back to the VP, the pros have finally left the building. We play for a while and I decide to take a chance that maybe they will let me pick up my $$$ a bit early. I get in the Epic/Paramount line, and luck out as Mackie is there and recognizes me. He gets me my card toot sweet. Thanks Mackie! Back for a few more hands, Mark is down to his last few duckies. I offer to cover him, but he won't let me. He's playing for 1 credit a spin and hits a straight flush. Now at least he can play max bet. I always like to finish up with a 4OAK....



                                                                                                    0719141450.jpg (564921 bytes)

We cash out, hit the redemption up and are on the road. Final tally: I end up the trip more or less pushing, as for Mark- hey, let's just say we had a blast. Home Siri.... and let's take the scenic route!

                                                             0719141618a.jpg (508820 bytes)