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                                                          AC JULY 2013


    Hey Now! We once again pulled a half day work shift, and made our way thru the various bridges and tunnels to the Eastern Shore.

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 We stopped at our usual Royal Farms for gas and a couple of subs, and were soon at the Lewes Ferry. We parked and ate our subs, and    walked around while we waited. They were running late, and it was 98 out. We finally boarded, and it was nappy time...

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  Finally we're in Joisey, and into town.

    0718131908.jpg (648383 bytes) We unload Teal, and go to the front desk. As we waited in line, they were steadily telling people they were overbooked. It was about 7:30 p.m. People were really pissed off. Time for a plan! As we waited, I made up the $20 Trick and stepped up. Keven was working, and he knows me. I tell him that our host, Mark Howard has made our booking, and that we would like a Rendezvous Tower room. I let him see the sandwich. He goes back to see the Manager and comes back to tell us the room isn't ready yet, and it's got a trundle bed. But it also has a huge TV, and a couch. He checks us in with a grin, and tells us to come back in an hour, so we do some gamboling while we wait. We don't even recognize the floor. They put down new carpet, and moved all the machines around. Our favorite VP machines are nowhere in sight! I need to go by the player's club to get my 3 scratch- offs, and I leave Sweet Ti at a Blazing Seven's machine. I collect my tickets, and end up with $60. in free play. Noice! Sweet Ti has no luck, so we try a $1 3 reel progressive with the free play but no cupie doll...