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AC 11th Anniversary Trip Jan 13-16 2012

Hey Now!


We celebrated our journey so far with a journey north. Ti slept 0113120725.jpg (401066 bytes)  

while I watched the sunrise as we tripped up Rt. 13

0113120724.jpg (382038 bytes)  

I figured at some point the snow geese would make an appearance, and sure enough as we approached the ferry they showed up in force....0113120835a.jpg (401145 bytes) gotta love 'em!!

On to Lewes 0113120842.jpg (624750 bytes) and our ferry rendezvous... 0113120844.jpg (813442 bytes)  

Now, the winds were howling, and the waves were crashing over the bow, making it hard to catch a nap....0113121020.jpg (713111 bytes)  0113121020a.jpg (658538 bytes)  

but we made it safely to Joisey with nothing worse than a salt soaked Teal (our Scion...)

  We head for the Borg to take advantage of some free play  0113121144.jpg (717169 bytes)  

but alas, no luck- although Ti did have a nice score on Cue the Dog 

You either love (or hate!) this machine Time to check in, so we head across town to Resorts, 0113121304a.jpg (628327 bytes) for our 3 comped days. I go by the player's club to get my card upgraded, and we get our room on the 35th floor, a corner room.. Rendezvous Tower is the only way to go. We catch a view of the ball on top of the Revel, which has a strange arm sticking out of it..Revel.jpg (1316111 bytes)0113121355.jpg (698222 bytes) downstairs for a VP session..0113121616.jpg (638515 bytes)  0113121625.jpg (595289 bytes) next we take advantage of my once a year free dinner( $50 comp) that goes with the Epic card, we chose Breadsticks..I had the shrimp- bad choice, Ti had the Meatloaf-good choice!.We stop by to see Colin Mathews and his wife.

Back upstairs, I looked around for the flowers I figured would have come while we were out, but there was only a message on the phone that a package had arrived. So I went down and brought them up myself. I asked at the front desk why they weren't brought up, I was told they didn't want to come in the room while we weren't there. I had left a note by phone arranging this, but..Ti appreciated them.

0113121717.jpg (502254 bytes) Time for another session..0113121814.jpg (789320 bytes)  0113121856.jpg (659910 bytes) 0113122009.jpg (655362 bytes) and then, time to crash.....


Up early, I head downstairs and let Sweet Ti sleep .....the place is dead 0114120620.jpg (578979 bytes)  0114120655.jpg (618105 bytes)  I hit this,

 0114120718.jpg (613817 bytes) and decide to go up to the high limit area to play some $1 VP. This place is not as smoky, and very quite, and I sit down to my favorite machine. I hit a full boat right away and realize I'm playing for $2 rather than $1, but I'm up a bit, so I keep playing. Then this,,,0114120725.jpg (575991 bytes) so I cash out for $600 and go off in search of a BJ table.They are just opening up a $5 table, and some guy beats me to 3rd base, so I sit at 1st, but in for $100..at least it's S17, so I play 2 hands.. Up and down, I have to split and double during a down spot, so I buy in for another $100.. mistake. The shoe goes bad, and I blow thru the second $100 pretty fast. Well it's time to take Ti breakfast, so I head over to Boardwalk Perks to get said breakfast. Earning food comps is very easy at Resorts, this whole trip we eat free.. Nice perk..

We hang out in the room for awhile, then go down to play a bit. 0114121109.jpg (550576 bytes)  0114121111.jpg (577142 bytes)

0114121116.jpg (553027 bytes) Then Sweet Ti starts hitting the 4OAKs..0114121140.jpg (694550 bytes)  0114121221.jpg (695857 bytes)  0114121224.jpg (700334 bytes)  0114121324.jpg (634083 bytes) 

killer job Baby Duck!! We take a break, and Ti does some window shopping while I head upstairs to get our $25 gas card, another nice perk! Ti watches some TV, and I give back a bunch of our earlier winnings..Bummer!! We have reservations at Capriccio's, and head up a bit early to hang out at the bar till our dinner is ready. Ti gets a Cape Cod, which she has to explain to Ulysses the bartender, and we watch some card tricks. Soon our table is ready and we sit overlooking the beach to begin our anniversary dinner. This place is really classy, and we have a fine dine..We each get salad, and Ti gets a lobster pasta entree and I have veal. Exceptional food and service, and all comped! 

Ti Cappricio's.jpg (299834 bytes)              RB Cappricio's.jpg (212896 bytes)   AUSTRALIA!!!!

 I leave Ti in front of the TV, and head back for a last session of the day.0114121825.jpg (593398 bytes)  0114121830.jpg (563711 bytes) Time to crash early and call it a day.    


I trip on down to ACH to score a chip and some free play, but they still have the old Hilton chips, and I have to wait till April to get my free play. They are supposed to decide on a new name soon, then new chips. The pit is dead, so I walk around for awhile and count 8 people in the whole casino. Pitiful. 0115120704.jpg (700810 bytes)  I take in the sunrise over the Atlantic....Brisk!


0115120750.jpg (520205 bytes)  0115120752a.jpg (502458 bytes)  Back to Teal,

0115120756.jpg (650253 bytes)  0115120756a.jpg (734897 bytes)  0115120757.jpg (605980 bytes)  

I notice the low air pressure light on, and go off in search of air. This can be a bit tough in AC, and after a couple of tries, I finally find one that works...

0115120840.jpg (788741 bytes) Problem solved, I go back to Resorts and serve Ti breakfast. There's a promotion going on at the Borg, so we hop across town and try our luck. I score a little at the Multi-Strike machine, then settle down to the .25 FP DDB while Ti plays her Cue the Dig. Ti has a nice score, but I pretty much Barney Fife.. Time for some food, so we hit the Sunday Brunch at the buffet.0115121506.jpg (753837 bytes)  0115121507.jpg (561730 bytes)  0115121507a.jpg (622723 bytes) 0115121527.jpg (535294 bytes) 0115121528.jpg (689459 bytes)   Tasty! Place is mobbed, so it's back to Resorts  0115121631.jpg (428524 bytes) 0115121631a.jpg (468013 bytes) for an early evening round..


0115120927.jpg (665907 bytes)  0115121816.jpg (574795 bytes)  0115121820.jpg (569961 bytes)  

I finally find the full pay Jacks of Better machine,  and the playoff game is on so the Giants fans serenade me as I'm playing...0115121945.jpg (599456 bytes)  0115121957.jpg (614729 bytes)  0115122005.jpg (606058 bytes)  

yet another early evening...


Up to get ready for the ferry ride home, I have a quick hit 0116120611.jpg (611244 bytes)  

and we call it a trip. Great way to celebrate our 11th anniversary!



                                                                                                     0116120934.jpg (511112 bytes)