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                                                   A Midsummer Bovine Invasion

                                           07.14.2022 Out of the clouds, down from the skies*

  Hey Now! Welcome back my friends. Great to see y'all. That color looks good on you. Let's have some fun. Typical trip, just me and Stretch. Sweet Ti is once again looking after our mess o' kitties. Good on you my Sweet Ti! Cheers! Happy Birthday Our Feather!

                                                                       Foxy travel time.

                                                             IMG_4187.jpeg (1171806 bytes)

                                                                    Rest area felines

                                                              IMG_9732.JPG (1343289 bytes)     IMG_9733.JPG (1767116 bytes)

                                                          best gas station chicken on earth!

                                       IMG_9734.JPG (1369597 bytes)    IMG_9735.JPG (1425894 bytes)

                                                                   67950633868__D8DF5C75-FB73-4B9D-BF59-5A63BC078F2F(1).jpeg (580092 bytes)


   As the Polish Spinster Sisters are off today, Adrian checks me in. I kinda wanted to try the boardwalk end of the Ocean Tower, but there aren't any suites available. So I settle for one on the other end of the tower. Ready and waiting at 11 a.m. Noice.

     IMG_9736.JPG (1246938 bytes)  IMG_9738.JPG (1133078 bytes)  IMG_9739.JPG (1547243 bytes)  IMG_9740.JPG (1057796 bytes)

                          IMG_9741.JPG (1094094 bytes)   IMG_9742.JPG (1219068 bytes)    IMG_9743.JPG (1842350 bytes)  

                                           IMG_9745.JPG (1193629 bytes)       IMG_9746.JPG (1562725 bytes)

                                                                 IMG_9747.JPG (1267248 bytes)

                                                                     Stretch is keepin' watch

 So this is the 3rd trip that we've gotten a suite in the Ocean Tower with a different configuration. This one actually has 2 tub showers. Weird. I let my Sweet Ti know that I am all moved in and that I miss her already. She tells me to earn my keep and good luck!

                                                                67951137036__D7742407-E230-4CEE-B32B-EC21EC544364.jpeg (829424 bytes)

                                                                             I'll try

 That didn't work. So I use today's FSP (80.) and today's mystery FSP (a whopping 5.!) as a stake on my favorite ol' standby slant VP machine. I didn't catch that darned unicorn. Barely used up that free play before being smoked out. And this is a no smoking area!!!!!

                                                     Queue up the Disco for us DJ JJ!!






                                                            Fast as Flying Monkeys, right Jim?




                                                            IMG_9757.JPG (1026669 bytes)

                                                            IMG_9753.JPG (1910589 bytes)

                                                             Bar None took some MDMA

                                  Not very fortuitous beginning gamboling. Sweet Ti suggests old school reels. 

                                         67951782593__93021772-7230-4D5A-824F-350DA370F1A9.jpeg (982983 bytes)         67951913272__71EB6B2A-7B4E-429E-88B9-B5508336096E.jpeg (884065 bytes)

   At least that hundy lasted a bit longer. Right about now my stomach is screaming "Feed me Seymour!!!" First night is always pizza night. And after ordering I always play Devil Baby. And I always win. But what the hell? Someone dares play my machine????

                                                                       67952069032__742E59CC-4386-4636-9FED-AE3ACDF60034(1).jpeg (993277 bytes)

                                                           Worse, just sitting there. Grrrrrr

 My machine (listen to me, my machine sheesh) is on the right. On the left, dude had zilch credits. I went ahead and ordered. They left.

                                                              Insert coin please Jimbo-




                                                            67952143035__2DCBDD61-CA4C-40E5-8D03-F5F48C83D747.jpeg (1104286 bytes)

                                                                  The streak continues

                                                            IMG_9762.JPG (1637006 bytes)

 So I always tip today's local, the Pizza Chef. He knows how I like my pie. Garlic on the crust, well done. It was bigger than the box! After I munched, I took a shower. I flipped a coin as to which shower to use. The one I chose had a problem. The drain wouldn't. Drain that it. So I moved over to the other one. But that one had a problem too. They had obviously placed an insert tub on top of the original. But it wasn't seated properly. It was kinda like taking a shower while standing up on a water bed. Plus I get motion sickness easily. Good thing I don't drink. 

                                                            IMG_9764.JPG (1391950 bytes)

                                                                     Party on dude.

                                      67953061412__30339297-0727-48D8-ABB9-EB5076CEE22C.jpeg (610921 bytes)   IMG_9765.JPG (1207465 bytes)

                                                                Win what you see

 IMG_9766.JPG (954580 bytes)     IMG_9767.JPG (1394464 bytes)     IMG_9768.JPG (834075 bytes)    IMG_9770.JPG (1207452 bytes)

 The new pool facility is 2 weeks overdue to open as of right now. But it looks to me like it's just about ready. I stroll over next door to the Hard Rock to use the miniscule FSP they grace me with. 15. per day. I find yet another iteration of Buffalo. Buffalo Gamble. Who would have thought. 

                                        IMG_9774.JPG (1666114 bytes)  IMG_9775.JPG (1635121 bytes)

                                                        Sorta like roulette with cattle

                                                       And speaking of cattle........

                                                   Fire up the Area 51 footage James!!!



                                                        IMG_9777.JPG (1319402 bytes)


                                                        IMG_9778.JPG (1645086 bytes)

                                                  Slightly profitable adventure next door. 

                                                        IMG_9779.JPG (1331412 bytes)    

                                                          Never saw the movie...

                                                    Amaze us once more please Jim!




                              IMG_9781.JPG (1507698 bytes)                   IMG_9784.JPG (1369569 bytes)

                                                     Really great graphics on these machines. 

                                                                  IMG_9785.JPG (1433347 bytes)

                                                                    2 buck Chuck

                                                        IMG_9786.JPG (1262849 bytes)

                                  I'm such a sucker for Monopoly. Especially in AC. Right Jim????



                                                         IMG_9788.JPG (1353973 bytes)



                                                                                         IMG_9790.JPG (1484892 bytes) 



                                                                          IMG_9792.JPG (1433185 bytes)   IMG_9795.JPG (1384557 bytes)

                                                                                                             Thank you Mr. Monopoly!

                                     IMG_9797.JPG (1586194 bytes)                  IMG_9798.JPG (1439263 bytes)

                                   Tough opening salvo. But we are in it for the long haul. Tell 'em Lou!!



                                                            IMG_9890.JPG (1289656 bytes)

                           07.15.2022 Something is here- But we don't know why*

                   Hey Now! What time is it?!! You guessed it- 4:20. Pizza and Near Red Bull for breakfast. 

                                                        Where's those airborne Simians James? 


                                           IMG_9799.JPG (1091672 bytes)   IMG_9801.JPG (1129188 bytes)

   IMG_9802.JPG (1674168 bytes)   IMG_9803.JPG (2195932 bytes)   IMG_9805.JPG (1092733 bytes)   IMG_9806.JPG (1316611 bytes)

                    IMG_9818.JPG (1339590 bytes)      IMG_9819.JPG (1236644 bytes)     IMG_9820.JPG (1194920 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9821.JPG (1295004 bytes)

             This dude had a serious die technique. Of course he was throwing them on a Plexiglas surface. The rest of the pit was completely empty except for one 15. BJ table. It was full. With a waiting line, Oh- and a 25. and 50. table that were empty. I never could figure out why they don't lower the table limits when there's people waiting for a spot. Meanwhile, I'm not exactly burning things up. Except for hundys that is. Burning those no problem. But I do have another thing I need to burn today. A 75. dining comp. Breadsticks it  is. Maria takes care of me. Right away I order a sirloin, fries and a salad. The AC is on the fritz. I stick my head outside for a peak-

                                                             IMG_9822.JPG (1042598 bytes)

                                                                        even stickier

 I opt to stay inside. By the time I had finished my salad the AC was cooking. Maria even hooked me up with 2 cheesecakes to use up all of my comp. Here's a tip y'all..... The menu prices are still pre-inflation. Take advantage while it lasts!  Great view too!

               IMG_9823.JPG (1309447 bytes)               IMG_9824.JPG (538844 bytes)           IMG_9825.JPG (664972 bytes)

 Today's gift is a bottle of flavored vodka- no thanks! I'll go for the FSP instead. QH .50 Progressive is looking ripe. Insert coin. I'm playing on the same row with today's local, Sarah. Sarah is from Mays Landing. She's here with her sister, who has wondered off. We are chatting and having a great time talking. Or at least I am. Sarah is pretty much pre-occupied with trying to download her 5. FSP. I finally show her how after I win her confidence that I'm not looking to scam her. I go back to hitting buttons and Sarah tells me her machine is broken. It won't do anything. I explain to her it's because she has hit the jackpot. She is completely clueless. 

                                           IMG_9828.JPG (1802708 bytes)              IMG_9829.JPG (1261964 bytes)

 I explain that she has to wait for the attendant to pay her. At this point she is more interested in finding her sister. I tell her I'll try to fetch up both her sister and an attendant. How will I know your sister??? "Her hat says 'Jersey Girl' ". Guess what? I found both!

                                                              Win what you see. 




                                                        IMG_9832.JPG (1242247 bytes)


 Be bopped over to HR to use the very generous 15. FSP they were offering today and found an Invaders from the Planet Moolah machine. I had a blast playing with today's emergency backup local, Gail. I do love me some alien cattle. Even pushed. Then I hit the Steel Pier.

       IMG_9833.JPG (1024329 bytes) IMG_9834.JPG (1250264 bytes) IMG_9835.JPG (1325255 bytes) IMG_9836.JPG (1543194 bytes)

       IMG_9837.JPG (1316359 bytes) IMG_9838.JPG (1713413 bytes) IMG_9839.JPG (1514180 bytes) IMG_9840.JPG (2159347 bytes)

       IMG_9841.JPG (1508122 bytes) IMG_9842.JPG (1730496 bytes) IMG_9844.JPG (958567 bytes) IMG_9846.JPG (1559854 bytes)

       IMG_9847.JPG (1986610 bytes) IMG_9848.JPG (1733961 bytes) IMG_9849.JPG (1977125 bytes) IMG_9850.JPG (1427627 bytes)

       IMG_9851.JPG (1518490 bytes) IMG_9852.JPG (1230360 bytes) IMG_9853.JPG (1237259 bytes) IMG_9854.JPG (983864 bytes)

                                   IMG_9855.JPG (1465190 bytes)                 IMG_9873.JPG (1427449 bytes)

                                                     Give us the Slingshot please Mr. Jimmy.....



      IMG_9857.JPG (1169201 bytes) IMG_9858.JPG (1469519 bytes) IMG_9859.JPG (1472039 bytes) IMG_9860.JPG (1413791 bytes) 


                         IMG_9862.JPG (1256899 bytes)  IMG_9864.JPG (1301658 bytes)     IMG_9869.JPG (1234715 bytes)       

                                        IMG_9872.JPG (1551182 bytes)      IMG_9878.JPG (1381513 bytes)   

                                                              IMG_9866.JPG (1346121 bytes)

 That concludes my first exploration of the Steel Pier. Hard to believe that I've been coming to AC since 2005 and staying at Resorts the last 14 years and haven't walked the short distance over here. Oh well, now I have. It really wasn't very busy. Onward!! 

                                                             Big Money please J.J.!!!!!!!



                                                                                                   IMG_9880.JPG (1281163 bytes)





                                                             IMG_9882.JPG (1304885 bytes)





                                                             IMG_9886.JPG (1164973 bytes)

                                          IMG_9883.JPG (1232189 bytes)      IMG_9887.JPG (1198594 bytes)

                                                                         Thanks Vanna!

                                                    Here's a new one on me- right Jim?????


                                                             IMG_9889.JPG (1431104 bytes)

                                                                    need more calcium

Well this has certainly been one of those OMG days. Down doobie do down down went the BR. 20 hard fought tear points. Cheers!

                                                                   IMG_9891.JPG (1533334 bytes)

                                          07.16.2022 Could be a threat, let's put up a fight*

  Hey Now! Slept in late. 5 a.m.By the time I got down to the DSTP machine it was 6:30. But it didn't take long to finally hit a 4OAK.

                                                         IMG_9892.JPG (1347050 bytes)             

                                                                        or 2....   

                                                         IMG_9893.JPG (1420811 bytes)         

                                                            but not a spinner in sight   

 Just when the ol' DSTP machine was coughing these up, a couple showed up nearby sporting a cloud of gray smoke. Too much for me! 

               IMG_9894.JPG (1002778 bytes)          IMG_9895.JPG (1188982 bytes)          IMG_9896.JPG (1021933 bytes) 

                                    IMG_9897.JPG (1325898 bytes)        IMG_9898.JPG (1745428 bytes)

 I don't recall ever playing this IGT title before. One has to wonder just how many of these type machines were produced over the years. Dozens I suspect. Fun diversion. I stroll over to the RPL Sty and spot a likely suspect. Insert coin. Take control please Mr. J???


                                                            IMG_9900.JPG (1409948 bytes)          


       I once again take a moment to ponder the history of this place. Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, et al. Even various ghost tales. Spooky!

                       IMG_9902.JPG (885182 bytes)       IMG_9901.JPG (1101730 bytes)      IMG_9903.JPG (1202550 bytes)

                                                                    W3 4 ur WTF J.?



                IMG_9905.JPG (1086679 bytes)        IMG_9906.JPG (1092727 bytes)        IMG_9907.JPG (990050 bytes)

                                                                Here Kitty Kitty Kitty....J.J.?




                                                                IMG_9910.JPG (1587969 bytes)

               IMG_9911.JPG (1132964 bytes)            IMG_9912.JPG (1272004 bytes)             IMG_9913.JPG (1365948 bytes)

                                                                IMG_9914.JPG (889056 bytes)

 I'm pretty sure I've talked about this game before, so bear with me. This version incorporates the best of the QH progressives- scatter pay. As long as the symbol is visible on the screen on all 3 reels, you get paid. I like it. 

      IMG_9915.JPG (1234997 bytes)  IMG_9916.JPG (1050754 bytes) IMG_9917.JPG (879861 bytes) IMG_9918.JPG (889449 bytes)

                                                               IMG_9919.JPG (980117 bytes)

           I have a food comp next door at HR I'd like to use for the buffet. So I put on my sailing shoes and bopped next door.

                                  IMG_9920.JPG (1437507 bytes)        IMG_9921.JPG (1825039 bytes)

 I queue up to a kiosk but I'm not seeing a food comp offer. So I ask the buffet cashier to check my card. She informs me the comp isn't good on Saturdays. Damn. So I walked back to Resorts and checked out the club. They aren't open till 2 p.m. Well Boy Howdy, I guess it's Breadsticks. I am seated outside. It's beautiful out here. I order a Reuben and a button from Betty. Pretty much everybody working here is wearing one. All of the casinos but 2 have settled with the union. Resorts is one that hasn't. They are voting on Thursday. Go Union.

                                                             IMG_9928.JPG (1413616 bytes)

     IMG_9922.JPG (1113881 bytes)       IMG_9924.JPG (1471643 bytes)      IMG_9926.JPG (1806049 bytes)      IMG_9927.JPG (441236 bytes)

 The beach is packed already at a bit after noon. Great day for people watching too. As a matter of fact, I'm off upbeach!

     IMG_9929.JPG (1549436 bytes)  IMG_9930.JPG (1316656 bytes)  IMG_9931.JPG (1349338 bytes)  IMG_9932.JPG (1579283 bytes)

     IMG_9933.JPG (1198908 bytes)  IMG_9934.JPG (1321306 bytes)  IMG_9935.JPG (1729588 bytes)  IMG_9937.JPG (467822 bytes)

       Lovely walk. I didn't see any kitties. There's some kind of Soul Fest going on at da 'Boat. Plenty of Big Bootie everywhere. 

                                                            IMG_9953.JPG (1693170 bytes)

 I hadn't ever signed up for an Ocean player's card yet. The line wasn't bad so I bit the bullet. No tier match for me. 25. FSP and this-

                                      IMG_9955.JPG (1841948 bytes)   IMG_9956.JPG (1810710 bytes)

                                                            they didn't even have 2xl.....

                                                           Looky what I found- James???


                                                                                              IMG_9939.JPG (1574712 bytes)

                                                                 IMG_9940.JPG (1465808 bytes)  IMG_9941.JPG (1165826 bytes)

  I have always really liked the feel of this place, even when it was Revel. The dark ceilings, and the way it just kind of meanders around. Plus being able to see the ocean is really neat. I can't quite figure out where the smoking and non areas begin and end. I'm sure that's by design. All of the video poker machines I saw were crammed in one area that was  smoking. No thank you!

    IMG_9942.JPG (1047641 bytes)  IMG_9943.JPG (1549541 bytes)  IMG_9944.JPG (1569027 bytes)  IMG_9945.JPG (1558334 bytes)

                                                           Insert coin please Jim.......


                                     IMG_9947.JPG (1616107 bytes)




                                                                                                                                     IMG_9949.JPG (1282413 bytes)

     I had a blast! I played for a good solid hour on 40. Plus they serve Heiny NA! Man I wish they would get these machines at Resorts!

                                                             IMG_9952.JPG (1197616 bytes)

                                                                     deadly exalator!

                                 IMG_9954.JPG (1350390 bytes)                    Monopoly 1935 - Virginia Avenue #9 - Monopoly Cards 1935 | OpenSea 

                                                            IMG_9957.JPG (1310644 bytes)

 I use today's ammo on my old standby slant VP machine and dial up some 1. BP. Take us to the results please Mr. James!!!!!!




                                      IMG_9960.JPG (1834323 bytes)       IMG_9961.JPG (1802873 bytes)     

              Sweet!! I seriously needed that BR injection. After I cashed out I inserted coin at the .25 DDB Progressives.

       IMG_9962.JPG (1678671 bytes)  IMG_9964.JPG (1882039 bytes)  IMG_9965.JPG (1822020 bytes)  IMG_9966.JPG (1619064 bytes)

  Well, I didn't get that royal once again, but it was nice to have a winning session for a change. And now my friends, it's Happy Hour.

                  IMG_9968.JPG (1461598 bytes)       IMG_9969.JPG (1156958 bytes)        IMG_9970.JPG (1330042 bytes)

                     Brigantine oysters                             crabcake sliders                             calamari

 I sat at the bar and Josh served me. It's just after 5 pm and right on time today's locals, Hildy and the Peptones are just setting up. As a matter of fact, I made sure that they were playing before I set up this trip. They play mostly 20's era swing music. Not to be missed!

                                           IMG_9967.JPG (1141828 bytes)     IMG_9972.JPG (1046649 bytes)

                                                                           Sir James??


                                                                        IMG_9971.JPG (1126803 bytes)


                                                                  Hollyrock Hills Awaits!!!!!

                 IMG_9974.JPG (965910 bytes)         IMG_9975.JPG (1107642 bytes)        IMG_9976.JPG (1030198 bytes)

                                                         Let's walk like an Egyptian Jimmy!!


                                                             IMG_9978.JPG (1689262 bytes)

 So I guess I got this idea from spending way too much time researching gamboling online. Or an SDguy video. I was only playing 3 lines instead of 9 lines. That way I still qualified for the bonus but saved money awaiting the 3 scatter symbols to show up. A bit less volatility on an extremely volatile game. Pushed.

                                                            Octoberfest time Jim!!!!


                                                         IMG_9980.JPG (1627052 bytes)

       So this lady was there with these 3 teenagers. One of them was playing. Then the CW came by and took drink orders from them!

                                                        IMG_9983.JPG (1409671 bytes)

                                                         They never got carded either.

         IMG_9984.JPG (1976254 bytes)         IMG_9985.JPG (1878822 bytes)          IMG_9986.JPG (1714279 bytes)

                                                             still no royal............

                                          IMG_9987.JPG (1359533 bytes)  IMG_9988.JPG (979544 bytes)

  Well, it's been yet another day of putting in way more than I've been getting out. But I have one last day to turn things around. Can I?

                                                          IMG_0014.JPG (1276224 bytes)

                                   07.17.2022  We gotta protect the moonstone tonight*

 Hey Now! Happy Bday to my long time gamboling partner and son, Mark. He's 42 today. In his honor, I will use his free play today. 

                                                        0717150440.jpg (507561 bytes)

                                                             a few bday trips ago....

 I figured I'd start with some more DDP Progressive. I'm overdue for that elusive royal. My last (and only) one on these machines came when they were still up on the boardwalk end of this joint. Pre-Epidemic- although not by much. Shooing out the Teens. I'm playing with a nice couple. They were playing these machines last night. I introduced myself as some southern perv walking around with a pen and notebook and snooping about. She's today's local-Elaine from Gloucester. NJ that is. As opposed to Gloucester VA. She has always lived there, and doesn't plan to move. She had hit Pointies with the kicker among other hands last night. I asked how her evening went after I crashed. 

                                                        IMG_9989.JPG (1106193 bytes)

                                                               "They took it all!!"

                                                    Break out the Magnavox please Jimmy......



                                                                    so close....

                                                         IMG_9990.JPG (1631840 bytes)

                                                      This was about all I could manage.

                                 IMG_9992.JPG (1042804 bytes)            IMG_9993.JPG (1510340 bytes)

                                    IMG_9994.JPG (1212846 bytes)   IMG_9995.JPG (1041405 bytes)

 I burned through my free play and Mark's but still couldn't snag that dammed lumberjack unicorn. I went upstairs to pack and grabbed some more bullets. Sweet Ti and I chatted for a bit and she suggested I play some Top Dollar on the machine she hit the 1000 credits on. It's an old school .50 denomination model. I concur. As a matter of fact, I'm feelin' it. Insert coin.....

                   IMG_9996.JPG (1317924 bytes)       IMG_9998.JPG (1126199 bytes)       IMG_9999.JPG (1717134 bytes)

                                                                    Nice call Baby Duck!!!

Hey Now! Well that was right on time! A bit late actually. I spun off my jackpot and cashed out. Of course I kept up a running commentary with my Sweet Ti. Needless to say, she was pleased with herself. I was pretty happy too. Time to boogie next door and finally use up that food comp they have graced me with. I hit the kiosk and got in the very short line. They had just opened. Let's eat!

     IMG_0002.JPG (1154183 bytes)  IMG_0003.JPG (1120108 bytes)  IMG_0004.JPG (1255535 bytes)  IMG_0005.JPG (1332147 bytes)

     IMG_0006.JPG (1215717 bytes)  IMG_0007.JPG (1124247 bytes)  IMG_0008.JPG (1194180 bytes)  IMG_0009.JPG (1475502 bytes)

      IMG_0010.JPG (1253471 bytes)   IMG_0011.JPG (1136356 bytes)  IMG_0012.JPG (1177651 bytes)   IMG_0013.JPG (1052686 bytes)


                                             IMG_0016.JPG (1411571 bytes)  IMG_0017.JPG (1048864 bytes)


                                      IMG_0014.JPG (1276224 bytes)                IMG_0015.JPG (1331060 bytes)

 Damn serviceable buffet I do declare. Great service from Thairn. He even walked up as I was stashing some cookies for later and told me that he would be right back. He showed back up with a to go coffee cup.

                                                              IMG_0020.JPG (1384010 bytes)

                                                                      Namaste Thairn

                   I guess I ought to give them some play to earn my keep here. I start out with some livestock.

                                            IMG_0021.JPG (1161434 bytes)  IMG_0022.JPG (1073619 bytes)

                                                                No cow pies for you!!!

          I walked around a bit looking for something completely different. By god, I think I've found it. If you please Jim?????


                                                                                                                       1st spin

                                IMG_0024.JPG (1492664 bytes)                    IMG_0025.JPG (1546588 bytes)

                                                              Next please Jim??!!?



                                                                                             IMG_0027.JPG (1574154 bytes)

                                                                                                      And the finale J.J.-



     IMG_0030.JPG (1630210 bytes)  IMG_0031.JPG (954874 bytes)  IMG_0033.JPG (1424218 bytes)  IMG_0036.JPG (880542 bytes)

  What a crazy session!!! What a crazy game! I hadn't even seen this one before. Whoever programmed the software must have had a PHD in human psychology. That frenzy mode has a 2:30 minute timer. It encourages you to spin as fast as possible. You can blow through a ton of credits in that amount of time trying to hit the cash grab bonus. This one is definitely hit and run. Which is what I did. 

                                              Bao Zhu Zhao Fu Red Festival if you please James???


                                 IMG_0037.JPG (1630810 bytes)                 IMG_0039.JPG (1451300 bytes)   

                                                   That was tasty, another helping please Jimmy!!!   


                                   IMG_0041.JPG (1535806 bytes)           IMG_0042.JPG (1083377 bytes) 

                                            I left with 1050. of the Hard Rock's money. Heh heh heh........

                                                                      Back at the ranch-

      IMG_0047.JPG (1219346 bytes)  IMG_0048.JPG (1080627 bytes)  IMG_0049.JPG (1062492 bytes)  IMG_0050.JPG (1162347 bytes)

                                                                  Fu  Xuan Jim-San?????



                                 IMG_0051.JPG (1494531 bytes)                IMG_0053.JPG (1402637 bytes)

                                                         IMG_0054.JPG (1039520 bytes)

 It's a good thing that I stashed my winnings from earlier upstairs. I'm back to my old losing ways at Resorts. I took a break to finish packing and made a preliminary run to Foxy and then stopped by the DDB progressive for one last session. Insert coin.

                                                                   Hit it J.!!


                                                                IMG_0046.JPG (1905566 bytes)

                                                                   The proverbial last 4OAK

  Now that's the way to get that job done. Then I made a beeline to Cappriccios to place a to go order from Evie and use up the other 60. food comp for the month . Genaro popped by for a hug while I was waiting. Perfect timing, as they were just about to close.

                                      IMG_0057.JPG (1169740 bytes)          IMG_0059.JPG (1268778 bytes)

                                                              Salad, bread, and scallops. 


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                                                             IMG_0060.JPG (1417732 bytes)

                                                                       Goodie cart

  I crashed before 10p.m. and got up and caught the 9:30 ferry. Home by 3 p.m. I earned 66 tier points, bunch of comp dollars. The BR took a bit of a hit- but I did offset the sting by a grand -compliments of Hard Rock. Well, thanks my friends for playing along one more time. Hopefully I'll run into some of y'all at a casino somewhere. If you recognize me - well, you know what to say! 

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                                                                        Hey Now!







                                                                            *Alien Invasion, Cast of Zombies