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                              09.09.2015 And what's waitin' there for me and you? It's water, cool, clear water

Hey Now! Gotta admit, that bed at HVR really slept well. Busy morning, Sweet Ti has to stop by the PC to get the voucher for the cabana. Then I've gotta run over to Orleans, do session one, earn a bunch of points, and do session two.  First stop is for coffee and treats though. No Reneee here, but I did earn enough comps to play for it. Time to stand in line.


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We're in luck- Brenda'a working! She hooks up up with our voucher, along with $175 food and beverage credit. It's about 9 a.m.-opening time. We head for The Backyard.

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                             We follow the nice Pool Girl as she takes us to our own private cabana.

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                                The sun was in my eyes, I couldn't really tell if I was taking shots of...

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We finally made it to the cabana level, with it's own pools. She told us to pick out any cabana we liked. We got one under a palm tree.

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Kira will be our Cabana Girl today. She came by with menus, and we ordered a Loaded Breakfast Burrito and a Piņa Colada. It was really tasty. We ran a tab, and she said there would be an 18% gratuity charge on the cost of the cabana ($200) and the F&B ($175). Shit, by the end of the day, we had tipped her around $120. Worth every penny. I set up my Ippy and we jammed out while we ate.    

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I called the Rubens and invited them over. Bob was taking them out for a late breakfast, and Dave said he would give me a call when they got to Henderson. Sweet Ti kicked back on the couch with the book, and I was off to Orleans. The traffic was backed up on I-15. I got to the slot tourney just in time. I gave Derrick my card, and quickly find my machine. I've played in this type of tourney many times in AC, 3 minutes of button slapping and balloon popping.

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 I did terrible. The first session I had 84k. Second I had 102k. Just in each session, which was 25 people, the top scores were around 140k. And there's 236 people in the tourney. Screwed I tell ya! Time to earn some points.


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Time to head on back to the HVR. I stopped by the room and poured me an ice cold Kaliber to take to the cabana. Sweet Ti had ordered a fruit platter and a chip and dip platter. We took a dip and chilled for a bit. The temp was around 108° so even the astroturf between the pool and the cabana was crazy hot.

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Dave called and said they were on 215. I said I would meet them at the 215 self park. I went to the room to change and grab another beverage and decided to play a bit while waiting for them to show up. I sat next to a lady who was a school teacher - she made me promise not to tell anyone, so don't tell anyone y'all. She was waiting for her husband to get off of work there. 


The Rubens finally showed up, and I escorted them to our cabana. Sweet Ti had ordered pitchers of Sangria and Mojitos, and they scarffed them up. Time for some more pool water.

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We lounged around the cabana for a couple of more hours and pitchers, and then it was 6 p.m. Closing time. Earliest closing time ever! We tried to talk them into staying, but they had to go back and feed their Bob. Adieu Rubens! It was a really nice afternoon. We settled up with Kira, and went to the room to get cleaned up for dinner. For tonight we will be feasting at Pizza Rock.

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Janelle was our server. The menu was wall to wall pizza- kinds we hadn't even heard of. And each type had it's own oven and temperature for cooking perfection. Sweet Ti started with a salad, and we picked the Henderson.

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I honestly can say it was the best pie either one of us has ever had. We even had some leftover for breakfast. TRY THIS PIE!!!!!

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                            Sweet Ti works with a girl whose name is....wait for it.....Linda Carter

                                            Total coin in- Boyds: 2.5k     Stations: 2K

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                               09.10.2015 You and me gotta spend some time- wonderin' which to choose