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                             06.10.2019 But I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me*

 Hey Now! Slept in till 5 a.m. I ended up in bed last night by 10 p.m. so that's 7 hours. A little better than average for Vegas. Today is multiple point day at Sam's Club. Kujo and I blast off up Tropicana just as the sun is getting ready to pop up.

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 We made excellent time and were soon pulling into self park garage #2. VIP is just outside of the walkway over to the casino. I parked right up front. #2 is by far the best place to park here.

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     I made sure that I kiosk'd in to activate the 11x multiplier. I have made that mistake before. I hit the 99.1% Loose Deuces.

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 That was about all I could do on that. I am on the 2nd floor so I scope out the offerings there. I say Hey Now to a security guard and we start a conversation. He turns out to be today's local, Dan. Now only is Dan from VA, but he was born at Ft. Lee. The company I work for has the contract there. One of our Techs just transferred there this week. I tell him I work at Ft. Eustis. Wouldn't you know, his Daddy retired from there. He lived right down the street growing up. He is retired Air Force. Stationed at Langley Air Force Base which is now part of a joint base along with Ft. Eustis. We have a blast talking. He's a really nice guy. It seems like every trip I run into someone who has ties to my region. Amazing.Dan finally has to split and make his rounds. 

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 I do really like this place. There's actually a discernable amount of humidity anywhere near the Atrium. Next stop: Keno Lounge.

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                                                                     25 games- 20.

 They have been running this special for at least as long as I have been coming here. I play it every time. Nearby, this catches my eye-

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 Let's have a look. It's 9/5 DDB. .25 denom. I will give it a shot. Insert coin. Hit Max Bet. Oh! Now it see the catch. It's a 10 coin machine. Well, that's a surprise. What the hell. I go for it. These machines are right in front of the Keno Lounge. Perfect.

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    The thing that makes this scene even better is that the entire area is non smoking. But wait- there's more! I actually get served!!!!

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                                                                    she is the best!

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                                                                   that was quick

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                                                              that was unexpected......

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                                                                literally 5 hands later

                                                          Let's let Jim take it from here-


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  Well that was a great run. These are pretty old Game Kings. The sounds are different from the usual suspects. As it's ringing up points, it's pretty loud. And if you hit the Deal to speed things up it really goes fast and loud. Plus just the fact of betting 10 credits makes the results of each win twice as many credits as usual. It's the little things like that that keep my brain young. Cashed out an 800. profit.

  My Sweet Ti has ordered me to have some breakfast. I stop by the Bconned desk and ask the boothling for a buffet comp. She tells me there's not a host on duty till noon. On a Monday. This has got to be my biggest pet peeve about Sam's Club. Severe lack of hosts.

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 I have tried calling and emailing a couple of different hosts but haven't had much luck. The boothling finally gets off the phone and fills out the paperwork for a breakfast buffet. I mean it's only 6.99 anyway with Emerald, the shiny green card. Onward to the buffet. One benefit I do use from the card is the dedicated line. It really comes in handy today as there's a bunch of people waiting in the cattle line. I ask for the Lonely Diner's table. I am Martie's customer. She brings me my soda and I set about perusing their offerings.

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 These poor ladies work their butts off here and the locals don't hardly tip. I found a few items worth munching and hit the desert section. It was closed. a stale donut. I gave Martie a fiver and went out to walk thru the Atrium.

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 There's a rare sight indeed. The sun shining inside of a casino. That doesn't happen too often. I bop back to the Keno Lounge to check my ticket. I won 1.50. I immediately returned it to the non-runner lady as a toke. I kiosk to see how many tears my VP play has gotten me.

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 Let's see. Using rough figures it comes out to be about 27. coin in per tear. Time to crank up the tears with some slots. Jimmy?????


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 I tried some of the older 3 reels and donate back most of my previous profit. Ended up a hundy in the black. I'll take it. 

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                                                           that's more like it for tears

          Time to boogie. It's like 9 miles back and really all depends on how you catch the lights. I made pretty good time. 

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 At the ranch I spot Maria in the hallway on my way to the room. I really don't need maid service today but could use some water . They leave 4 or 5 bottles per service. Maria hand me an entire case. That will work. I give her a trio of 2.'s. I like having an extra eye on the room. I grab a fresh Brewski and head down for battle. I've only got a couple of hours to play before I head over to Henderson. Jim?????


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                                                                     hundy profit

 Higher Limit drew me in. I did the ol' insert coinage in a Quick Hits 1. 9 line machine. Wait a minute- gotta be playing Maxi Pad Bet to hit any of the jackpots? 45. I don't think so. I quickly (snicker) cash out. I'll check out the nearby Green Money Machine. 5. Mini pad bet.

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                                                                 the magic of time lapse

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                   The Crack Whore gave it up and I took the money and ran before she had a chance to take it back. 

  I stop by the Liquor Store and secure the requested bottle of white to go with the evening meal. I forgot which kind. I don't know wines. It's time to go to my favorite eating establishment in Clark County. The Tocynski's. Tonight's special is grilled salmon with a Polish remoulade, asparagus, and riced cauliflower. Kujo safely navigates us. They live off of Pebble Dr. near Eastern. Close to 215. Nice neighborhood.

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 We ate pretty early. Zig and Bo moved here from Poland in 1980. They still keep the tradition of eating the big meal of the day early.

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                                                                  Chez Zygmund

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 Bo was camera shy. I hung out with them for a few hours, They have 2 sons that were raised here in Vegas and recently Sebastion, who is the oldest left to join Thomas in Boca Raton. Now that Zig is retired from Terrible's  Silver Sevens they are thinking seriously about moving there themselves. Only a matter of time. Speaking of time, I need to get back to Zydecoville. They send me off with a bag full of as Ziggy would say "nectarines". They are actually apricots from the tree in his side yard. I had no idea he even had that tree.

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                 I plan the evening's attack. I think I'll try once again to take out the B7's progressive. Insert coin.

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 Not at this juncture. I did manage a hundy profit which I inserted into a Striking Rich. By the time I walked it was that much Richer.

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 I spotted this scene taking place in front of me. Our Renee. Being her usual kind, loving, and helpful self. This poor lady had lost her son and in the process of trying to find him had gotten lost herself. Renee took the time to lead her by the hand to security. Bless her heart. Renee worked at the Jitter Vegas coffee shop here for 8 years and finally got on as a slot puppy. She's the best. Renee seeks me out after the good deed of the day and we have a nice chat. Her folks are in town for a couple of days. I will see her again later in the trip. After that, I see by the book that I invested heavily in various slots & VP, which are all followed by the notation -100. Not good.  

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                                              Coin in: Sam's Club- 3000.            Tears: 233

                                                        Orleans- 4396                         718


                                06.11.2018 A wonderful caricature of intimacy


                     06.09.2019 They're gettin' ready. Look out! I'm coming in





                                                               *Sam's Town, The Killers