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                                  05.12.2017  The sun was a yellow eye in a blue face.*

 Hey Now! 6:15. Sweet Ti call. We are Jonesing for each other. What a great wife/best friend to stay at in the reality realm while I am as Jimmy Buffet would say "Gettin' paid for fřckin' off in the South of France." T.C.B. and load up my Slingy, the sling backpack with the ACG and MRB. Négro awaits. I ask Sue the way to the Suncoast. "Recalculating" She sends me Trop to S. Durango. Soon Négro was easing into the Ultra Convenient Emerald, the Shiny Greed Card Parking. Parked her like 3 spots from the rear casino entrance. My first stop is to see Miss Carol at the BConn Club. I use my ACG coupon to get 5x points here for the day. Thanks Miss Carol!  

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It's been a few years since I've been to the Suncoast. Our buddy Scratchy used to live in Summerlin, and we would meet up here. He had a friend named Jimmy who worked day shift at the Bowling Bar. Think I'll go and look for him right now!

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 Bowling Bar opens at 10 a.m. I'll be back. Meanwhile, I can't help but notice they are replacing the carpet. Big time stuff. Time to earn some comps. I have used the Slot Search feature on their website and know the general location of a Top Dollar machine. Search Mode On.

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                                           Found it! Top Dollar Premium. How 'bout some live play Jimmy?



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 Incredible graphics. But they have changed the Announcer Dude's voice. He probably passed away years ago. I got up to $500. and cashed out that TITO, put it in my BR and replaced it with a fresh hundy. Sweet Ti would be proud.  I played for a long time, but never saw a CW. I finally got up and wandered around. I ran into a couple of Slot Ambassadors. I told them of my dilemma. I also made sure they saw Emerald, the Shiny Green Card. They said the CW's area was on the other side of the carpet replacement area. Too far to walk. They suggested I try a bar. By the time I got to the nearest bar, they must have gotten a hold of the barkeep. A CW walked up to me from their serving station and took my order. I had my Ab'Dulls in short order. I played some Goldfish while I enjoyed my Fine Irish Beverage. I hit several bonuses. Never had any big hits though. Let's waste everybody's time Jim-



                                  On to the Higher Limit, or whatever they call it. Showtime James.....




                                                  IMG_2848.JPG (987490 bytes)

                                                    reminds me of Dover Downs

       I consult my vpfree2 cheat sheet and find some Triple Double Boner Machines. Pretty easy to find when they say this-

                      IMG_2851.JPG (1369392 bytes)             IMG_2854.JPG (1383704 bytes)

 But alas, the volatility gets the best of me. By this time it's after 10 a.m. So I alleviate upstairs to go find today's local, Jimmy at the Bowling Bar. I ask him if he remembers me. "You're a friend of Hillbilly Steve, right?" Yepper. Aka Scratchy. Aka Steve Sheridan. Jimmy is from some Eastern European country. I forget which one. He's been working here for 8 years. We trade Scratchy stories. Scratchy lived with a drunk roommate named Robbie herein Summerlin. Too funny. When I met Scratchy back in 2001, he was living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my best friend from high school. With a drunk dude named Robbie. Too funny. Scratchy is now living in Ashville, N.C. Hence, Hillbilly Steve. So I called up Scratchy. We passed the phone  between us, laughing and telling drunk Steve and Robbie tales. What a blast! Scratchy is coming to Vegas in July so he and Jimmy make debauchery plans. I take my leave and downstairs I run into the cameraman for the local Channel 3 news. He is messing with his camera near where they are busy replacing the carpet. I ask if that's the reason they are here. "No, we are interviewing Senator Dean Heller." The reporter comes by and shoots me the look of death and beckons the cameraman. "Laters."  I stop at a machine I've never noticed before. Cleopatra Wild Tiles. 

                                                    See if you can find that footage Jim- 



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 Hey Now! Got the hell out of there with a $21. profit and 2860 points. On the way back I listened to a fun A.M. station. Home Négro!  The traffic actually isn't too bad. Back at the Big Easy, I stop by Invited Guests and had Brí extend my food comp. She had set up my room under 2 separate reservations. Done! I make my way to the Mardi Gras and find Mark there. Insert coin. 

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                                                                 auspicious start.

 Great word auspicious. Fun to say. Auspicious. Even fun to type. But whichever intriguing adverbs you use, it ended. Unauspiciously. 

                                                         IMG_2859.JPG (897847 bytes)

                                                                  Blaze on Garth.

I rise above the masses to my room and give my Sweet Ti a "Welcome, to our Weekend" 5 p.m. EDT call. She's on her way home from work. Enjoy your weekend Sweet Ti. Mark calls and wants me to join him at the Wally Gator. He is well into his cups and feeling no pain. 

                                                        IMG_2860.JPG (1486310 bytes)

 But I do as every time on of us has a nice hit Mark gives me a fist bump. But really hard. Ouch! I'm hungry, so I suggest Big Al's, but Mark is content where he is. I sit at the bar and Juan hands me a menu and introduces himself. I remember him from last time. His assistant is Crazy José. That's even what the plaque says. I order a dozen Gulf oysters, a salad, and a cuppa chowda. Feastivus.

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 Nothin' like seafood in the desert. Charged it to the room. Thanks J. & Crazy J. I walk back to the Wally and Mark has improved somewhat. I think Daniel has been pouring him dummy drinks. Mark made Sapphire, the Uppity Blue Card. That helps. I'm getting lots of compliments on my shirts. I wear Pacific Legends shirts. As in Hawaiian. As in made in Hawaii. I get them from Amazon. Cheap.

                                                               IMG_2955.JPG (370123 bytes)

Plus the Santa effect. I suppose that speaks for itself. I always go with it. Thinking up new responses keeps me on my toes. Forefinger to nose.                                           Let's do some gamboling shall we?

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                                  IMG_2870.JPG (1234131 bytes)   IMG_2872.JPG (1359691 bytes) 

              Here at Flysrb, we believe in keeping it real. Therefore is that spirit, we bring you this. Jimmy?


                                                IMG_2874.JPG (1451129 bytes)


                                                            kinda hurts though.

I bounced around all over the place looking for that magic bullet. It never found it's mark. Like leaving a trail of hundys behind. Tough evening. But every trip has days like this- am I right? Shit, that doesn't help. Let's roll the closing credits.

                                    TOTALS: Suncoast-2850 pts.  Orleans-9435      301830 slot pts. 


                     05.13.2017 With the blink on an eye, you finally see the light


                      05.11.2017 The best, best things in life. They're free    



                                                                    *Sun Song by The Mountain Goats